Monday, November 9, 2015

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I mentioned that when Mom was done with those carbuncles on her face, that I was going to do a report, as it has been a year in doing this, and it God worked it out the way He Wills and not the way I thought it should be.

I use the term carbuncles as the medical group term everything as virus or cancer and that is absolutely incorrect. These two spots came from a dual situation of Mom was on a bone builder when she broke the top of her femur and someone who will remain nameless, but is going to be reckoned with in a most thorough way, started praying when  I was with TL, about "Mom needing me", to get me away from TL.

People are tools of satan, in I have experienced the most asshole people praying selfish things to God and satan gets a hold of them and trails happen.

This has been a trial for Mom, and for all of us. For Mom, it was a situation of having to wear large bandages for over a year. These carbuncles were about the size if you place your pointer finger on your thumb, and then one by her eye was almost an inch high, and the other was about an inch an a half.
So while you whiny bastards were backstabbing me on Facebook and diverting my attention, this is just one of the things I had going on in trying to deal with, and by God you are going to get it at least 1000 fold back.

TL has been spectacular in this, as TL has done all of the nursing involved. Nursing involved what I posted here as that SQUAW REMEDY which was from a southern Indian tribe. This stuff works as the top carbuncle was attached firmly to Mom's skin, and if the doctors had to deal with that, it would have been a huge crater, and plastic surgery which would have cost 100,000 dollars which we do not have. So I saved your rich assholes that much in money  too by God's Grace.

I post here the formula for this Squaw Remedy as it is said to be good for everything from skin cancer to wounds. It was marginal on ringworm, but this stuff knocks the hell out of most things. What it will not take care of is skin cell growth though like proud flesh, and that is the second part in this lecture for your education.

It took 10 months for the carbuncle by Mom's eye to shrink, peal off and disappear from this Squaw Remedy. The forumla is:

1 tablespoon baby powder in zinc oxide.
1 tablespoon diaper rash cream, again zinc oxicde
1 tablespoon Scarlet Oil
1 tablespoon pine tar
1 tablespoon petroleum jelly
1 tablespoon iodine

It makes this sort of tan, minty smelling stuff, that sticks on like mud.

These carbuncles bled at times, as they pealed off, and with the top one sluffed off, the bottom one was shrinking too, and then something from satan got involved, and it started growing new lobes.
By July, this thing was down to about 1/2 inch, but it started to flare up in new lobes and we got it arrested this past week, and it was starting the process again of the lobes about ready to break off, and as I said then it bleeds.

These carbuncles, produce a matter when they react with the medicine, and this one on Mom's cheek would drain and TL had to pack it in cotton. It could be a mess at times.

This one on her cheek was a rough patch or age spot from twenty years ago, when her very good doctor kept freezing it, along with moles to get it off. It never came off, and when activated with bone grower, and satan, it became this extra tissue which started to grow.

I had asked in inquiry what this stuff was, and it was fungal. Like all moles are fungal. Mom had tried all sorts of things from apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil (that really hurt and it did not like that), various concoctions, but nothing worked, except the Squaw Remedy....and that worked until satan made a push on it again.

This was hard on Mom, in people asked about those bandages, TL worked TL's but off for a year, and then to have a setback was frustrating. I finally told Mom, that when her leg stopped being a cavern in that huge gash, we would take that carbuncle off.

The leg is now a nice red triangle, and it is getting new skin on that inch by inch area. The body will heal, and it will heal nicely with care that is at home. I just would have liked to have stitched her up to save some time.

So the plan in this 'cauliflower shaped" carbuncle was, TL was going to hold Mom's head from her moving. I would tie off the attachment with as string. In this case it was a feed sack white twine string soaked in alcohol.
We would leave that on for 10 minutes to deaden it, and cut off blood flow, and then in farm supply stores there are these electric wire pliers which farmers use to cut off baby pig's teeth at the gum line, that I would slide that in, and pinch it off.

I checked the area a month ago, and there was not any apparent "root" to this, but I was apprehensive, as sometimes in attachments to the skin there are major arteries or veins attached. Moles grow their own food supply base like warts, and that is why they bleed like hell, and are usually on some nerve ending so they hurt too.

I prayed on this, for God to send the Holy Angels to guide my hands and to help me, and with that prayer twice, once with TL, the operation started.

I could not get as far back on the skin while pulling the carbuncle out as I had hoped, but I also did not want to have a big coin crater or hunk of hide off Mom's face so I could see her cheek muscles or into her mouth, so when I tied the carbuncle off, it was a bit closer to the growth more than I desired.

The carbuncle began protesting in not liking being strangled to death. May satan and all those at source of this, rupture energies and life force the same way in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.
It started to rupture all over in oozing blood, I suppose they way Jesus did while praying on the night He was betrayed. Nothing serious, but it was having a major temper tantrum in turning red.

It dripped a little on Mom's shirt as I got back about 10 minutes later. This is the kind of operation where my patients do not lie there sulking, but she was busy writing bills out for things in the household.

We checked it, and I decided it was time to give it a go. I knew Mom was ready as it took a few days after I checked with her the first time in sowing the ideas, then she was ready for the operation.
I had tried a forceps on it, but that pinching made her jump. So it was the string God led me too, and the second thought was those rubber elasticator bands, they use for sheep and goats to castrate them, but I thought this small gauge string would work out for the purpose.

So the carbuncle was grabbed with a tissue, it was pulled out from the cheek, and I slid in the pig tooth cutting pliers, with TL holding Mom's head, so she would not jump. She took an Advil, but I doubt that was of any effect, as I talked her through it, and told her to focus on her hands squeezing things. (No I did not make her bite down on a stick.)

She said ouch a few times, but I wanted to glow slow in pinching it off, to help seal the capillaries feeding this carbuncle. Just like castrating calves, you have to pinch the veins to help stop blood loss, but you can not rely only on that, as the capillaries will begin swelling with blood pressure and start bleeding again.

Holy Angels help a great deal, as I did not want the thing to be hanging there in skin attached to have to clip it off with a scissors. Next moment, it was loose and off, and I had it on the kitchen table in a paper towel, and TL handed me a wad of towels to apply pressure to it, as it was beginning to bleed.

There always looks like more blood than there is in an operation, but it was about a dollar coin size area, as I switched to a flat paper towel compress, as it was bleeding to a drip yet, and then I sat there holding it on the spot.

Mom said it burned a bit like a cut, and I sat there chatting at her, and began thinking about how to cover it up. I had no idea up to that time, if I would have to employ the forceps, and then cauterize it with a hot knife from the stove, which really would have been a test of loving thy child, but as no blood came spurting out, and there was no major blood seepage, I knew we were doing very well.
I checked by my finger, and the blood spots on my palm and fingers, that the clip point was not soaking through the new bandage, which was really cherry news.

The Red Cross always teaches to never remove a bandage that is placed on a wound, as it gets more germs into it...great advice, but our next step was to get me from being attached to the paper towel, and we took a large bandage, put Bacterin on a piece of gauze to soak up any bleeding, and with that in the works, it fell of on my hand......I put it back onto the gauze and the bandage onto Mom.

We put her up in the recliner, but she had to go to the bathroom, and then I caught her with her phone calling the bank to check on her bills, scolded her again, as she needs her ass chewed loudly to get her attention most getting her ass chewed about moving some butterfly bandages as she is always up to something, which TL wondered why I was abusing the patient, but I know Mom in she only listens on high volume and she only knows I care and that things are going well when I am yelling at here.
She did not see the humor in my asking if she wanted the carbuncle back on as she sat there though, as I told her I could sew it back on.

There has not been any leakage on the bandage all day. Mom informed me she was following orders in not bending down or lifting things while doing chores and feeding treats to goats........I now wonder how she acccomplished that while being ordered to sit in the recliner all day.

She is napping and all looks well. She clots up pretty good as that deep wound on her leg stopped bleeding after the first day. She is now up asking what she can do, so I better finish this and go pretend I am helping with something in leftovers, or I can pretend I am helping here while she gets done and that will probably please her too.

I post this to tell people being rationed death with Obamacare, that there are alternatives out there. When a meltdown comes, it is you who are going to have to be doing things as there is not going to be a doctor out there to save you. We did surgery this morning which would have cost a fortune, and there would have been tests up the ass, and more stress on the patient than she should have. The medical profession would be aghast in their monopoly over this, but this is physician heal thyself and as long as it is not something that needs the patient knocked out, medicine is not the big of is a great deal more pleasant when you are in charge and in an environment without strangers ordering your ass around, diagnosing you with more stuff and stressing you out.

Mom is happy, TL is content and I am grateful to God. People used to do this all the time. My vet sliced his arm open while cutting a rotten calf out of a cow. The other vet there shot him up full of pain killer, sutured him up and shot him full of cow antibiotic......all highly illegal, and all things you would be aghast in thinking it is something you should not be doing, but he got better care and allot cheaper than the 12,000 dollars in an emergency room stay.

I like medicine. My Gram was a midwife and everyone went to her. She came with a full bag of potions to her marriage from Canada, where  her Mum was a doctor without a degree too. TL has the same knack for medicine and is a great doctor. We posted here the work on my neck TL did in that cyst. I imagine when things meltdown, I will probably be the doctor around here, like most of the stockmen are, as they frequently are not going to doctors and treating themselves with some concoction.

When we get some more cash, I am going to mix up a couple of quarts of this Squaw Remedy. It keeps well and is good to have on hand. Works better than anything in modern medicine. I know if I told anyone in medicine that this stuff took off a carbuncle, they would not believe it, and would instead have been hacking on Mom to major surgery.
The way God worked it out, we saw this stuff in how it workds and heals with prayer, and we got a bit of surgery in dealing with open wounds or wound opened.

That is the lesson in part of what we were up to today. It was enjoyable and we thank God for His Mercy and Grace, Glorify Him for His Holy Angels and have one less satanic thing to deal with.

Latest check on the patient is no pain, no discomfort, and all is well here.

You are going to have to learn these things as standing around crying and doing nothing does not solve things when people need things done.

God is Good.