Friday, November 13, 2015

The Scandal to Bring Facebook Down


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This article is going to be stand alone as it is this exclusive and is a criminal scandal which will bankrupt the fraud site of Facebook in lawsuits and fines, along with sending Mark Zuckerberg to prison for the next 5000 lifetimes.

What this involves is this strange headline:

Facebook and the Media Have an Increasingly Landlord-Tenant Style Relationship

In this headline though is a puzzling statistic of the power companies of the internet have suddenly noticed that 40% of their Facebook traffic vanished, after Facebook signed them up to contracts, proving Facebook could generate immense web traffic.
To make this into something you can grasp.......

Every time you open a website, it notes you are there. Just like television and radio uses "market share" to base the ad revenue fees say for example FOX charges for a Donald Trump event from Ruger Firearms, Facebook was charging sites like Huffington Post for the traffic to their sites, as Huffington Post charged the Kotex Tampons that market share to run an ad on their site.

Now you know how this works, and how sites like Matt Drudge gain revenue in this system, which the Lame Cherry never is a part of, as I will not run ads here, but it is how Google makes a great deal of money off of the Lame Cherry every time you arrive here.

Now let us return to the Facebook scandal, as early in this the power brokers of the internet as in the Washington Post had in 2012 created reading rooms which drew a huge number of readers. Facebook though created a monopoly at the same time, and suddenly all of those readers vanished.

Here is the quote:

Several major newspapers, including the Washington Post and The Guardian, created social-reading apps and got millions of followers in 2012. Then Facebook changed the rules, and their news essentially disappeared from view, along with most of those new readers.

This is called an Obama regime's NSA scheme to herd people away from sites which are at times in conflict with regime dictatorial mandates. Take the readers away from the Washington Post and The Guardian, and these papers loose revenue, and being strangled, it provides leverage to censor these newspapers in order to promote Obama propaganda.

The key to this is what Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg in alliance, handed Facebook over to do and that was to spy on people for the NSA, and in cases like the Lame Cherry to censor this blog off of Facebook, so the information flow would only be the propaganda which the Obama regime was promoting their dictatorial change with.

This is all about those stories you saw in how the Obama regime had millions of fake followers.

Michelle Obama has nearly 2 million fake Twitter followers ...

Nearly 2 million of First Lady Michelle Obama's Twitter followers are not real. According to the Twitter analytics application Status People, 37 percent ...

Facebook has the same fake accounts. In Zuckerberg's case though, it is apparent that there is an algorithm program which was designed to "spike" users to sites like Huffington Post and Buzzfeed, with these fake accounts, in order to hook the power sites into this Ponzi scheme.
After HuffPo and Buzz were hooked, suddenly their numbers plummeted and other regime approved NSA generated sites which were promoting the Obama world in Vice Media and Refinery29 saw increases in their traffic to challenge the power sites.

This is all immensely criminal as fake accounts in people who did not exist in the millions, were in this Facebook computer program "clicking" onto sites to increase traffic flow. The reason the traffic stopped was in order to cut these Obama competitor sites off at the knees, and inflate numbers on the NSA Obama sites to make them appear they are the new powerhouses.

This is the exact thing the NSA did with Facebook when it was constructed for the world wide web, in Facebook took out My Space which was a Rupert Murdoch asset.. This criminal activity under the carte blanche of American Homeland Security and the NSA has been taking place for years, but instead of wiping out competitors like Murdoch, Facebook has now become a global asset where it is censoring Germans, nuking American accounts exposing Obama and Facebook crimes, destroying the traditional leftwing media as in the Washington Post, while extorting money from Huffington Post and then cutting HuffPo off at the knees, and it is DOING IT ALL WITH FAKE ACCOUNTS ON FACEBOOK.

This is in a way brilliant, but it is also devilishly simple. So simple in fact that a simple check of traffic flow, along with Matt Drudge featured stories, exposes all of this. Providing of course Lame Cherry is there to break the story in another matter anti matter exclusive, because apparently the libtards and the geektards at these Washington Post and BuzzFeed sites have been conned and had no idea of the criminal enterprise arrayed against them.

Once again, the Lame Cherry blog doing the work in exposing all of this.

In reality, if the Washington Post and Matt Drudge are not intimidated off this story, Mark Zuckerberg is looking at about 50 million counts of wire fraud, embezzlement and new crime terms for this kind of criminal con game, all linked into the Obama regime.
Facebook is looking at a financial meltdown in their fake stock price spikes are all linked to this artificial traffic and user generator, along with the lawsuits in the hundreds of billions of dollars in news sites have been cheated out of immense revenues.

The Lame Cherry doing the work no one else will or dares to, in explaining what is behind the headlines in another major crime of the Obama regime, linked this time to their e whore of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, spying on all of you.

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