Thursday, November 19, 2015

Willing to Learn

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was listening amused the other night to Jeff Rense and Uncle Gordy playing "name that gun action" as they were clicking Smith and Wesson revolvers. I was going to mention this that the Jeff Rense fringe media is going to be crucial if Donald Trump acquires a margin which the cartel can not flip enough e vote fraud, because those people per voter are worth 10,000 other mutton on the plate. They are active and capable. Jeff Rense should be commended for his herding this flock in not being stampeded himself as he has caught hell from them in stating that Donald Trump is the only way out of this situation.

Each day on this blog is balance of wandering through a mine field, coated with biochemicals and snipers, in the blind faith that I do not trip the wire to end me. That Zuckerberg fringe is a little terror cell in this world and it is something to wonder in an artificial intelligence being birthed by the brain of that zucktard.

Many times I would just like to sit and type here to really teach you how to do things, but mentioning things like that, even in an age when the cartel really would appreciate the mob going in revolt, is a point of an image Obama reality, that the image is threatening to come after guns, which means more opportunities for the regime to trigger more triggermen to assist this.
People should get the impression though that B H Obama is past tense. The world has passed him by and is looking for new toys to cuddle with.

I have always counseled all of you, that these terrorists are not real. I do not mean that terrorists do not engage in things like food poisoning, but if they were real, they would be shutting things down, instead of keeping things up and running. As long as profits are made, that means the profiteers are running the terrorists.

I really need to regenerate. That would solve a number of problems. That requires security, peace and no distractions. God must have a purpose in this training though, but if I could regenerate I believe with God's Grace I could do a few least more than having changed the time line.

I believe that drinking a Hamm's beer is an effective act against the regime. I also believe that enjoying life is a good resistance, no matter on a mountain or a place where Viking's play.

Baby Daisy and Baby Belle bring me daily gifts. They are called burdock burrs. They get under my skin and last night I dug out one that was the most lovely puss surrounded foreign object. I believe all things in the body will fester itself out. America is learning to revolt in a routine now. Donald Trump is no longer extreme nor being attacked ruthlessly in the right and left. It takes time to get dead mules herded off the cliff one is sending them.

Look at what we have begun though in the Lord. The Lame Cherry told the world the game plan of Bush Clinton 2016, and then I was moved to bugger it up. Just a few months ago Bush was deemed unstoppable, and now he does not appear in polls. Each little light in your mind, joined together becomes a torch, and you are accomplishing by God's magnitude far more than things which would get you far too much attention.

I am grateful to the few people who have helped and been steadfast. I think I would have rolled up shop here if not for that, as this is too expensive for the pay.

I saw online that someone was building dousing rods, with wooden bead handles, so the copper rods would move freely. Is interesting when one activates the Holy Ghost in using them, in what one can find. I never could make them talk, but my beloved Uncle could. All sorts of things to get into trouble with if you do not know what you are doing or all sorts of things to bugger up things in directing ley line pulse.
I wonder if they have wooden beads here.

I should find the bed, but it does honestly joy me to know  people are enjoying things from the land of sky blue waters.

Quiet calm voice. Do not want to awaken the caldera that set to awaken on its own.