Friday, November 6, 2015

Ben Carson of Slasher Street


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It seems there is allot of fisherman in the salty tales of Dr. Ben Carson, in growing up on the mean streets of some American city. It might have been Detroit, Flatbush, Chictown or LA......perhaps he was in Choom City, and like Fat Albert, had a dozen little Obama's running around with him, as he led the hood as they came back from Indonesia.

I am going to start out with this in saying, Ben Carson is a political moron. I will apologize in stating this to his followers, not because it is a fact, but because it reveals how unprepared he is for the Presidency, in this memoir story of his about growing up in slasher city and he was the crew doing the gut stabbing on the bros.

Ben Carson walked right into a liberal trap, for they picked up that he knifed someone, hit someone with a rock or something, bashed someone in the chops or something, and then asked the neighbors about it, and the neighbors in Detroit all said, "We don't know what Ben Carson is talking about as this was a nice neighborhood and Ben was a quiet kid".

Carson's reply was not providing proof to protect the people's privacy, but if they want to come forward, they can.

CNN seeing an opening in calling this fringe 7th Day Adventist a liar, called Carson a liar, and Carson then said CNN was lying.

So now we have Carson said CNN said, and the Carson fruity tuity evangelical base is witnessing not such a peace and harmony Carson, that has them questioning his being a liar......and if Carson buckles in revealing his people, it is going to be Carson the backstabber and the weakling throwing people under the bus to save himself.

That is a political moron.

Carson calls CNN report 'a bunch of lies' during CNN interview...

TL correctly assessed that Ben Carson talks like a halfwit, because he does not want to sound like a Negroid. When Carson gets wound up, he starts sounding like Louis Farrakhan which turns off voters in having that blacklash for Obama. The problem is, that Carson talking slow, makes him sound like a tard, and that does not help his more than calling the press a liar when the press just called you a liar, with evidence in the people who lived in your neighborhood said it was safe and not slasher city.

The Truth is usually somewhere in between the Hollywood propaganda of it all producing a movie and book so you can run for President. It is beyond Rush Limbaugh propaganda saying that Carson is a new political newcomer from the Obama breakfast break......when if one bothers to read George W. Bush's decision points, Carson was politically active and connected to the Bush White House, advocating butchering babies in stem cell research.
That would be page 115 under BENJAMIN CARSON.

OK here is what I think might be closer to the reality.

Ben Carson ate Cracker Jacks. Inside the candy coated popcorn, peanuts.......there was a prize. That prize was sword, play sword which was an inch long.

Ben Carson suffered from tantrums, which his Mama should have whooped his ass for, but she indulged him, and punished him and the brother, in making them read books.

Ben Carson read allot of adventure books like Treasure Inlet, Great Exceptions, The Count of Crisco Oil and The Man Behind the Ironing Board.

So Ben Carson in not having a dad around, only books, his Mom was suffering from depression, he thought he was growing up in a really cruel world, and his neighborhood took on a cruel cast and caste.

During a tantrum, little Ben Carson was on the streets, holding his Cracker Jack toy prize sword, and got into a pushing match with another boy, and as they were tussling, Ben grabbed the boys belt for some reason, and the sword broke.
Ben cried, the other boy shrugged not wanting to beat up Ben because his Cracker Jack sword was broke, and Ben went home to pulp fiction where it became he stabbed a boy in his belt in a knife fight on the mean streets.


Same with Ben praying for 3 hours and never being angry again. It was probably 3 minutes, but like the minnow that became the 1000 pound tuna that got away.......that is the crapper prayer story, at which point Ben probably grew out of his childhood temper tantrums like all children do.

The rock to the face.....well that probably was Ben had a tantrum while the boys were playing tag, and one kid fell down, and got up spitting sand, and that became the rock to the face pulp fiction of Ben Carson's mean streets.

So now the Lame Cherry has settled this, and CNN can stop calling Ben Carson a liar and Ben Carson can stop calling CNN a liar, as the issue has always been that Ben Carson advocated using aborted Babies in research, his books are part of Common Core, and what he believes as a 7th Day Adventist is everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Hillary Clinton is going to hell, except this Baptist cult fringe that Carson is a part of.

Ben Carson makes allot of things up, like being in surgery for 20 hours straight, when it is a surgical team. I think besides how many sponges Ben Carson left in patients, that the CNN question should be, what was the survival rate of Ben Carson's patients? This is a valid question, as if Ben Carson was performing multi million dollar surgeries on people who were dying soon after, that is not doing anyone any good, from torturing the patient and families, to how many hundred of sick people could have been treated on what Ben Carson glorified himself and enriched himself over.

I suspect that like all new toys, that the evangelicals will get over their Obama rash in Ben Carson, and move on to Donald Trump before the primary voting starts, because Ben Carson is simply being a centerfold in answering questions on Facebook to people with low self esteems, and making them think they know someone important..........when like all major league sports or Facebook, these people are just going to use you, and you will never get a birthday card or invited over for turkey dinner.

Ben Carson with his god complex in "these hands" he holds up, is someone who has proven he has delusions of grandeur. That is most likely what his mean street stories are, just another quasi black kid wanting to be President of some country to validate himself.

Nuff said