Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Global Sanhedrin

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A book happened into my sphere at this necessary juncture of understanding the world and providing all of you an education in this world. The book was the compiled work of John Paul II, in Go In Peace, A Gift of Enduring Love.

John Paul Too was probably the most Christian of any Pope who ruled from the Vatican. That is not a compliment from a Vatican dictatorship, as the rule is Vatican first, Catholic second and Christian somewhere in the top tier of things as a cover to do things to empower the Vatican.
John Paul II had an extraordinary gifted mind. He is in sharp contrast to the apostate Pater Pope or the False Prophet now destroying Catholicism, at war with Conservatives in the religion and endangering all Catholics.

He expressed a unique mind which functions in Polish intelligence, and expresses itself in ways that professors used to "think" in their sentences are not one thought, but each sentence is a thought which requires being pondered.

I do not want to leave the impression that John Paul was without fault. He was an idoloter of the Vatican icons and never did rid the Vatican and the clergy of it's whore of Babylon union with the satanic world regimes, so this is not a Catholic indoctrination nor apology. What it is, is something which in this Obama Age, which is going to be with us until the end of the world, that needs to be expressed, and John Paul II addressed it perfectly, and it is how each of us who are Christians are under intimidation and death, and how the children in our nations, are rejecting Christianity in being conditioned in Obama dogma, because none of the Christian leadership is standing for Christ first and last.

All of us are now captive like the Apostles before a Global Sanhedrin.

"Over the course of centuries, the "Sandhedrins"  that demand silence, abandonment, or distortion of this truth change. These Sanhedrins of our modern world are different thatn St. Peter's - and they are numerous. They are the individual men and women who reject divine truth; they are the systems of human thought, of human knowledge, they are the different conceptions of the world, and also the different programs of human behavior.

They are also the various forms of pressure from so-called public opinion, of mass civilization, and of the media with its social communications of a materialistic, agnostic, and antireligious hue. They are, finally, some of the contemporary systems of government that - if tehy do not deprive citizens completely of the possibility of confessing faith - at least limit it in various ways, exclude believers, and make them second-class citizens.

Before all of these modern forms of the Sanhedrin of Peter's time, the answer of faith must always remain the same, "We must obey God rather than any human authority."

None of us who are Christians have not felt intimidated in being Christian in this age. It is a reality which is being forced upon us, that we are being forced to become the Christian Militant, as our great confessors in St. Peter and Dr. Martin Luther the Protestant gave examples in those eras of persecutions of the Church, were raised up by God.

I have been particularily incensed over a story where that great Homeland Security device seized upon a diplomatic plan which I was advocating in sending Christian Missionaries to North Korea, as the Kim family has been very supportive of Christians in their Marxist nation.
I saw great possibilities for gardens to feed those starving people, for South Korean investment to provide income to those poor peoples in bettering their condition, and all built upon the reality which President George W. Bush expressed in his book Decision Points, that Christians make the best citizens in being peaceful and hardworking, sounding exactly like something I was Inspired to write.

To this the Obama regime took this precious gift of peacefully converting North Korea to a place of security for the world, and placed CIA intelligence agents into these Missionary ranks. It is a complete betrayal by George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama that this operation ran from 2004 to 2012.

Pentagon Used Missionaries as Spies to Penetrate North Korea

... operation ran a network of spies in North Korea from 2004 to 2012 under the cover of a US-based Korean Christian missionary ... nearly 200 American ...

Christians are being slaughtered across this globe in record numbers, and how does the American Homeland of leftists respond, but by corrupting the Cross of Christ for the Pentagon attempting to destabilize North Korea with Christians as a cover.

We ought to obey God rather than man. That is the St. Peter resounding retort to the Jewish dictators of his time.

"The examination of conscience is one of the most decisive moments in a person's life. It place each individual before the truth of his or her own life. Thus, we discover the distance that seperates our deeds fomr the ideal that we had set for ourselves."

-Karol Wojtyla

That is the terminal condition of this world. We have gone from a Christian John Paul II and devolved to a Francis at war with the Catholic conscience based in the Bible, as deep in the Obama change making jihad against Americans.

There is a damning distance that seperates the liberal morality which awards Obama an indulgence of a Nobel Peace Prize, and then allows the abomination of genocide from Syria, to Germany to America, by militant invaders.
It is not a coincidence that religious Syria is being changed to Marxist Syria, that Christian Germany is being changed to Islamic militancy, and that Protestant America is being changed to Jesuit Catholic Mexican, all to destroy the native populations with Christians in them, and replace them with a mob to be exploited and controlled by the Babylon system.

The Global Sanhedrin is now criminalizing each of us, seeking to haul us before their tribunals, for believing in God, and making morality what our lives are guided by.

This is the change the world believes in. Sodomy, Christocide and the feudal few all replacing Christ with them as messiahs and saviors.
It is no longer a world of Ronald Reagan, Pope John Paul and Christian Lutherans bringing down the Soviet Union.
It is now a world of Barack Hussein Obama's image, a Pater Pope and terror invaders.

I believe in Christ. I am a Militant Christian. I obey God rather than satan's regime.