Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mama Carson said Ben Carson said


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Ben Carson's Mum was on record that her son was a liar. The story in which Ben Carson attacked his Mum with a hammer, really went this way.

Ben wanted to dress in Nigger threads, and Mum was fixing the house with a hammer. The argument got heated, and she raised the hammer to defend herself, and the older brother, stepped in and stopped the confrontation.

Mum had the hammer, not Ben.

Ben Carson admits he lied about West Point scholarship ...

Ben Carson admitted Friday that he lied about earning a prestigious ... Carson claimed he once tried to strike his mother with a hammer as they argued over ...

Thomas Sowell attempted to defend this Carson suffering from a psychosis of delusions of grandeur. I assume the press along with Limbaugh is going to be trying to spin this again in it not mattering,  Ben Carson's own mother outed her son as a liar.

The Carson family apparently finds allure in patricide, fratricide and at least in intrafamily issues, smashing others as apparently their dreams have been smashed inside of them. On the outsiders, Ben Carson at least in forensic psychology feels he has been cut to the heart in his injuries, and dreams of slashing others, and is the reason he became a surgeon to continue on with the cutting as a catharsis and to enable his grandeur as god surgeon he can save lives at their neuro hurts, because God never would with wee Ben.

Am certain the psychological gamer Carson, will not appreciate his inner nuttiness being exposed, but that is what Lame Cherry does in being the foremost forensic psychological expert of this age.

Should I really explain to you what the followers of Ben Carson suffer from?

I really could dissect any of you in public too.....be not so much fun being psychologically stripped, but I assume there is some sicko would get off on that too.

Back to the drywear.

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