Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The ISIS Meltdown Bomb

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the 1980's, the liberals in America attempted to crucify Ronald Reagan over Iran Contra, which was a situation where Lt. Col. Oliver North working for Vice President George H.W. Bush, thought it would be a remarkable irony, if America sold missiles to Iranian communists, and then used the money to fund the Contra Latins battling the communists in Latin America.
Ronald Reagan knew nothing of this quid pro quo, but those who hated Ronald Reagan for being a Conservative made it a focal point to try and destroy His Presidency.

I will repeat this in HW. Bush, sold arms to Iran, and the money was used to fund Contras in Central America. That was the stated crime in violating US Law.

Now the Lame Cherry wills to revisit something of what was exclusively broken in September 2012, in what was Benghazigate, and what the Lame Cherry included all in, the name ANALGATE.

This was a reality where the Obama regime, using terrorists that George Soros convinced Libyan leader Col. Khadaffi to release from prison, started an Obama War, with full US special operations direction.
In September 2012, Obama for re election sent in Ambassador Chris Stevens, who was  a sodomite, to be kidnapped by imported Muslim terrorists from Afghanistan, who flew into Egypt and crossed the border into Libya.
These terrorists were to be shot in a rescue attempt, as a photo op for the Obama occupation of the White House in a re election. The terrorists instead murdered the Americans, and left Obama holding an empty bag.

Chris Stevens was there in Benghazi, attempting to have returned the massive Libyan weapon's cache, which the Obama regime had sent to Syria, to start that war there, because Bashir Assad, had been smashing the illegal narcotics trade in Syria and Lebanon.

In this, it was decided upon that al Qaeda could not ever be bribed or defeated, so the Obama regime decided to create a competitor group of terrorists called ISIS. This group had a foundation in Iraq, and was rapidly supplied by America with various weapons, allowed to overthrow northern Iraq, and was coddled and grown in being afforded massive Toyota truck fleet, it's own oil tank truck fleet, enough narcotics to create Islamic zombie, all with Turkey doing the financial and oil laundering, and Jordan doing oversight intelligence training.

For years, the Obama regime provided intelligence, weapons, cover and political leverage, in turning Syria into the biggest dope and oil smuggling ring for terrorists in Obama ISIS, while Bashir Assad was named as the focal point criminal.
I will note something here again. Bashir Assad was keeping Christians safe in Syria, and Bashir Assad was destroying the dope trade in Syria. He was not the criminal in this time line.

All of what the Lame Cherry has exposed has been breaking in stories, from weapons reports from the Libyan Gulf bound for Syria, to Vladimir Putin of Russia, literally stating now what has been posted here in the Obama regime has been giving terrorists cover for years, as in managing them from 1600 Penn Avenue.

We can observe this in the neutralization of Col. Khadaffi and Bashir Assad, eliminated a dam of humanity, in now Europe and America is being invaded by doped up terror zombie. Part of that 300 million in counterfeit credit card contributions to the Obama ACORN 2008 presidential campaign, which is a reality now was a down payment in producing Kosovo's all through Europe and America. Americans paid for this 300 million in Tarp payments, meaning Americans bailed out Obama terrorists in 2009, who paid in non existent money.

Now let us compare this to a shipment of Hawk missiles to Iran, and the money going to Contra fighters against communists. If you want to examine the Bush Clinton, Mena Arkansas cocaine shipping point, which had black operations buying Columbian cocaine, to which the cartel was then funding the Contras, and that produced a whithering fire of articles of the crimes of the Bush family.....and yet the Bush family never, overthrew numerous Muslim Nationalist nations, armed Muslim terrorists with entire arsenals, gave the terrorists oil fields and oil tankers, flew air cover support for them, as 400,000 Syrias were genocided and the entire Libyan leadership was mass murdered........nor did the Bush family import terrorists to produce mass murder in Paris or set up Muslim sanctuary terror cities in America.

Compared to ANALGATE, Iran Contra was small scale. A few missile shipments, and the funds were used to fight communists in Latin America, with coke purchased to get it off of US streets, and that money was dumped back into fighting communists. Not a great deal of saintliness in that story, but a bit different than the overthrow of nations, turning them over to Islamocommunists, and at least 3 national arsenals were turned over to ISIS by the Obama regime.
If you need a count, that would be:

1. Iraq
2. Libya
3. Syria

Literally what George H. W. Bush was dealing with, at least was a good cause to keep the Americas safe. It was small scale, and nothing like this massive scale of nations turned into dope production plantations, the weapons including WMD's handed over to Islacommunist terrorists, children sold and raped, women serial raped to be converted to Islam, and now the invasion of the West by these Obama communist zombie Islamic terrorists.

People throw these charges around a great deal in propaganda, but in reality, the Obama regime is thee most notorious criminal regime ever turned loose against the West. This is evil on a scale which is off the scale.

Iran Contra on this scale, compared to Analgate is a .2 compared to the 1000 of the Obamagate crimes. Every time a normal person takes a breath and thinks, "This can not get worse than Benghazi", the it is Obama ISIS using WMD's to give Obama cover to bomb Assad, then it is selling children as sex slaves, then it is mass rapes of women, then it is hordes of terror invaders, then it is the slaughter in Paris.
This Obama regime is anti social psychopathic and one now sees it as normal, that seriously, just as Sheik bin Laden used US airliners as bombs in western properties as weapons, this has to degrade to a point that in locations in the West, there is going to be a mob of the Obama zombie who are going to break into nuclear power plants, and send them into Fukushima nuclear meltdown. The Lame Cherry postulates that the Obama insanity, progresses to the reality that ISIS does not need a nuclear bomb, as ISIS will be given the plans and training to access a nuclear power plant, and cause a core meltdown with a massive steam eruption burst, spreading mushroom clouds over the West.

Inquiry points to a 6 in 10 chance this will take place. The targets pointing to 6 sites in America and 1 in France at this date.

Nuff said