Friday, November 6, 2015

More Propaganda on the non bomb of the Russian Airbus Flight


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is fascinating to watch the propaganda pushing a bomb which blew up the Russian Airbus, in satellite play by plume and now CNN, but if you read exactly what the Europeans stated, they did not say it was a bomb.

The important points are in bold.

Everything is fine during the first 24 minutes, then in a fraction of a second there is a blackout and no more cockpit conversation, convincing investigators there was a bomb on board, according to France 2.
CNN Aviation Analyst Richard Quest said there would have been different data on the black boxes if there was a catastrophic failure than if there was an explosion. The key is what happened just before the data suddenly stops, he said.
"It's this split second, and it's a millisecond, where you hear an explosion of some description," he said. "And you see all the parameters (on the recorders) go haywire before the power is completely lost. If this report is accurate, (investigators) have now analyzed that ... heard it and they can identify it."

I hope you caught that in there is NO SOUND and then there is in a faction of a millionth of second an explosion of some description. As no human can hear something that quick, it means there was nothing there.

The above description fits exactly what the Lame Cherry stated from Day One in inquiry. This jet was brought down by structural failure, in the left wing ripped off. At 500 mph, the airliner would have been shredded, and "hearing an explosion" would just as easily been high speed wind, before everything was in fragments, and the jet fuel ignited for a plume.

Think of the Challenger space shuttle for like type stress fracture and a fuel ignite. No bombs, just high speed and stress tearing apart a craft.

It fascinates me in this how much the Mockingbird push is in this, in another Airbus disaster, now being blamed on outside forces, instead of the reality of Airbus jets have been having major problems.

I leave it at that.