Monday, November 9, 2015

ben carson a godlike production


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What I am about to write is something of heroes and villains. I apologize if I overstep in this in exposing the privacy of an American family, but it is vital that each of you know the sacrifices some Americans and American families have given for the good of America, and are never rewarded nor noticed.

My reason for writing this is to stop the godlike production of Ben Carson in "these hands", the 20 hours of surgery and other nonsense, which has culminated now in the bizarre tale of a West Point scholarship, which West Point does not have, as one is appointed to West Point, and Carson lying to everyone that he did not enter the Army Academy as he wanted to be a doctor.
That last part surprised me, as the Army is full of doctors. Many of whom were poor children, who signed up for ROTC in order for the military to pay for their education to become doctors, and then these graduates signed up for careers in the medical division the United States Military which has some of the premier facilities in the world such as Bethesda in Maryland.
For medical professionals, the military is a unique theater of operation, as it allows for some of the most existential experience in trauma and rehabilitation there is, which a civilian would never be exposed to.

So let us get that point, in Ben Carson is a liar. What he wanted to do was to get into Yale in his own self serving interests and a fabricated story about "General Westmoreland begging him to join West Point" was all about Ben Carson's godlike production ego in feeding it, while besmirching the reputations of every Military physician, nurse, medic and corpsman.

Ben Carson is a villain.

This brings this article to a point of treading lightly, due to this being a private family matter, and my intention is to make this story known, because this Military physician is a Hero, who served America, and from that service, he paid with ultimate sacrifice and no one has ever honored this man. Richard Alan Chaloupka, Lt. Colonel, United States Army, a proud Slavic American is an American Hero.

For those not fluent in Slavic names, his name is pronounced Cha LOOP Ka.

After 9 11, most of you had behaved for a few months, and went back to your self serving ways. That was not the case, for Lt. Col. Chaloupka. He had given America 20 years of service and retired from the Military, but after September 11th,  the United States called to him again. The reason was that Richard Chaloupka was an expert in mortuary science.
His expertise was so pronounced and complete, that he was given command at Dover, Delaware, as Chief of Army Casualty and Mortuary Affairs, at Dover Air Force Base.

I expect that all of you are ignorant of what was taking place in America at that time, as we were told of the great feats of Mayor Rudy Giuliani and the focus was all on New York, and we were led to assume that all of the work taking place was New York centered, but it was not.
The United States Military was involved in the forensic examination of the 9 11 dead, and that entire burden fell upon the shoulders of Lt. Col Richard Chaloupka.

For seven years the Lt. Col., administered as Chief at Dover Delaware over this grisly spectre, before returning to station in 2008.

The toll though was too much after years of being exposed to things which no human should ever be put through. While all of us were moving on with our lives, Richard Chaloupka was examining bits and pieces of thousands of people to identify them, and all of this had to be detailed and catalogued, with each a story, a person and a constant reminder of all that horror of 9 11.

In 2011, he committed suicide to escape the battle which he was never relieved from.

Lt. Col, Richard Chaloupka is an American, which no one knows about, except his inner circle of associates and family. This American went through hell for America and he deserved more than a folded flag and a 21 gun salute.

You would never hear this man holding up his hands and spouting "these hands" nor ever hear him bragging about one day of surgery for 20 hours, as he had endless months of 24 hours a day, doing something for American families who needed closure and answers, which only he and his staff could give them.

I get very upset about this story, when I think of all the millions of dollars the press whore firemen and police got in their sob stories, as they were all having affairs and cheating on spouses, and lining up for more cash handouts, while Americans like Richard Chaloupka were going through 9 11 every day, 24 hours a day for years, and were chained to it under military contract and answering to the call of service to America.
They did not get millions. Most got Bush43 and Obama happy pills and shoved off into a corner and told to commit suicide as their being alive cost the system too much.

So when I hear the lies of Ben Carson in their shameless reprehensible selfishness, in including a military tale in his grand delusions, it is beyond anything human and nothing I can tolerate.

Ben Carson lusts to be president of some country as apparently that is what these pulp reality ego infested children who worship themselves demand. They chest thump in "getting bin Laden" as Navy SEALS are murdered for them, and they stand on stages pontificating how great they are for being paid fortunes, basking in luxury, stoking their own egos, in "saving" lives.

What about the lives saved by all of these unknown Soldiers, whose tombs now are across America, in the terror events which did not happen and the closure for terror events which did, in which they paid with their lives for Americans?

For what Lt. Col. Richard Chaloupka went through for America, he should be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, as his real life did not need to be embellished, as he was tortured longer than John McCain, wounded more than John Kerry, and he accomplished more for American families than George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama combined, a thousand times over.

That is the story of Heroes and far too many villains. You never hear about the Heroes, because the villains are whoring too much for attention on cameras making themselves out to be messiahs and godlike productions.

Ben Carson owes Americans an apology, if he had any decency, he would remove himself from the GOP, and stop acting like Hillary Clinton in being born to a coronation.

Carson thanks 'biased media' for $3.5M fundraising haul...

Need I type more about what is at the center of Ben Carson.

I close this article.

Nuff said.