Saturday, November 7, 2015

Hypocrites of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The recently released Lutheran Witness of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod is a point in how that sect has joined in the treachery against America, as traitors equal to their former poster boy, Barack Hussein Obama, who appeared in mirror image on their publication before that pivotal election theft.

I am personally repulsed by the racism which is the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod hierarchy, for they are  pro messiah blasphemy Obama and now for the genocide of German Americans, equal to Angela Merkel of Germany, killing off Germans for foreign invaders.

The current Lutheran Witness features an 'outreach' to Mexicans, worrying over needing bilingual interpreters for SECOND AND THIRD GENERATION MEXICANS. It seems odd to me, that my ancestors pretty much got English down in America, in the original legal immigrants. But then they were not Mexicans.

This outreach baffles me, as I see these other Protestants vying for Mexicans like pets. There was this one old white woman chattering at a fat Mexican, who talked about as much English as a poodle, and understood less.

For some reason, all those Catholic Priests, Catholic Cathedrals and massive crowds going nuts over Pope's in Latin America, is lost on these Lutheran Church Missouri Synod types. It is lost on all these lusting Protestant traitors to America that the Vatican used to burn Protestants at the stake, still teaches that all of them are heretics going to hell, and every Mexican looks upon Lutherans as equals to the church of satan.

I mean would all of these devout Lutherans appreciate being relocated to Brazil, and then having Catholics converting them to that religion, as of course Lutherans have absolutely no religion, because they speak a different language and are immigrants.

It just amazes me, that exactly like the mad grab for the American Indian to fill Baptist and Methodist pews, to fill those collection plates with BIA money handouts from the government, that the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, somehow in absolute racism has concluded that just because people have brown skin and speak another language that they possibly could not have any faith, and are just looking like monkeys  imported from the jungle are just looking for another banana tree to worship from.

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has sold America out for 30 pieces of silver as the Judas to the America Christ founded on promises to Abraham. It is disgusting to look at people with dark skins as some kind of animal needed to be made a pet of and profited from, as of course darkies were just hanging out in some cavern where darkies hang out without religion, intelligence, thought........and are just waiting around to be saved by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.......with used clothes, all in exchange for a share of their Obama invader welfare checks......and nice bowing postures to those white folks in 30 year old suits and brightly colored light bleached dresses, and loads of cream of something soup casseroles at funerals, followed by jello for desert.

Mexicans just love jello, everyone knows that.

Perhaps there is something which one can hope for, before Donald Trump boots all of these Mexicans back to Mexico, that the Mexicans figure out they are being condescended too, that the Pope and the Jesuits would be pissed off about all this, and the Mexicans will revolt, take over the Protestant Churches and make them all Vatican properties, kicking these Lutherans to the curb.
Then Donald Trump could exile all their pompous asses to Mexico for being traitors to America, and then these Lutherans could all be turned into Catholics by the Padre's whip.

I am surprised the Mexican militants have not raised hell about all this Lutheran racism. I am surprised the Jesuits have not burned the Lutherans at the stake again, but then it is probably something like using the infidels, until you get control, and then slitting their throats.

Odd as I was just thinking, I have never met a Mexican yet who didn't speak English better than Americans.  That probably says how damn stupid Lutherans are, in not figuring out that Mexicans pretend not to speak English, just to keep the upper hand in not having to do the Lutherans do it all.

Well enough of this..........I am making a list of traitors that can be prosecuted by President Donald Trump or handed over to the Russians when President Vladimir Putin invades this shit hole being dug by all of these traitors who think that Mexicans are not people, but some creatures to exploit to fill a pew, a ballot box, a job slot.

Somehow that does not sound very Christian, not very Martin Luther, because it is not.