Saturday, November 28, 2015

Robert Lewis Dear Hooked On Obama Speed Weed

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The reality of .......let us just get the inquiry stuff  out of the way on this Planned Butcherhood associate of Robert Lewis Dear.

Mr. Dear, or would  that be Dear Dear, if you were writing a letter. What do you think this is, an etiquette class?

So RL Dear, appears to be a smoker of marijuana. Why he appeared in Colorado from North Carolina. I wonder if he would like to sell his property with old stick cross on the cabin cheap?
Then again he had nosy damn neighbors calling the cops on his ratty ass pooch, surmising he was beating it, when in reality a dope head on the Obama choom is kind of laid back on life.

Thing is Robert Lewis Dear, if this inquiry is pointing correctly, was given a dose of laced weed. That would be something the Obama regime has been up to on Colorado as public dope is cutting into the price on monopoly dope of Obama's cronies.
That is what triggered RL Dear to go shoot up Planned Butcherhood. They plan these things in a certain percentage given a zombie drug are just going to go off and do things, so Obama can whine about Planned Butcherhood dead, and laugh about Russian Soldiers which image Obama had slaughtered by Turks.

What this is though is more about how wrong Robert Lewis Dear was as a teaching lesson. Unless you want to empower yourself, you remain calm and do not shoot guns off.
First priority is never shoot cops, as cops get testy about stuff like that, and the police state is our friend, so do not go poking holes in them.

A real hypothetical operation, as in an American uprising against they despots would have been more serene. In military sniper doctrine, the sniper shoots the last man in column, as people not seeing others getting shot, just walk along and await to get shot too.

It is all a numbers game. Like an aborticidist is a singular profit commodity. You always have the nutty administrators making huge cash cows, and little nurses running around looking to butcher children, because they are phobic about having them, but you remember in the olde days, that the people like RL Dear used to follow them home.
It is all a KGB thing really. See if you want to send a message you dose some Russian in London with Polonium 210. If you want to not send a message, you do an Obama European thing and snuff Andrew Breitbart on the street with a "heart attack".

I forget the number now in how many serial murderers are roaming America, it is in the hundreds. People do not notice them, because these people are doing it quiet. They do not set off alarms. They appear like the Obama's next door, gain an interaction of some fond chemical in a beverage to share, and people just disappear, as no one notices people hauled away in cardboard boxes  or left in bed as a fire burns down the domicile.

That is what the regime counts on, in people feel disempowered now. So guns sounding loud, seem like power. A seemingly more effective measure as published by the experts is a mixture of chemicals and the flames to leave scorched earth in facilities.

Take for example, a French Revolution. The Revolutionary Citizen, formed a mob, hung the culprit on a lamp post and in most cases looted and then burned down the property for the culprit. Barring a revolution, things like this are tailored to the era. Samuel Adams was not into ending life in 1775, so the boys tarred and feathered the English. At other times in American history, others found ropes to hang uppity Niggers as the sure method.
All through the modern era though, the study of information shows that the serial murderer, made no notice of themselves in simply targeting their intended victim, and the victim simply disappeared.

Most people though do not have it in them to be Revolutionaries, or these stalking vigilantes as dead people seem to burden their consciences.

In a correct method on CIA  protocols, an agent or operative, finds two exit routes, and plans for a diversion, in case things go wrong, as they always do go wrong. That is what was wrong with the doped up Robert Lewis Dear, from Obama Inc Dope Monopoly, in he was triggered, did not plan a way out, but was triggered to be shot by the police, or in his mind to await capture to be punished for what he did not intend to do.

This image Obama reminds me of Jack in the Box, out he pops at shootings, but when it is the image murdering Russians or Syrians, then it is Obama the quiet time.
Must be hard for image Obama, to have Francois Hollande of France throw image Obama over, for the manly Vladimir Putin.......after all the image did allow the Frenchman to talk at the press conference, and did call him "Francois".
Vladimir Putin probably called him Frank, told him to sit down and shut up, and did all the talking.

I digress.

The study of Robert Lewis Dear is fascinating, in the monopoly dope lords now lacing for the Obama regime, weed with speed, in order to trigger more of these events......yes events appearing a great deal in dope lenient states.

It is not Mr. Dear's fault in being doped up on Obama speed, because he would have instead probably volunteered at Planned Butcherhood for months, learned who was there, started following them home, picked them off in quiet  time, and I suppose if we had some Get Smart routine by Mel Brookes, RL would have found a cadaver, lit up the facility, put his credentials on the know like all these terrorists from 9 11 and Paris burning drop their identifications........and simply vamoosed the area.
Granted RL, probably would have been intelligent to pick up a false ID from birth records, and become that person, but that is a great deal more patience than most people have. That is the kind of stuff the regimes of this world do, to murder little girls on California comment from image Obama on that either.

Oh and for those who doubt this Obama dope was laced..........

Before all of this took place, Mockingbird had on Drudge and other featured stories about how marajuana use was frying people's brains.

Yes this was again a multi level operation which left tracks if you were aware enough in what to look for.

Time for me to eat my Cheetos, worship image Obama, dream of Hillary for el presidente and thank the messiah that we have a police state......wonder why Jesse Jackson and them Afroids in Chicago were marching yesterday, as that is their Rahm and Jesse was bawling in joy over Obama in 2009.......they voted for all of this.
Probably they were out of Cheetos like the 95 million other Americans, devoid now of Oreos too.

Did I mention that minty Oreos make me ill? Was the Canuck ones. Can never trust Oreos from Canada. Make mine in Mexico any day, as no one ever dusts off Mexicans like at Planned Butcherhood.....well other Mexicans do, but that is with Obama weapons, so none of that matters.

OK so in review, inquiry points to, a doper from North Carolina......who not being reported politically, is probably a democrat Obama voter, appeared in Colorado for dope, got some Obama speed weed, and went off in a place he felt most comforted by in Planned Butcherhood, and waited to be captured, so he did not have to be alone any longer.
If only Muchelle Obama had gone to visit RL Dear, gave him a cuddle and watched a few episodes of Bill Cosby with him..........