Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Obama Generation

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It is troubling to me to see the manifestation of the Obama betrayal of children, boiling over in Missouri university riots, in another phase of using children against themselves to abort another generation of Americans, as began in full mode in the 1960's.

For those who are already tuning out, in this being another Obama excoriation, that reaction is but another phase of the Obama voter, recoiling from another betrayal of the people who voted for his hope and change.
This is not about the Obama voter though being blamed for the good they thought they would sow, which is now another harvest of human weeds, looking to self mutilate another part of their lives as they are so miserable. This is about that "out of control" aspect of these children on college campuses, in asking why they are so not in self control and looking to blame others for what is not in them.

I do not blame these children, because in numbers of places in history from the Bible relating how some new "messiah" would save the Jews, only to lead them out to their deaths, or can we overlook the Tea Party in being betrayed by the Republican elite, and we come to these riotous children in Missouri, who have been manipulated on several levels, so that the reality is not even thought of by them in these facts:

1. Obama has given them everything to progress their lives in education, economy and no judgment on their morals.

2. They are the product of the greatest progression of the modern era in sodom rights.

3. They instituted Obamacare for all.

4. Obama bowed before all world leaders and apologized for what they were.

5. Obama in the White House freed them from racism.

These are the products of their messiah Obama for them, and yet these children are even more unsettled and vulnerable in feeling threatened. Obama freed them from a Jesus of Judgment for their sins, gave them sin as their goodness, and now these children have condemned themselves in their own judgment.

These children, like their Obama, have cast off what Christians moulded their lives to. The Christian ethic is summed up in St. Paul's letter to the Galations of Asia, in these few words:

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.

Galations 5:22

No law of God against such beliefs, but more and more regimes led by the Obama regime are making such goodness a crime.

The problem with these college children is if they survive, after destroying every person and thing which they feel threatened by, from white people, to Christians, to their own professors and their own media, is that these children will find, that they are still in this world, still afraid, still vulnerable, because it was not white people or Christians who were scaring them, and their instructors, politicians and media were not making them secure, because it is inside of them, which they have been deprived of from their first breath of life, and that was security.

Children of liberals are not born into this world to be loved. Children are birthed, after their birthmates have been aborted, because necessity has brought them forth to become a 2.5 family, a proof that sodomites breaking parental codes can not break children, as failed parents expect these little humans to succeed where they have failed.

Children are not made time for. Mummy and daddy have to be off making money, indulging in sports or sex, all leaving the children in regime care to raise them.

Children are never loved with respect or discipline. They are instead told to indulge and blame others. Failure is not something to build upon to stimulate their hearts to never give up, but failure is something they are taught to give in to, as it is their fault for being born and if someone else was not in this world, then they would succeed.

Obama is a messiah of debt. The image promises everyone, they can be anything and have everything. There is no need to do without, because welfare, government loans, are all there to get you new homes, new cars, university diplomas, but it is a world where no one ever has a house paid for to make it a home, their cars wear out before they can borrow more money for another car to be paid off, and these children find that they spend the rest of their lives paying off that education which does not get them a job.
Debt is the neo slavery. These children serve the people who put Obama into power all their lives, and when they get sick, their care only lasts as long as the money and when the money runs out, they are killed, while their champions like Ruth Bader Ginsburg who has pancreatic cancer lives for decades, when it kills these children in 8 weeks.

The reality is these children on college campuses would be abnormal if they were not acting out, because they have been inflicted upon and self inflicted all their lives. They have been lied to, given everything they were told was the reason their parents were miserable, and they are still in complete misery.

These children are not going to listen to the message of Christianity in peace, because they are filled with rage, and naturally desire to maul others as they are too weak and afraid to kill themselves. There could be a salvation in this, for as these children are beginning to feed on their own liberal professors and Obama media, they might just burn down and blow up their colleges which are inflicting upon them. Seriously, what good is a huge debt for education in a degree which they are being given no matter what their grades are. These children might as well like Animal Farm, throw off their masters, print up their own worthless degrees and go out into the world with their Obama revolution and start burning down the regime agencies which have their records of massive debt for cars, homes and college.

One can go to any animal shelter and view dogs and cats which have been abused, are crazed and in fury, and this is what these college children are. There is not any difference in a pet not cared for, given security, is the same child which not cared for or given security, is going to turn on it's tormentors and everyone else.

I would hope these children would in a few of their numbers simply stop, and ponder for a moment about what has really gotten them into their situations. It is not what they are blaming, but it is the betrayal of those they were imprisoned by in debt that they trusted, who  promised to set them free from morals, failures and pain.

Pain, disappointment and failure is a part of life. These are not things to be feared, but realities to be embraced, because pain only gives meaning to joy more fully, disappointment makes personal achievement more of a treasure, and failure means only the opportunity to perfect your abilities to making you a better person.

Hillary Clinton lied in her book "it takes a village to raise a child". These riotous children have been raised by the village, and are vulnerable and abandoned, as it takes God with parents to raise a child in a family, not an organized community that goes home after 4 pm and leaves these children like chickens in a cage to lay an egg until morning.

Ridiculing these children in Missouri is not going to stop them in their out of control rage. They do not have the answers and the solutions they have been told will fix them in more isolation of them from what they are intimidated by, will only make them more vulnerable and open to exploitation by the elite who are living off of their debt and their votes.
These children have to understand that what they are going through was deliberately engaged in against them by the very people they have turned to, to empower those people, and to make these children wards of slavery.

All of the dope, money, welfare, sex, education, Obama, has only made things worse for them, because they are less cared for in what humans really need.

History has proven that humans need a loving God who accepts them as He created them when the world does not, and humans need self discipline in governing the one person they can command to their benefit, and that is themselves.

The self assured individual has an absolute in a God Whose morals are not human opinions prejudiced against them and others. The self assured individual is independent and not dependent on regimes, universities, politicians, banks, because inside that person is something nothing in this world can own or control, and that is the responsibly free person.

Whether is it termed saturnalia, free love, sodomy or the Obama generation, it is all an adversarial system which is the worst type of anarchy as it promotes self destruction and when people have destroyed themselves, it employs the worst penalties of enslavement, criminalizing EVERY MORAL KEY to help these people free themselves from their own gulag.

I do not believe these furiously emotional children in colleges are going to respond to a way to save themselves, as they rejected that way and their leaders have all lied to them, to make them vulnerable in order to control them. These children are Obama miserable, and are not capable of admitting betrayal or they are wrong. What is left to them is a form of Obama change or self suicide. It will be to tear down their institutions to make them more harmful as they seek to destroy others who will eventually fight back.
That is what Obama change is. It is giving license to anarchy, and when anarchy is full in unrest, it begins a police state civil war, which eventually becomes a guerilla war as there is never enough police state to manage this, and the police withdraw in selfishly preserving themselves instead of the public.

God could change these children for good, but God does not force Himself on children. So all of that turmoil is going to inside of these children until the day they die, and it will be inflicting on others each day, until others produce a bat to the face in not accepting abuse or affliction.

So do not be deluded as psychiatry in diagnosis, Christianity in revivals, medicine in new happy pills, regimes in more rights for these children, and placing these children in power is not going to fix this, because when one plants an Obama, produced from racism, bigotry, Christophobia and American hatred in the Dunhams, and sow that image into the White House with dictatorial powers, one does not produce a crop of Nobel Peace in hundreds of thousands of dead Muslims, burn downs in Ferguson Missouri, or children in riot on colleges campuses.

The children of Missouri are not in self control, because they were controlled all their existences to be exploited.

Children who are abused, grow up to be abusers, unless the revelation of Christ is introduced to change them. It is the only thing in history which has been proven to change the leopard spots in Matthew the tax collector, but there is also Judas the betrayer who was caught in the same trap of looking to the world to validate him in power, money and associating with the Messiah.

Until all children of all ages, turn inside and face the biggest fear they have in fearing themselves, and staying around long enough to find out that they are not as repulsive as they judge themselves by, that there is a God Who cares about them to help them grow to be strong, and that there are others in this world who care about them, when they can not care about themselves.

This is all most impossible as the people of the world have reached a point of uncivil self destruction as in Noah's Deluge time, Sodom, Rome and every other cultural implosion due to regime exploitation and immorality of the vulnerable.
History proves there is one thing which walks out human annihilation and genocide, and that is the person with God in them, not in vain references, but as real Christians have God inside of them. The world is coming from these Obama Tribulations to a time of Great Tribulation, and the only children who are going to make it to the other side, are those with God inside of them, as they stop trusting in all that has betrayed them and has abandoned them.
These children have more than humanity has ever had, since the Roman orgies or Sodom's rule, and they are just as afraid of the world as those peoples were.

God has the answers for all, but they had those answers rejected for them in messiah Obama, and now all they have is destruction, because like Obama, they can not destroy themselves, and instead need an elaborate excuse of setting up a system of anarchy which will destroy them, to give meaning to all the hurt inside of them.

These children are like a vehicle with the steering wheel, the control shifts, the breaks and gas, all removed, and the engine is running wide open with the car in gear. They have had all controls removed for their self control by their betrayers, who pointed them into a direction they were too afraid to go, and now in these children's destroyed lives, they can be comforted that like image Obama, he is not alone in all that misery.

All of this is only the start from Berlin, to London, to Paris, to Sidney, to another town in Missouri reflecting the misery of another group of false messiah Obama voters being betrayed.

These are all children of a lesser god, named Obama.