Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ben Carson's World War

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A number of years ago, Bill Clinton in the Kosovo War decided to blast the Chinese Embassy. As George W. Bush later told it in his memoirs, the Chicoms were still upset about it after W was President, and that is why they brought down an American spy plane, held Americans hostage until payment was made, and then demanded a million dollar cost payment.......after ripping all the high tech American equipment out of the spy plane.

Ben Carson has joined the ranks of people who should never be allowed near foreign policy, and that includes John Kerry, Birther Obama and John McCain, because Dr. Carson issued his policy decision that if America instituted a no fly zone over Syria, that America should shoot down Russian military fighter jets.
Again Dr. Carson probably has overlooked a fact that Russians are in those jets, and nations tend to get upset like Chinese with Chinamen in their embassies, getting harmed or dead.

This again goes back to Bill and Hillary Clinton, where their General, named Wesley Clarke, the same guy who hosed down Waco with a nerve gas that was fiery explosive and burned all those children up in the Branch Davidian Compound........advocated in Kosovo bombing the Russian military arriving to help their ally, the Serbians, whose lands were being stolen from them for Muslims.
Sort of like that Michigan enclave of Muslim counselterrorists who issued their first warning to Polish Americans in that city............

Any way, when Wes was calling to bomb the Russians, the British military was not amused and told this fire starter of Clarke that was not going to happen as NATO was not interested in fighting nuclear World War III over Kosovo.

For the few Ben Carson supporters not dealing with reality, Dr. Carson just advocated stopping Russia from stopping Obama ISIS terrorists who are raping children, selling children to rape and murdering people, and in this, Dr. Carson is advocating murdering Russian Soldiers.

There should be a bit of a "learning in progress" to Dr. Carson that for reasons, President Harry Truman did not murder Russian pilots. President Dwight Eisenhower did not murder Russian pilots. President John Kennedy did not murder Russian pilots. President Lyndon Johnson did not murder Russian pilots. President Richard Nixon did not murder Russian pilots. President Gerald Ford did not murder Russian pilots. President Jimmy Carter did not murder Russian pilots. President Ronald Reagan did not murder Russian pilots. President George H. W. Bush did not murder Russian pilots. President Bill Clinton did not murder Russian pilots. President George W. Bush did not murder Russian pilots....and even Birther Hussein the illegal invader, never murdered Russian pilots.

All those people in the White House, even enemies of America like Obama and Jarrett, the Pentagon, State.........none of them advocated murdering Russian pilots, but Dr. Ben Carson is advocating, without thinking that Russian planes have Russian pilots in them, who have Russian nuclear weapons behind them.........just in case someone decides to murder Russian pilots.

I am reminded of a lesson Muslims were taught in Lebanon when Mr. Putin was in the KGB. See there were these terrorists who got this bright idea that kidnapping Russian agents would be profitable. The Russians thought it was not something they would like. So they picked up some terrorist relatives, tied them up, cut their testicles off, shoved them into the terrorist's mouth and then blew their brains out.
Wait this gets better, in the KGB then threw the testicle eaters, minus brains on the front lawn of the terrorists, promising more deliveries.
Interestingly, all the Russian hostages were released and no more kidnappings took place.

There seems to be a pattern in this, as when Georgians were abusing Russians in Ossetia, Vladmir Putin rolled in and knocked the hell out of Georgia. When Russians were being abused in Ukraine by Obama and Soros, Vladimir Putin rolled in to knock the hell out of the Ukrainians.

So as Dr. Carson is not operating in reality, like his slasher stories or his hammering his Mum, the reality is in history, past and present, that Vladimir Putin gets very active when people start threatening or murdering Russians.
Dr. Carson murdering one Russian over Syria, would most likely have loads of those TOW and SAM missiles being handed over to ISIS terrorists, ending up blasting American civilian jets and things in retaliation.

So in review, Ben Carson might shoot down one Russian and murder him, but the Russians will release all the Obama terror missiles floating around to shoot down 1 airliner a day with 300 Americans on board.

Again this is why some people, as in most people, do not belong in positions of making decisions, because they are morons.

What happens when Russia retaliates? Does Ben Carson blow up more Russians, to which the Russians start blowing up more things......and World War IV is started, because Ben Carson or those other morons like Samantha Powers, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Barack Obama and Ben Carson do not belong anywhere near power.

“If they do come into that area — after you have given them adequate warning, after we’ve talked to Putin — you shoot them down. Absolutely,” Carson told radio host Simon Conway, who pointed out to Carson that the Russians would likely respond forcefully.
“Whatever happens next, we deal with it,” Carson added. “But we can’t continue backing down because in the long run, that will hurt us.”

Nuff said.