Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Mutton Chop West


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

From the contention I have observed in image Obama defining all you children and brats as Crusaders and all you fine youngsters bleating like so much French mutton, that all of you require being hauled out your brain abyss again, as you seem to have a passion of falling into it every step.

So why import these very accomplished refugees? Accomplished at rape, robbery. terrorism and turning Frenchmen into mutton.

Let us examine this in what the cartel has accomplished:

In England, the cartel imported Pakistani Muslims.

In Germany, the cartel imported Turkish Muslims.

In France, the cartel imported Algerian Muslims.

In America, the cartel had Afroids, then imported Mexicans.

You see you know all of these things, but you do not look at this as you should.

Let us examine this a bit. All that importing got these peoples a train bomb in England, nothing in Germany, a fire in France, and near as I can assess the situation, it got a few Afroids like Treyvon Martin attacking neighborhood patrols with Skittles and dead, and some white girl shot on a California dock with a gun obtained from an Obama regime employee.
I could include some violated vaginas in Norway and America, but rape is only an implement of psychological warfare to break a vanquished people, and in unvanquished peoples, it only stirs them to resistance.

Now comes the question, is a Pakistani Queen of England, a Turk head of Germany, an African head of France,  Chinaman head of Ottawa, or an Afroid or Beaner in the White House? No, no, no, no and no.

Not much success in those imports was there? Just putting a dozen 3rd world mouths to ever tit, but not giving putting in the grave any armed right wingers eh?

See tit suckers, just do not distract a people, as babies suck tits and these imports were all baby invaders.

About somewhere in the above, you have come to the Lame Cherry way of figuring things out. You now have it figured that tit suckers have been replaced by Muslims from Obama enterprises in Libya and Syria, who like sticking more into white people than their raping erections, like steel core, copper plated bullets.
Both tend to violate the flesh, and neither are welcome, but the latter is more effective than the former.

So now you know, that the Obama flesh peddler for the cartel is giving them English, Germans, French, Canadians and Yanks, something to play with other than their dicks in masturbating to internet porn.

See you forgot all this, how the rumor was about an American civil war being the programme, but those worthless Nigs and Beaners just were too busy fucking, rather than starting any race war. So, the way the cartel processing things mentally, is that their ideas are all good, but the programme just needs to be a good dose more of the same. You hear this mantra from Obama and the followers when things do not go draconian enough for them, as they just need more of the same, and they heard that from the cartel masters that they are bending at the waist for.

So not it makes a bit more sense. You have a minority of the feudal few wanting immortality and wanting to rule the world, but it has 7 billion competitors who have lusts of power of their own, so you give the natives some new toy to occupy them called "terrorists" who are bright enough not to attack the natives with Skittles or their fully loaded testicles of sperm.

That should make sense now, that your brain is working proper, being fed the correct information. You should be thanking that image Obama, providing you all with hundreds of thousands of new play toys. You  got all those expensive guns and ammo which for some reason you like petting, but hide them away in vaults and never bring them out to the fictional theater, all of you brave souls are claiming they are for.
Here you all are, invaded and invited, and none of you is native enough to join the party. They have robbed your purse, raped your women and made you state criminals, and you keep waiting around talking not the terrorists to death, but yourselves.

Odd thing in a world full of bullets, that only the terrorists are doing the shooting. Odd thing in Europe must be devoid or rope as much as America as not one of these traitors has been introduced to the hemp solution. In 1776, Sam Adams had a fondness for tar and feather for the feudal elite, but all that has vanished for politicians like hemp rope and guns that do not fire.

The peoples of the West have proven one thing in all of this, they are the feeders the cartel mocks them as, and that is why the cartel does not fear you any more than sheep, and is looking to make every one of you into French mutton.

I wondered in the summer of 2015 if the Lame Cherry was writer like Thomas Paine without a revolution. I discovered time and again, that unlike Nathan Hale professing patriotism, that instead I was hearing a confession from you in, "I do not regret Lame Cherry laying down her life for my country".