Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Communion of Love

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God placed in my reading path, books which are of His purpose, and I often enough share them here, as teaching instruments. I mentioned the condensation of the works of Pope John Paul II in Go in Peace here recently, and I view this book as a look at the inner workings of the Catholic Faithful. The apostasy of the Vatican is great and I trust the Lord Christ to Judge Righteously, for the sins of having billions of dollars when the poor are so many in the Catholic world, to the idolotry, to the diverting of the Faithful in demanding a clergy "go between" are reality that John Paul did not rectify, but if he truly believed Jesus was His Lord and Savior, then Christ will Judge Rightly, that I am certain.

The clergy of this world have a great sin. I have mentioned the thuggery of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod whose pastor here, informed us, that he could not be our pastor, unless he gave us communion.

Not anywhere in the Bible nor in Martin Luther's writings does it state anything like this. This pastor published in a column also a phrase refuted here concerning, "bloody righteousness and eating forgiveness" all associated with Communion. That has troubled me in Spirit for some time, in being the target of this satanic assault and it grieves me the ignorant people who were exposed to this dogma which has absolutely no basis in Scripture.

That is where John Paul II comes into the examination again, as he wrote a chapter on the Eucharist (Communion) and the Mass on Sunday, which left out the details of Covenant, why Christ constructed the Last Supper as He did on Biblical Law, which would appeal to the Martha's of this world in the imperical evidence of the reason for Communion, but what John Paul II, instead chose was a Mary teaching of the intimacy of Communion, all focused upon love, caring for others and that all of us are not alone, but all one family in Christ.

Compare that to bloody righteous and eating forgiveness, which is a most troubling verbiage of carnal actions, to the Spiritual hug and holding of Jesus Christ adopting you as His, and caring about you as no one else ever could, and all of us in one Spiritual family in that same caring love.

I will post the John Paul II quotes to provide the feel of this blessed teaching, which is what Christianity is supposed to be, as I had never heard this from anyone before in Communion being the ultimate act of love.

"The Eucharist is the source of the Christian life because whoever shares in it receives the motivation and strength to live as a true Christian. Christ's sacrifice on the Cross imparts to the believer the dynamism of His generous love; the Eucharistic banquet nourishes the faithful with the Body and Blood of the divine Lamb sacrificed for the them, and it gives them the strength to follow in His footsteps."

It is nothing to do with our actions. We do not get bloody to get righteousness. We do not take bread and wine to be forgiven. It is Christ's action, first and last, whose Blood is the Offering poured out as the Life of the Body was laid down for our lives. Christ died so we will live. It is all about Christ not us. Christ calls in love. Christ chooses in love. If we believe in Christ's actions. If we have Faith in Christ's promise, then we are saved by Christ's Love.

"When celebrating the Body and Blood of the Lord, the full magnitude of the divine mystery must be respected - as must the full meaning of this sacramental sign in which Christ is really present and is received, the soul is filled with grace, and the pledge of the future glory is given.
The Kingdom of God becomes present in the celebration of the sacrament of the Eucharist, which is the Lord's Sacrifice. In this celebration, the fruits of the earth and the work of human hands - the bread and the wine - are transformed mysteriously, but really and substantially, through the power of the Holy Spirit and the words of the minister, into the Body and Blood of the Lord Christ, the Son of God and Son of Mary, through whom the Kingdom of the Father has been made present in our midst."

That is what the Communion of Saints is, and it is all on the Grace of the Lord Jesus the Christ. It is the power of the Spirit of God, of the extension of Immanuel, or God with Us, to not just in Baptism of being washed and regenerated to Life, in God in Us, to the Holy Ghost making all of us one, in we are in God.
God with Us, God in Us and We are in God.

That is what struck me most poignantly of John Paul II compared to this LCMS writer focusing on bloody righteousness and eating forgiveness which is not in the Bible nor Christ's teachings, in that John Paul's constant them is one of love, charity, caring and the unity of our Spiritual family in Christ in His sacrifice.

Communion is Grace. From the Grace of God to Noah in global Judgment in Genesis 6:8, to all of us justified by Grace through the redemption of Christ as St. Paul wrote in Romans 3:24.

But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.

Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus:

Communion is not about blood splatter righteousness nor about devouring forgiveness, Communion is about remembering the perpetual Offering of Christ to adopt us to the Father and Christ nourishing us Spiritually by God's Holy Spirit.

"The Eucharist is the center and summit of the whole sacramental life, through which each Christian receives the saving power of the Redemption, beginning with the mystery of Baptism, in which we are buried into th death of Christ in order to be sharers in His Resurrection."

Baptism is about being cleansed from the human form to be regenerated to the Spiritual child of God. Communion is about the birth of that child in Christ's Resurrection having their soul sown with the Spirit of God to grow in that Light in eternal Life.

If it were not for the intrigue and sin of the Vatican, on the writings of John Paul II, I would contemplate being a Catholic, but the reality is John Paul II was writing of the True Church or Congregation of Christ and not the religions which keep people from God, and attempt to find ways to retard each life in Christ. He was a rare teacher, and nothing of the Catholic priest who at a funeral was glossy eyed and glowing speaking about the "power of the Vatican state" as his god.

Judgment is the court of the sinner, and blood is the payment for that sinner. For the Saint freed by that blood, it is a forever pardon for the repentant, and that responsible Liberty is one of Grace of something you can do nothing for, as it is God's act of Love.