Friday, November 6, 2015

Note to Rush Limbaugh over Carson Castration Defense


Yes easy grain storage passages.......NOT!!!

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As a head's up warning to Rush Limbaugh in his spirited Big Koch defense of Dr. Ben Carson today over the admission that Carson made up his West Point scholarship story..............

Perhaps plagiarist Limbaugh might back off a little as Ben Carson has reached kook zone, in the British Press is reporting that Ben Carson says that the pyramids of Egypt were built by Joseph to store grain in.

There is a little problem in this in the following points:

  • The pyramids are not hollow
  • The pyramids had people buried in them
  • The pyramids took more than 7 years to build as that was the time period of Joseph's dream
Other than that, it probably would make perfect sense to a college educated doctorate, who uses sharp objects cutting into children's brains. Sort of like the moon is made of green cheese, Africa is where human civilization was born and global warming.

We have now reached the embarrassing phase of Ben Carson, not in politics, but for Christians in his 7th Day Adventist cult weirdism has gone from eye rolling silence to recoiling from what kind of not dealing with reality, Ben Carson is.

This is beginning to defy the ability to comment, as like Jeb Bush, Ben Carson is making people feel that one is critiquing an old person suffering from dementia.

Each pyramid required a decade to build. The great pyramid is estimated at 20 years, and that would mean 342 stones had to be moved daily.

Perhaps Ben Carson is like Louis Farrakhan in inventive math or will soon reveal stories about motherships and things like that. People have donated millions of dollars to this odd man and it has been a waste, as he sounds like someone who belongs in the democratic party, not the GOP.

Herman Cain needs to quietly remove this embarrassment, to a situation where he campaigns for the GOP for black voters, who believe Obama is an American and Maxine Waters, that a new breed of giant sharks evolved feeding off all the dead slaves thrown off of ships.

I am assuming that Rush Limbaugh wants his great defense of Ben Carson on Friday back and that people will forget about it over the weekend.

No sympathy Limbaugh as you owe me 15 million in royalties you plagiarist.

PS: One more thing, Ben Carson is now promoting transgender bathrooms. Bathrooms for perverts is sure to appeal to evangelicals who are apparently not paying attention to the continuous weird which is Ben Carson.