Sunday, November 1, 2015

When the Bush Boys are Assassinating each Other


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is pleased that Maureen Dowd has finally caught up to this blog to stick her knife into the Bush Brother Corpse Entre, as confirmation of what the Lame Cherry has been stating all along about this Jeb and George Rivalry.
It all centers on the reality that Jeb was the prince to the throne, and drunken George straightened up and did it the Reagan way, and eked out two installations to the Oval Office, which has been a burr up Jeb Bush's ass for decades.

This is deep, in really deep in the angst these people have for each other that is finally coming boiling out. There was the hell of a slight on election night when George W. Bush won, but the old man George H. W. was more focused on his chosen son, Jeb, in having lost the governorship of Florida.

That is a hell of a thing for a first born son to have slapped in his face. He straightens up. He wins, and the old man is only worried about golden boy Jeb falling down on his crown.

There were signs in this, as this blog reported at a Denver fundraiser, in which George W. told the rich donors, after tickets were put on sale to fill the seats, that he might be back for Marco Rubio in backing him. That is not the kind of message you ever speak to donors that your brother is a fuck up who you do not think can win the GOP nomination or steal it.

This Dowd comment cements it though, because as Jeb Bush just came off reeling from pansy slapping Marco Rubio at the 3rd Trump debate, and where Rubio cut off Jeb's nuts and nailed the to the podium, as he created a nice wallet from the scrotum skin to house his new billionaire donor cash wad, George W. Bush was at Georgetown in a private gathering and as Jeb was having an emotional breakdown, Bush41 was having the time of his life.

W. headlined a fund-raiser at a Georgetown home Thursday night. When he came out, a TMZ camera captured him jovially signing autographs for people waiting on the street and calling out as he drove away, “Don’t put that on eBay.”
On Friday morning, the chatterers were comparing the stiff Jeb to the loosey-goosey W., gushing with the mistaken clich√© that W. is comfortable in his own skin. It was the ultimate vindication for W. His parents had been wrong all along. Jeb wasn’t the Natural on the trail. He was.

Yes there is nothing sweeter than having a little brother fuck you over, in saying you are wrong about Iraq, pissing on your Karl Rove right wing election policy for getting votes for the White House, for a liberal, Mexican and fag coalition instead, only to have Jeb come crawling back begging you to raise cash for him.

And as little brother's campaign implodes, Jeb gets taken down by a darkie in Rubio, as the press which has been crucifying George W. Bush forever, finally has concluded, "You know George was the real politician and Jeb was the chimp".

Sort of makes a smile on your face as you sign autographs from groupies and driving off with a laugh about not selling George's signature for a cash......something Jebpetto can not raise.

Dowd gets in her digs in the Fall of the House of Bush in a clever line of George's Presidency was a muscle bound in a direct hit on Bush wimpism, meaning Jeb Bush is the wimpiest of them all, as Little Red Riding Dowd has tested all the Bush pourage, Bush chairs and Bush beds.

No one can deny that after what Jeb Bush did to his brother George in backstabbing him, that Jeb deserves every ounce of this payback from the older brother. The sins of the Bush family go back generations in their assisting in destroying President Richard Nixon (you did not know that HW was being pushed to be Nixon's Vice President now did you to install him early in a coup?), to  their trashing of Ronald Reagan in the infamous kinder and gentler America, (as Nancy Reagan rightly took it as slap at the Reagan Presidency), to the removal of all Conservatives starting with George Allen of Virginia as a contender against Jeb 2016 and the sabotage of McCain and Romney, along with the helping to install Obama.......that there are allot of political ghosts out there and live ones looking for their pounds of flesh, and Jeb is little predator who wandered out of the lions den with aging HW and W not able to take on the hyenas and jackals, so Jeb is being eaten alive.

Jeb Bush betrayed Americans. Jeb Bush when things were lowest, told the right to be like Obama. Jeb Bush is a traitor in being Obama White. What Jeb Bush is receiving for the sins of the Bush family is fitting. It is fitting in his betrayals to family and America, that brother George is taking his pound of flesh with a laugh and everyone has now joined in to pile on in this deserving retribution.

The Bush's are cannibalizing their own, as daddy 41 throws his shoe at Donald Trump on television, George gets in his enjoyment in being vindicated as the parents never worried about George, but only told him he would lose every election.

"Who needs Hillary Clinton as an enemy when George and Jeb Bush are your brothers."

- Lame Cherry

I stated before that someone needs to tell Jeb Bush it is over, before he destroys the memory of the good things the Bush administrations accomplished. I really believe that old man Bush needs to send James Baker to deliver the news with Barbara Bush, with Mrs. Bush finishing it with her trademark phrase of, "Jeb it is over. Get over it and now let's move on".

George W. Bush in Decision Points records that old man Bush did this to George in sending him to talk to a Democrat in Texas who told George W. he was a loser and not to run. George W. Bush never did figure out what his hatchet man old man was doing in that backhand, but now it is public.

If the Bush clan can abandon George W. in the wilds to die, then they sure can do the same to golden child Jeb, to save the family name to end the Bush regicide, before none of them are left. Jeb Bush has destroyed the political future of that family in no one will touch them again. Jeb Bush must be told to go to his room, before he destroys the Bush legacy of past accomplishments.