Saturday, November 14, 2015

Mark Levin's Great Judge of Character


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I personally have never been so terrified in my life, now that Mark Levin has sent out a warning to Donald Trump and Marco Rubio that Levin will have to "affirmatively oppose" them.

 Affirmatively has a few meanings in "giving assent",  "hopeful about the future", and, "manifesting praise or approval".

So Mark Levin warned Donald Trump and Marco Rubio that he is, manifesting hopeful praise against Trump and Rubio.

 If Donald Trump continues to attack Ben Carson the way he’s attacking Ben Carson, I have to affirmatively oppose him. I like the man very much, but the absolute reckless personal assaults on Ben Carson, who is one of the most decent men you could possibly know…a truly accomplished man, is truly unacceptable. It’s unacceptable to me. I’ve never heard this kind of slurring of a man of great integrity. That’s number one.

 Number two, a warning to Marco Rubio. If your little hit squad and your opposition research team is going to put out edited videos of Ted Cruz and lie flat-out about the amendment process that took place in the Senate and suggest that your support of the Gang of 8 and Ted Cruz’s adamant opposition to it means that you both are on the same page, I can’t accept that either.

So let me understand this, Mark Levin does not believe that Dr. Ben Crazy Carson is man enough, as a black man, to defend himself against Donald Trump nor is Canadian Ted Cruz man enough to defend himself against Cuban Marco Rubio.

So Ted Cruz is an Obama Birther is being defended by Levin, along with Cruz being nothing but a stooge of the GOP elite who suckered Levin by getting Levin to back Orin Hatch.
So Ben Carson who espouses Obama things like Al Sharpton, Common Core, infanticide experiments, and believes everyone is going to hell but 7th Day Adventists.

Never mind that Ted Cruz is a liar and that Ben Carson is a pathological liar. This is from the same Mark Levin slobbering all over his mic when Obama sent in US SEALS to mass murder Muslims in the bin Laden compound, but finally realized as Obama was mass murdering Libyans that maybe this was a bit too much mass in the murder.

Mark Levin protected Birther Hussein from impeachment. Mark Levin was ignorant as to the ramifications of mass murdering the bin Laden actors. Mark Levin got suckered by Orin Hatch. With a record like that in Mark Levin idolizing two losers in Carson and Cruz that Levin is so phobic that Levin has to jump out and start threatening Marco Rubio and Donald Trump.........that pretty much describes by Levin's actions and past being flat ass wrong about important things, how if Ben  Carson and Ted Cruz can not deal with Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, how are they going to deal with Pyongyang, Tehran and all points around the globe in terrorists who will not be posting the facts about Carson and Rubio, but will be coming with weapons that tell only the murderous truth.

What is Mark Levin going to do when Vladimir Putin makes a  fool of Cruz and Carson? Issue another Levin warning of "affirmatively opposing" Vladimir Putin? Or will Mark Levin really throw down and state,  he is "Mistah Pwahdoocer ser, I weely uffummahtivlee ahpoze Vladimir Putin"?

It is amazing to listen to Big Koch's mic heads in Homo Hannity, Rush Hudson Limbaugh III and Mark Levin, all trying to prop up Ben Carson and that other man of honor, Ted Cruz. Yes two stooges who will implement every damn thing Obama has not done to destroy America, while keeping every damn thing Obama has done to destroy America in place.
So let's review this, as Mark Levin has joined the Glenn Beck, Matt Walsh, Megyn Kelly and whatever other mouth whores for the billionaire fags in going after Donald Trump.........on the very day that Paris explodes in terror riots......and Donald Trump's polling numbers shoot up another ten points.
..........and Cruz's plummet and Carson's plummet.
Way to go Mark Levin, with your market share and giving Big Koch their non money worth again.
Odd how it did not matter to Mark Levin when Ted Cruz stated that he was going to inherit Donald Trump's voters when Mr. Trump was ruined or dead, and Mark Levin had no problem when Ben Carson butchered two South African children in a botched operation that murdered them.
Mark Levin has absolutely no change of character and he should take his little tattle tale finger and move on to warn, "IIIIIIIIIIIII AAAAHHHHHH MMMMMMMMM TELLLLLLLLLL INGGGGGGG".
That is what a little girl in school always threatened us with. She could make a song out of two syllables into eight.
One can only hope those veil heads that Levin always is bitching about as he sips that horrid Starbucks coffee do a burning Paris on him to save all of us from this whiner.