Friday, November 6, 2015

The HW Last Gasp


As another lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In another memoir of George H. W. Bush, the father of Jeb, goes particularly backstabber to both sons, in first calling George W. a puppet of Vice President Dick Cheney and Sec. of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

HW's words were specific in calling Cheney an "iron ass" and Rumsfeld and "arrogant fellow".

Specifically HW, called his son George a media whore seeking attention in the following quote:

Bush had some criticism for his son as well, disapproving of his firebrand attitude and incendiary rhetoric which were of no avail, except ‘getting headlines.’

Now understand that Jeb Bush is still running for President dismally, and HW in trashing George W, in the same way Jeb did, simply reminds voters of Bush men being wimps, as according to HW, it was the muscle of Cheney and Rumsfeld which pinned W in his pink frilly dress to do their bidding.

Cheney was quite pleased in being called a hard ass, while Rumsfeld retorted that Bush41 was senile.

HW had no unkind words for Colin Powell and Dick Armitage who ran a coup to get Bush43 impeached with Dick Cheney, which one now wonders if it was all HW, who had this Nixonian plot, in he would impeach Cheney, install Colin Powell, impeach son George, install Colin Powell as President and then install Jeb as Vice President all in the CIA Plamegate operation.

I find myself longing for the good olde days, when Presidents like Lyndon Johnson retired from office and did the honorable thing. The ex Presidents of honor like Eisenhower and Truman just shut up and rocked in a chair as is what Presidents were supposed to do.
It is rare that a Richard Nixon appears to make a real contribution, and now most are Jimmy Carter types causing problems.

It makes one ponder the merits of regicide as was practiced by the old rulers.

There is just a gasp which exhales in all of this in how absolutely rancid can a father be to his son, or to America, in George W. Bush, who throws his shoe at Donald Trump when Mr Trump appears on television, to tell the world that son George was a marionette and that the terrorists, Obama and liberals were all right in Cheney and Rumsfeld were monsters. The very Patriots who kept America alive as Bush41's Brent Scowcroft posted an editorial about not going into Iraq.

In Decision Points, George W. Bush, often speaks of his father HW, not saying anything and being proud of W. We now know that it was HW who was behind all of the clandestine sabotage of the Bush41 Presidency by proxies and that HW never was proud of his son.
That must be a crushing blow for George W. Bush.

This is the response from President George W. Bush to his "eats his own young father".

"I made the decisions. This was my philosophy."
"It is true that my rhetoric could get pretty strong and that may have bothered some people - obviously it did, including dad, though he never mentioned it."

Never mentioned it, but was plotting and still is plotting, apparently trying to tell America that Obama Jeb is the person to vote for, as Reagan George was all in need of Bush liberalism.

What an absolute prick, George H. W. Bush is, to stab his Presidential son in the back, after stewing on things for a decade, and showing no appreciation that George W. Bush had to spend his entire presidency trying to undo all the fuck ups that HW left the world with in Saddam Hussein, terrorists, weak economies, high taxes and Russia with China being built to superpower status.
If you need to be reminded, it was HW Bush who planted the seed of the nuclear threat that is now China, and looted Russia of resources, which led to the era of Putinism.

If I was George W. Bush, I would announce after the treatment of George sr and Jeb, that my last name was Reagan, and that I would be voting for Donald Trump.

I pity George W. Bush in having treacherous father like this.


 Berliner Boys

George H. W. Bush willing to destroy his one accomplished son, to try and save his favorite son, Jeb Bush.