Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ben Carson's Dead and Brain Damaged Patients


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All Americans have now witnessed "these hands" Ben Carson, in his bragging about separating two Siamese Twins from Germany as a success.

The problem with the story is, after Carson was through with them, these twins suffered brain damage.

The question in this is, if these two children were your children, would you consider the operation a success if their brains were damaged by what Ben Carson did?

The German Twins were not alone, as Ben Carson flew over to South Africa to separate the Makwaeba Twins. You will never hear "these hands" Ben Carson brag about these children, as in these two people, they both died from what Ben Carson did.
For those who are not aware of the details of this case, one girl had a brain seizure after Carson traumatized her brain and died 2 days later, while the sister died when her kidneys shut down. Organ failure is systematic of massive trauma to the body in being assaulted.

There are references of an operation where an unknown artery appeared which was not known, and instead of ceasing the operation, Ben Carson surged ahead causing death.

That is medical malpractice and Ben Carson would have had his license taken away for this manslaughter.

The following is also a Ben Carson claim which is simply something more that does not make sense, like Carson saying the pyramids were built for grain storage.
Ben Carson stated in US News and World Report article that he did 500 operations per year which Carson said he worked with a super efficient staff.

With absolutely no time off, Ben Carson was doing 1.59 operations per day, considering he took Sundays off being a 7th Day Adventist, and if he took holidays off, the numbers raise, meaning Ben Carson's operations if they were 22 hours or 10 hours, it is a reality that with diagnosis, planning the surgeries, there is absolutely not any way that Ben Carson could be cutting on 500 patients a year without endangering every one of them.
This is not appendectomy surgeries, but it is surgeries where every artery and vein must be known, or else the patient bleeds out or has seizure or strokes. There is a report that a PAC is trying to track down former patients. After this 500 patient claim as much as the dead South African girls, I would suggest that the search begin at graveyards.

I place this here for all of you to know, so the next time you hear the "these hands" story, you remember that the case which Carson was bragging about damaged the girl's brains, and two other girls hidden away, were killed by Dr. Ben Carson.
Those are the facts of Dr. Ben Carson in his brain damaged and dead patients.

Ben Carson was Affirmative Action. He leap frogged over perfect score candidates in Caucasians and Asians, who most probably never killed their patients, as some of them never had the opportunity to become doctors to save lives.

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