Friday, November 6, 2015

The GOP Castrates Ben Carson for Marco Rubio

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder where you heard the word POLITICAL ASSASSINATION? Why it is from the Lame Cherry, and the only source for it, so when someone uses that syntax, one knows immediately who has been reading this blog and where their source information arrives from.

I had a snot once disbelieve that Rush Limbaugh did not read this material, and not long after it, he was nattering on the EIB that "Yeah I read emails", and of course he does to the very word and plagiarizes them, just like he was constantly stealing the God Inspired brilliance of the Lame Cherry in plagiarism, in which Limbaugh owes this blog 12 million dollars in royalty fees.......make that 15 million after today, as he kept using the word POLITICAL ASSASSINATION in reference to Ben Carson, in what Politico was posting today in Carson stabbed it was not that, I know it was Carson was in ROTC, that is Reserve Officer Training Corp or Corpse if it is Obama nattering away, and he wrote that he, Carson, was so brilliant that General Westmoreland, the Officer of Napalm, the Arc Light of Warfare, the .......guy who could not overcome Lyndon Johnson and Robert McNamara's boober war policy, but could sue the ass off of CBS to win a lawsuit of libel.........

Where was I?

Oh yeah, Carson was so gung ho brain ho, that Westmoreland offered Carson the position of Surgeon General of West Point without a degree.
No it was not that delusional, but it was something about Westmoreland offering a scholarship or something for Carson......and it never happened quite the way Carson said, so Carson was calling the media liars again.

Ok let me just say this first to explain all of this, past the BS meter as Limbaugh would not tell you that as I had not written it yet for him to plagiarize this blog.

Politico is supposed to be insider GOP elite. So the GOP elite were using the keyboard castrator to nut old Ben, as he was mounting Hillary Clinton a bit too high in the polls and his fake polling against Trump was showing he had too good of numbers, for Marco Rubio to overcome. So it was lynch the Nig in favor of the Castro Cuban, as Jeb Bush has been placed on pull the plug orders.
That is what is behind these Carson attacks.........too high against Hillary, and Rubio can not overcome him, so Rubio needs to lynch Doc Ben Crazy, and inherit Carson's voting block, so he can be Donald Trump's VP.
Odd how them Latins all want what the white and blacks got.......Cruz wants Trump's jock strap and Rubio wants Carson's asswipe.

OK now that you know that, let us get back to what is really important in Rush Limbaugh was using one of my IED's today. That would not be what you think it is, but it is what I say it is, in Deliberate Expletative Identity. Yes that is backwards, but this is an intelligence operation which is beyond most of you, including scripted Limbaugh.

So Limbaugh now owes me 15 million dollars, the GOP elite lynched Carson the black for Rubio the tan, and Ben Carson again has embellished his record. One half expects him to claim he wrote the Motown Sound by humming Elvis Presley as he walked to school, and the music got into the head of Barry Gordy.

See that last part is where this goes once people start thinking you are a crack pot, in all kinds of weirdo things start sticking to you. Instead of being Chuck Norris tough,  you get the Jeb Bush sleepy or the Carson crazy.

If you do not know it, Ben Carson is toast. The evangelicals will flee him faster than Jesus on the night of the betrayal as they have no stomach for things that sound too looney.

That is affirmative by me, as I am not voting for some fraud like Ben Carson in his cult Adventism, in being Obama Dark. If the Mockingbird wants to do my job for me, I welcome them, as Carson has no staying power in you can't make a 3 AM decision when nukes are coming in, taking 20 hours to do it like in one of his fabled operations.

So what did we learn?

1. Rush Limbaugh plagiarized Lame Cherry in repeating POLITICAL ASSASSINATION on the EIB.

2. Rush Limbaugh now owes in royalties the Lame Cherry 15 million dollars.

3. None of that GOP castrating Negroid Carson for Cubano Rubio matters, as this is about who is stealing content from the Lame Cherry.

That is enough learning for today as the power of the Lame Cherry by God is immense and I would not want to scorch your wee brains in all this brilliance.

Maybe I should market BRAIN SHADES for all of you. You could wear these protection devices from LC RAYS to keep your brains from being being burned.

Now click that button you rich people as no one wants to be guilty of being like Rush Limbaugh trying to shove Ben Carson's nuts back into the olde sack, when they are already nailed over Cubano Rubio's bed post.