Friday, November 6, 2015

The 4 Quadrillion Terror Attack


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I had been holding back on doing an expose' on this, as the Lame Cherry is more responsible than the "smear Vladimir Putin" Mockingbird press, but with the New York Times publishing information on a communications attack on America by Russian submarines, the Lame Cherry will assess the story correctly.

If you remember the old Gilligan's Island show, there was a cable that a storm drove up on the beach, and they tapped into it, trying to phone out an emergency call. Most people do not realize that since the telegraph days, there have been cables under the ocean, and communication has been carried out via these cables which are more secure than satellite, but not as efficient as electronic radio waves.

What began my story was the reality that I happened upon a month ago, an internet mpeg, which showed not only the locations of the internet cables and communications, but the worst of this, it showed the hub transit points.
Those are the points in New York, Florida and the West Coast which could cause a huge problem for the vital interests of any nation. Hit the cables, and you make things difficult to repair, but hit a hub and it cuts off all communications in and out, and any remaining hubs will not be able to handle the additional flow of information.

I wonder sometimes why Homeland Security, NSA and the FBI who waste so much time on popular girls like myself, have hands off when it comes to the Mockingbird media, which releases far more damning information to terrorists than anyone.

It is not just the press, because I have been reading Decision Points by George W. Bush, and something he put in there concerning the second wave of attacks after 9 11 just floored me. I will quote it, as it is the exact information for which he should be arrested for, for aiding the terrorists.

Decision Points
Pages 157 - 158
George W. Bush

"I had been briefed on the horrifying consequences of a bioweapons attack. One assessment concluded that a "well executed small pox attack by a state actor on the New York City metropolitan area" could infect 630,000 people immediately and 2 to 3 million people before the outbreak was contained. Another scenario contemplated the release on subway lines in four major cities during rush hour. The economic costs could "range from $60 billion to several hundred billion of more, depending on the circumstances of the attack".

That literally gave the intelligence assessment accurately of where to attack, how to attack and what the effects of an attack would be. That is aiding terrorists, and George W. Bush for drama and for defending himself from attacks, just provided and confirmed hard data of how terrorists should murder hundreds of thousands of Americans and cost a trillion dollars with a few vials or contagions.

It did not stop there as George W. Bush while in China received a conference call warning from Vice President Dick Cheney, who was whiter than his white shirt, in one of the bio detectors in the White House (Yes confirmation the White House biological warfare detectors aiding terrorists) had activated for botulinum toxin, and the FBI was trying to kill mice with the toxin on October 17th, 2001, to assess of every person in the White House, including Condi Rice, Colin Powell and the President were all dead on their feet.
Obviously this was neutral and a false alarm, but all of this careless sharing of detailed information is not something which should ever be shared with the public, as every bit of this helps in electronic, biological, chemical and nuclear attacks.
When George W. Bush writes that the Secret Service hauled Laura and himself one night out of bed, due to an incoming jet which was not squawking correctly on the transponder, and the President says exactly where they went, how many pneumatic sealed doors they went through, that is too much information, as it aids anyone from Peking, Tehran, Pyongyang, Moscow or a lab rat invader in a basement in New Jersey, exactly what to do and how to accomplish an attack.

What you do not see, is then someone like George Stevens AKA Stephanopoulos, in All Too Human, writes things like how his access to the White House is carried out, how Monica Lewinsky is bopping all over the intern laced neighborhoods, and how long do you think that some Huma is going to be licking some nasty crotch of Val-erie Jarrett, to gain that kind of access one fine day, place their payload in a key location and then send in something to flush the occupants of the White House to a kill zone?
In case you forgot, George Stephanopoulos recorded how a disgruntled pilot rammed a Cessna onto the White House lawn without being shot down by that intricate defense.

Any intelligence asset knows the protocols as do their "terror" proxies, all you have to do is gain access, rabbit a major event off site during the day, get the security services jittery, and then send in a beater, and that rabbit will flush to hole, because it is dragged there by the security services.

That is all third level access which goes unnoticed and literally could be carried out by one enterprising one individual, and the reality is, since the Obama regime overthrew the White House, there are hundreds of these terror associates crawling all over the government.

Thankfully, we have the New York Times trying to smear Vladimir Putin, internet ads promoting information, George Stephanopoulos and George W. Bush selling books, and the image of Birther Hussein Obama allowing all kinds of undesirables direct access to any government building........and a majority of it came from Hillary Clinton's open door server which was set up for that reason.

Anyone, and I mean anyone with an modicum of intelligence could on their own, without direct access to any classified information could assemble and carry out a massive series of strikes on America like Obama's West Nile hybrid which was only covered on this blog, because the people who have direct access to the security information, will not shut up about all they come into contact with.

There never will be any Patriot Act arrests of George & George of Val-erie Jarrett, as the insiders are above suspicion and part of the information flow dispensed to American enemies, as patriots like Edward Snowden are hounded with death threats for all the damage they have supposedly have done.

But of course Vladimir Putin is the threat, after the Obama regime tried to assassinate Mr. Putin, tried to perform a coup in Russia, tried to start a terror war against Russia, all to steal Russian raw material resources.

The role of the cables is more important than ever before. They carry more than $10 trillion a day in global business, including from financial institutions that settle their transactions on them every second. Any significant disruption would cut the flow of capital. The cables also carry more than 95 percent of daily communications.

Thank you New York Times for telling terrorists and other competing powers where the weak spot in commerce is to destroy what is left of Obamamerica, and that a four month repair would be a 4 Quadrillion economic terror attack, that the western world could not survive.

“Cables get cut all the time — by anchors that are dragged, by natural disasters,” said Mr. Sechrist, who published a 2012 study of the vulnerabilities of the undersea cable network.

Thank you Mr. Sechrist for confirming that some old scow dragging anchors can in non technological actions cut off world communications.

Yes but Vladimir Putin is the problem, not these assests of Paper Clip and Muslim Obama money paying for studies to publish information in the public domain, so all of those interests arrayed against America can look it up in a Google search.

Nuff said.