Friday, November 6, 2015

Christ Crucified

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This is a continuing lecture upon the subject of the false teaching of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod concerning "communion forgives sins" based upon the Martin Luther Catchechismal teaching which is now being bastardized by the seminary in turning out 100 years of preachers who are telling the Church that first you do not need communion as if you do it means you are a sinner, that you are only saved like a Masonic cult handshake if you take Communion, that dead Saints are with you in communion, and now that you obtain bloody righteousness and forgiveness by eating Communion.

There is One Salvation, One Forgiveness, One Body and Blood, and that is Jesus Christ our Lord.

When Jesus says "Take eat" and "Drink ye all of it" in Communion being His body and blood, Martin Luther states that it is not the literal DNA body and blood. Martin Luther also delves into this further in explantion #304 in his Catechism in stating we are not to adore the bread and wine, as to not make an idol of it, as in converting it into something which it is not.
In explanation #312 though, Luther quotes "Given and shed for you for the remission of sins", which has been bastardized by the professors of the Synod to include these four odd teachings which sway from being phobic of communion to it replacing Christ as the One Forgiveness of sin.

The Holy Ghost has moved me on this to this parable to explain to all how ludicrous and not Christian this "forgiveness by Communion is", for Communion is but an extension of the Passover Lamb and Bread, as an annual memory for the Israelites that they are sinners, and in need of Redemption which only comes from God, and how God delivered  them from Egypt, protecting their first born, while slaying all the Egyptian first born.

If the teaching of wine and bread, which is not of Martin Luther in being an equal to Christ in forgiving sins or 'eating righteousness', were true, there is a fact in this, that Jesus of Nazareth, the only begotten Son of God, could have simply gone to the market, purchased a bottle of wine and a loaf of bread, dropped it off to the High Priests who could have then, handed it over to the Romans to be whipped and beaten, with Jesus driving the nails into the bread and wine on the cross and telling everyone here, "Listen up you people, this is my body and my blood, it is broken and shed for you, and now you are all saved, so go eat and drink this to be forgiven, as this is the replacement for me".

Completely bogus, and why Christ did not do that, is because when your life is the price due to your sin, it requires the person you are in Covenant with to pay that price in taking your place. Bread and wine take no place for Christ or for you.

The bread and wine of Communion is only a symbol, for people to Honor Christ in remembering how He saved all who will submit to Him. There is no forgiveness in wine or bread, only in the body and blood of Christ.

Jesus is the Lamb of God Who taketh away the sin of the world. That Lamb in the Old Testament or Covenant was one lamb by the High Priest, not the thousands of lambs killed and eaten as a memory of God's deliverance in Egypt. There is one Lamb for sin, not thousands. There is one Lamb in Christ for sin, not thousands of Communion wafers and cups.

- Lame Cherry

To teach that Communion forgives sins, is blasphemy. It is a Judgment which all should fear, for it means that your sins are only forgiven from your last Communion, and there is no forgiveness of sins without Communion. That is a satanic lie, and those who teach it will be Judged by those rules.

When the thief on the cross was promised to be in Paradise by Christ this day. It was Confession and Faith, by the thief, not Jesus saying, "Listen up thief, we'll have to get you some bread and wine for Communion, as My Words and your confession mean nothing, as I Am powerless to save you, without your taking Communion first, as it is that eating bloody righteousness and forgiveness that saves, and not Me".

I am not and I will not add to this, as this suffices in the exposing the abomination and the heresy of those have bastardized the Last Supper of Christ in creating it to be a Gideon's Golden Ephod as a stumbling block to the ignorant Christian child.

Woe to those who suffer the children to not come to Christ and stand in the way. It would be better if they had ghastly end of having a huge stone tried around their neck and be drown in the depths of the sea.

There is guilt in this from the Vatican in their keeping the Faithful from God, the Lutheran in making Communion an idol, to the Baptist in their grape juice. Jesus Christ as His New Passover Act instituted a New Covenant for all to have direct access to God through Him, not some priest. It was not some sin eater consuming righteousness like the fruit from the Garden of Eden brought sin, for if one could be redeemed by eating anything, there would have been a third Tree of Salvation which Adam and Eve could have eaten.
And, Communion is bread and wine, not beer and chips.

May the Holy Ghost guide and speak to each of you to be saved and kept to Christ's coming in Jesus Name Amen and Amen. I am not designed for this work, but as no one else is around to teach Christ Crucified in the only Way, only Truth and only Life, it is moved by the Spirit here.