Sunday, November 1, 2015

This is the George W. Bush who was and the Barack H. Obama who is


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not believe in prefaces any longer, as those who are biased flat worlders are already prejudiced to the Truth and making excuses for your judgments, only wastes time of the one person who cares, and that is me.

For the man that the Supreme Court made President, it is disconcerting to read in President George W. Bush's memoir, Decision Points, how intellectually disconnected he was from the facts. I do not make this conclusion based on idiotic leftist charges which smear George W. Bush as stupid, for the man is not stupid. A more correct assessment is, he is just an intellectual like all intellectuals who think they have a broader degree of understanding than the rest of the primates.

When Justice Sandra Day O'Connor left the Supreme Court to care for her husband dying of Alzheimers, Bush43 had the opportunity of a the Presidency to change the world for good. Mr. Bush repeats often enough that he always could read people and get a feel for who they really were. That is where he based all of his judgments upon in people he chose, and if one reviews his Presidency, his economic team was a disaster that had be be replaced, and his foreign policy team was a disaster and he had to replace that too.

George W. Bush's reading of people was an utter failure.

The lists of Judges whom George W. Bush was given to choose from in replacing Justice O'Connor was Samuel Alito, Edith Brown Clement, Michael  Luttig, John Roberts and J. Harvie Wilkinson.

Vice President Dick Cheney came down in favor of Michael Luttig as the solid choice, who clerked for Justice Scalia and would have the same caustic attitude on the Court in lecturing the imbeciles on it.

George W. Bush though in his moment in history, chose John Roberts. It is interesting that in his Memoirs, Bush43 makes note of Dwight Eisenhower stating that his two worst mistakes were on the Supreme Court. To this Mr. Bush was assured that John Roberts was above reproach. On page 91 of Decision Point, Mr. Bush had this quote:

"His command of the law was obvious, as was his character."

The copyright on Decision Points as 2010 AD in the year of our Lord. It makes one wonder how clairvoyant, George W. Bush is, as just 5 years later, Chief Justice John Roberts would be the ruling factor of overthrowing American sovereignty in Obama's rationed death of Obamacare, and would shepherd through the Justice Anthony Kennedy's overthrow of America by the Obama regime in painting the White House a rainbow of sodom abomination across America.

John Roberts command of the law was obvious as was his character? John Roberts is a traitor to America and the Constitution, in writing law from the bench on Obamacare, and overseeing the absolute destruction of America by Anthony Kennedy in sodomy rights.

One must examine George W. Bush in the clear vision of his own words. Words of upon meeting Dick Cheney, for the job of Vice President, Mr. Bush was informed that Dick's daughter was a sodomite, and that George assured him that he did not have a problem with her sexual orientation.
I will state something matter of fact in when God has a problem with sexual deviants, the Lame Cherry has the same problem, and someone like George W. Bush blurting out in a debate that he always asked, "What would Jesus do?". I can assure all that Jesus rained Fire and Brimstone on Sodom, and did not make the father of a sodomite a Vice President in not pointing that sin out.

I have always appreciated Richard Cheney, but he is the same defect that all parents have, and it is why high profile children of powerful people are often selected to be initiated into deviant death styles to bring their parents around to policy of the cartel, and yes Dick Cheney as soon as he was out of office, was backing sodomites in the military, due to his daughter, and just like Anthony Kennedy is pro sodomite, because a family member is this abomination, just like John Roberts family has sodomites in it.

That is the point in this process which George W. Bush never had cross his intellectual mind. For his administration has now become a disaster to America, worse than David Souter who George H. W. Bush appointed.

It does not end there either, for in Decision Points, a young George was asked to give his mother a ride to the hospital when she had a miscarriage, and he saw the young child, who he knew was a human, it so impressed him, was alive. As in, this was an issue of being pro life.

Yet when Chief Justice Rehnquist died, the first choice that George W. Bush put forward was Harriet Miers, a liberal who was pro aborticide. I was part of this struggle against her, and it was in this period that Focus on the Family, James Dobson came out favoring this baby butcher too. There was so much upheaval over this choice, that Miers was rightly removed after 3 weeks of this fight, and at that point, Bush43 picked Samuel Alito, who was the right choice from the beginning in all of this.

Think about this for a very long moment, in George W. Bush, picked a sodomite Obamite in John Roberts as his first choice, as George Bush knew character and could read people, and his second choice for the court was a baby butcher.
John Roberts has ruined America, and this is George W. Bush's responsibility, but then again, this is a "christian" who has no problem with sexual orientation nor apparently baby butchering in his judge nominees.

Those are the facts of the George W. Bush legacy and the reality of who this man is. For some reason, the literal George W. Bush has never been exposed, as the left has smeared him to a visage of what he is not, and the right has believed a fiction of a "conservative" he never was.

Before the issue of having to deal with Jeb Bush in a presidential run, I honestly had supported George W. Bush and I liked the man. The problem is, the more I read of this character, the more I dislike him, and begin to see that without tax cuts, he honestly was just a social democrat in the same failings of this father and grandfather.

Respect is something which is earned, and from George W. Bush's own words, I do not respect this man any more. He made disastrous choices. He kept President Bill Clinton's CIA Chief, in Tenet on board, and Tenet never spoke to President Bush about terrorists flying planes into towers or tore down the Jamie Gorelick walls of separation the Clinton tenure set up, to hide their crimes.
Colin Powell and Richard Armitage were running an internal coup against Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld, so Powell could be Vice President, and George W. Bush just allowed it all to happen to the demise of Scooter Libby in Plamegate.

George W. Bush was dealt a bad hand. In the economy was the Clinton Recession which 9 11 attempted to turn into a Global Depression. The 9 11 retaliation turned into a global war on terror for American hegemony which Sam Cohen could have cured with a dozen neutron bombs over Afghanistan for a few million dollars.
That bad hand though was compounded by the incorrect decisions of President Bush, and the absolute ridiculous failings of his "ability to read people".

His stars, Colin Powell and Condi Rice.......Obama voters. John Roberts, has implemented all the crimes of Barack Hussein Obama in not reviewing his forged birth abstract, writing law for Obamacare and sodomizing America.

George W. Bush has stated that his trust is in the future generations to write his epitaph for his administration. The problem in this now is, that George W. Bush's decisions have enabled the Barack Hussein Obama aborting of America, in which Americans will cease to exist in another generation, as Americans will be replaced by the current crop of Obama invaders.

The Lame Cherry rights this.......yes I mean rights and not "writes",  this as a raw nerve has been hit. I do not believe ever in one word or one phrase condemnations which appeal to the mob to smear or promote people. I base all assessment on facts and meet a judgment based on those facts. George W. Bush is not stupid. He is instead an arrogant intellectual, who honestly deems his choices as "well thought out on his gut feeling" which is not any way to govern any nation or deal with the world.

This is the George W. Bush that was who created the foundation of Barack H. Obama, the destroyer of America and the world.

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