Tuesday, November 24, 2015


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am puzzled by President Putin stating that Russian missiles will soon be able to penetrate any missile shield, for there is not such a thing as a missile shield.

What there is, is an incoming missile produces an arch or an upside down U, due to gravity and the curviture of the earth. Placing a hypersonic cruise missile on a straight line or a curvature of that earth, would mean any Patriot battery would lose the advantage of trajectory and arc, as much as it's speed being neutralized.

The Patriot has two missile batteries, PAC 2 and PAC 3. PAC 2 has a range of 160 miles while the PAC 3 has range of 20 miles. Magazine of the Patriots are 16 PAC 3's and 4 PAC 2's.

Do the arithmatic in it is easier and more cost efffective to overload the Missile Defense with Cruise Pack Launches in using up the defensive missiles, than to wait to have your missiles neutralized.

Therefore speed, terrain and mass production of cheap missiles to counter Missile Shield is the correct correction for the Russian military forces. The same issue is of the MERV for ICBM launch. There are no regulations on any nation possessing MERV's loaded with non nuclear or non explosive warheads. 1000 missiles with 10 metalic rods each is 10,000 targets and would overwhelm any system, including HAARP.
The rods would strike at 60,000 miles per hour with a generated force of a nuclear strike. Again, gravity overcomes missile shields.

Add to the dimension of these Packs having additional JDAM type guidance, and it compounds the missile shield's problem as much as any laser, as one can not shoot lasers through terrain and at altitude, a laser bringing down a MERV, simply is not destroying any device, as metal is a reality, and combined with speed, increased by gravity, produces a lethal weapon by natural Newtonian forces.

Take out the defense with decoys, which are lethal, and then save the best toys for later effective use.

No one has mentioned this weapon design, so this is a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.......term it Inspired. Take one metal rod, introduce it to plutonium in a nuclear reactor, and produce "heavy metal bombs". The speed and weight produces force, so in the end one has nuclear detonation energy without the detonation for destruction, but the plutonium poison to make the weapon a lasting signature.
Yes Nosler partition, one can include an end cone of radioactivity which will plume, while the FMJ is the penetrator.

If you have not noticed this, in having a small mind, Inspiration has just revolutionized warfare, which is meteroic reach of every small mind.

That is what takes place when minds stuck in Manhattan Projects never come to the Sam Cohen / Ronald Reagan brainchild of nightmares no one but the mind of Lame Cherry has ever conceived.

I doubt I will get any Noble Prizes with million dollar checks for again revolutionizing warfare or patent royalties for giving the world what it deserves.

I think I will close this treatise in proving that even a great mind like Mr. Putin has a superior in keeping it simple sexy.