Friday, November 27, 2015

Bill Clinton: A Legacy Not Of His Flaws


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I have contemplated contacting ex President Bill Clinton, in asking him to vent in telling the Truth about all the things he wants to get off his chest. No I am not speaking of rapes or murders, but about the SOB's as this would be good epitaph thrill for this blog and give Bill Clinton something which he will never have, in a literal view of him.

I ponder Bill Clinton in reading George Stevens AKA Stephanopoulos' All Too Human, in what kind of leader he really was. Not the vast right wing conspiracy version nor the fictional one of Stevens, but the real person who was in the White House.

All of this is important, as in a modern fast paced era, Bill Clinton literally was President a generation ago to children in the 21st century. Not that time is Bill Clinton's legacy enemy, but his real enemies are the memories of Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton as people like Ronald Reagan with two Bush's in the White House skewing who Reagan was, Clinton is being redressed in the public's view of seeing the destroyer of America in Obama, and Hillary Clinton's two grandma campaigns, so people have no idea what a President Clinton is.

I am not a Clinton apologist. It once filled me with revulsion to even refer to him as a President, but with the experience of this foreign agent, Birther Hussein, it all comes back to at least Bill Clinton was one of America's own, while Obama is this illegitimate foreign agent.

I desire to start this off with a quote from Bill Clinton from Steven's book, over the murder of Americans in Somalia, as it will surprise people in seeing Bill Clinton for the first time.

"We're not inflicting enough pain on these fuckers! When people kill us, they should be killed in greater numbers. I believe in killing people who try to hurt you, and I can't believe were being pushed around by these two bit pricks!"

- Bill Clinton response to NSA Director Tony Lake

There is a reality in Bill Clinton of blowing up janitors or camels to save lives of terrorists, but the same reality that he struck Iraq over Saddam Hussein attempting to assassinate former President George H. W. Bush.

In assessing Bill Clinton, he made four grave mistakes which clouded and shrouded his Presidency. His greatest mistake was Hillary Clinton was his best political asset and Hillary Clinton was Bill Clinton's worst political asset.

Bill Clinton had the worst type of political spectre haunting him from the start of his political campaign for the White House, and it was New York Governor, Mario Cuomo. Cuomo was an effeminate in mindset, in he wanted to be begged to run for the White House in 1992, but assessed the situation that he could not defeat President George H. W. Bush.
Cuomo set himself up with the introduction speech of nominee Bill Clinton, to not nominate Clinton, but to take the spotlight, so Cuomo could run in 1996 in an open field.

Bill Clinton had this political tease about him for years, as Cuomo would not be Vice President which was the cause of another Bill Clinton mistake in choosing Al Gore, who has proven to be this self serving, blovenated changeling that his wife Tipper, even divorced.
Cuomo went on to tease President Clinton for Supreme Court Justice. Again he wanted Clinton to beg him to do it, but the reality is Cuomo never wanted to be a Justice, as it was about Cuomo thinking with the disaster of the start of the Clinton Presidency, that Cuomo would swoop in, in 1996 to become President, or in an open field in 2000 run against a sitting GOP President. Cuomo playing coy cost Bill Clinton, but bankrupted Mario Cuomo's national legacy.
Instead, the absolutely lethargic Ruth Bader Ginsburg, fell to the Supreme Court, where she has been not a historic voice for rights, but one for license against the political agenda of Bill Clinton from 1992.

Mario Cuomo and Al Gore diluted the mix of what Bill Clinton needed. Clinton was already a blue dog Democrat, and did not need Al Gore trying to out howl him. This led to the mistake of choosing Warren Christopher for Secretary of State, when the correct choice should have been through Vernon Jordan, in General Colin Powell, who took the job with intrigue under Bush43.
Christopher would have been Attorney General where he would have done an acceptable job, but instead after failures in the nomination, it fell to Janet Reno, who was manipulated by Eric Holder, to all sorts of political intrigue, including Waco, the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City and Ruby Ridge. All intimidation operations against the right wing, and all disasters on the American political landscape.

This then comes to the final Bill Clinton mistake in not appointing Senator Sam Nunn of Georgia, as had been expected, but instead appointed Les Aspin as Secretary of Defense. That comes full circle into the Black Hawk Down in Somalia, in that horrendous terror against Americans, in Les Aspin for some witless reason, denied the military heavy armour for that operation, which caused the mass murder of Americans.

Economically, Bill Clinton having Allen Greenspan with a fresh round of looter bubbles, which caused the Dotcom bust robbing Americans of wealth, and infuriating the European cartel who then retaliated eventually on 9 11, turning an Al Gore "gotcha" on President Bush 43, to the worst terror event in history, is something which is the final mistake. Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan should have been placed at the head of the Federal Reserve, this Nixon Administration counsel on Urban Affairs, who was then Ambassador to India and appointed Ambassador to the United Nations, was the global intellectual who would have operated the Federal Reserve as it should have been.

In retrospect, it seems simple. Place David Gergen to handle the press instead of ideologue George Stephanopoulos. Pick Sam Nunn for Defense. Pick Colin Powell for Sec. of State. Pick Warren Christopher for Attorney General. Pick Dick Gephardt as Stephanopoulos originally wanted for Vice President, and sincerely, put the equally plotting Bob Kerry of Nebraska on the Supreme Court to take that zealot out of the mix.

The world would be a different place now if Bill Clinton had not made the mistakes of personnel. The odds are that Dick Gephardt with Vice President Colin Powell would have won two terms. There never would have been a 9 11, and America would have had a black President in Colin Powell, and not the illegitimate Barack Hussein Obama.

This is not to say there were other mistakes in the Clinton Presidency, but with a group of strong leaders and not always finding nominees of weakness, Bill Clinton would not have been plagued by Jimmy Carter in all his diplomatic weakness and meddling.

Bill Clinton never criticized HW Bush while in office nor W. when out of office, in upholding the George Washington mandate of not meddling in the current Presidential affairs. That is not the reality of Jimmy Carter nor the Birther or image of Barack Hussein Obama.

The shame of this, is not that Bill Clinton is not being remembered for all of his flaws, but that the legacy of Bill Clinton is being memorialized now on the flaws of Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Nuff said.