Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Frog and His dog

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

After seeing the French Frog croaking on and making the Obama jinn stand their fuming as he prattled on about the real danger of climate change and not terrorists, George W. Bush must have been laughing at the jinn getting the same treatment he did.

Now onto the Turks shooting down the Russian jet in Syrian airspace.

This came on Obama orders and was coordinated with Turkey.

So you get the lie in this, the 10 times that Obama says the Turks warned off the Russian pilot.....those 10 times were on a different squawk frequency, so the Russians could not respond.

All of this was to break up the Russian French alliance as the jinn is furious over this. The Russian bombing has obliterated ISIS oil and dope routes, and is costing millions in Marc Rich type bribes.

This was the first step in attempting to get Russia to escalate, as that Airbus falling apart out of the sky was spun to be a terror attack.

NATO wants no part of this, nor did the French or British sign off on this. They do not want an escalation. The jinn does.

Russia should target the Turkish SAM batteries and will implement ways to retaliate.

In short, Turkey shot this jet down in Syrian airspace. This jet NEVER was in Turkish airspace.

1 in 10 this will escalate to a nuclear exchange.
3 in 10 this will escalate to World War.
7 in 10 this will escalate to other measures.

Big news was the French FU to Obama, in not placing their people on the ground.

I do not care what liberal Frogs or jinns are spouting off in propaganda. It is what it is. image Obama is a liar. This regime has trained, armed, protected and promoted ISIS, handing over oil and other traffick as a bribe to them.