Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Militant Pilgrim

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We all know what modern history tells us. The Pilgrims were there to make Rush Limbaugh profits in kid's books, who ate turkey, were pacifists when not running off peaceful Indians, and they all just stood around planting corn on top of dead fish for fertilizer in crappy New England soil.

The problem is the real history of the Planters, yes they called themselves Planters and were called Planters, not Pilgrims, because they were coming to America as English colonists to found plantations in America, as Christians first and to spread the Gospel, as they made better lives for themselves.

Did the Pilgrims believe in warfare, arms and fighting as Separatist Christians from the Church of England?

I provide for you two eye witness accounts of the Pilgrims, on their first ship which took them back to South Hampton, England, the SPEEDWELL, what their sailing from Delfshaven was like Saturday, July 22, 1620 AD in the year of our Lord.

"We only going aboard, the ship lying to the key [quay] and ready to sail; the wind being fair, we gave them [their friends] a volley of small shot [musketry] and three pieces of ordnance and so lifting up our hands to each other and our hearts for each other to the Lord our God, we departed."

"The hull was wrapped in smoke, through which was seen at the stern the white flag of England doubly bisected by the great red cross of St. George, a token that the emigrants had at last resumed their dearly-loved nationality . Far above them at the main was seen the Union Jack of new device."

The Pilgrims had on board the Speedwell, three cannons and muskets. This was not simply military men like Miles Standish, but was the very Congregation of Leyden Church. The Dutch had no problem with Christians being armed, heavily armed, and the British monarchy certainly had no problems with Christians sailing in a ship to their port at South Hampton with cannon and musket, as a Christian vessel of war.

You must understand the real history which you have had censored from you. All you hear is either Christian bashing or Christian pacification. These Pilgrims were English Separatists, exiles in Europe. They were a proud, rugged, individual people, and when the time came to finding their New Israel, their Promised Land, they hoisted the flag of Britain and all her might, and appeared on this scene with an armed naval ship with personal arms, to protect themselves and to promote themselves in the New World.
The exact same protection and promotion which the Indians all employed in savage methods and all the empires of Europe were inflicting upon each other by martial measures.

The reality is the Pilgrims by the 1640's were required to have 6 musters or calls to arms per year. They had pikes, which were 20 feet long military spears and were well trained in this armament.

The only surviving May-Flower rifle is a wheelock gun. The firearms were smoothbores and fired a 1 ounce projectile. There were swords. There were shotguns. There were rifles and there were pistols.

There were also iron tassets for body armour and Dutch helmets.

The Pilgrims were militants. They had to be in order to protect their ploughshares from leaving them in furrows scalped by Indians or attacked by other empires.

All the Pilgrims trained and were fined if their fighting equipment was defective. The pike was the original military choice as the "square" was a military configuration in England and Europe which was effective. By 1675, the American colonists in having to deal with heavy forests, moved to the armament which Americans have generationally been drawn to, and that is the firearm.

No one is ever taught the reality, that the Pilgrims AKA the Planters of America, a title which carried as a common description of Americans to George Washington's time, were all armed as heavily as the much attacked Americans of the 21st century, now under seige from their own regime.
These were all Christian Soldiers and took their responsibility and rights soberly. In that era though, the government was busy making certain everyone was armed, instead of attempting to disarm their peoples.

This is the history of the American Pilgrims and an exclusive of the Lame Cherry in this time coming up to Thanksgiving. The Planters and Adventurers were a well armed militia for both defense and hunting, with the most advanced military assault weapons of the era, and that included cannons.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.