Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Trump Wins Again


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Drudge Report has it correct in public voting, and it matches what the Lame Cherry stated in across America, it is a Trump Cruz polling factor.

Marco Rubio seemed like a girl embarrassed by her first orgasm from the last time and was once again looking like the Cuban Cabana Boy with an erection by the pool.

Carly Fiorina, can not win ugly nor attractive. She needs to go do something like  biting off children's heads again in her spare time.

Rand Paul, when he impersonates Ron Paul, his ratings overcome his burr head hairdo.

John Kasich is  like getting hit in the face with a rock.

Jeb Bush looked like he had 24 volt battery in his 6 vote system and it still was not appealing watching low energy on uppers.

Ben Carson.....proof positive the Lame Cherry is right about fixed polling, as no one wants this fictional mind.

So these stupid debates are over. Donald Trump has pulled away even stronger. The coat tail GOP has proven they each can have their media moment in the Trump Light. It was Jeb at the 25%, then it was Fiorina at her upskirt with Megyn Kelly coming from the netherland of Bobby Jindahl, then it was Dr. Ben Crazy, then it was Mark Ruby, and now it is settling back to Ted Cruz, Mr. absorb America into Canada and Mexico.

I have not inquired what the odds are on enough pressure put on Obama justice in that skirt to file charges on Hillary. Biden and Gore are both the creepy old men looking to flash the crowd if Hillary gets taken out.

Even if Cruz, Paul or Rubio could garner all the votes from the bottom 11%, they still would not beat Donald Trump.
It is that margin of Rand Paul which comes into play as the only fluid voting block.

My position is to bring this to a point in affording Donald Trump the opportunity to pick a VP not from this bunch of frauds. I stated from the start of this that Governor Martinez of New Mexico, who is strong on crime and tax cuts, would be  good choice. Not stating the only choice, as Jeff Sessions would cement the South and Conservatives as TL stated to me.

Mr. Trump's main concern I believe is picking a Chief of Staff who can shepherd his necessary roll back of Obama everything. I would prefer a nasty bastard like Rahm Emanuel, but he never could quit playing politics as a game. He was the right voice for Obama, but that regime would not follow suit.

For that reason, I would choose Tom Delay as White House Chief of Staff to deal with Congress. That is the most vital post after the fluff of VP in who can liaison with Congress.

Total Votes: 147,929