Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Corn Review


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We just finished our preliminary, by hand, corn harvest. TL was a great help and as something was whispering in me to get it done, as the next week a 2000 pound bull bulldozed his way through the stalks in having fun, we harvested something which has literally not been seen growing in America since the immigrants of the 1880's came to the American plains.

I am not going to reveal this corn variety, but will state it is not Minnesota 13, the moonshine corn of the bootlegger days, as what I am doing is too valuable in the things I am being moved to do........but I will review this in my first crop was eaten by an infestation for mice, which came from a demonic second crop was picked off by chickens...........and like this year, satan flattened crop 1 and crop 3, but after all of my hand weeding, hand planting, and TLC.......yes that would be Tiger Lily Cherry and Tender Loving Care too, God produced for us about 8 gallons of premium seed corn, and 10 gallons of "second picking" back up seed.
I have before me gold, literal gold.

I have been monitoring open pollinated corns and the ghastly stuff out there is ridiculous in a Wapsi out of Iowa which has red corn in the yellow dent, and then there are the not so great Minnesota 13 types, along with the less than stellar Polar and Golden the low yield Nothstine.

What I am advancing this two century old corn that turned liberated Indian Great American Desert into American States which white immigrants in God's blessings, created into America. It is an amazing thing for me to walk by that patch and know the people who God utilized to build America, were looking at this corn.

The corn I am selecting for is large kernel, long ears, stalks that do not break in wind, the ears do not rot in the rain, and good disease resistance, and that is what I am getting to, along with ears filling out in drought, which we had this year.

I planted this corn to close, which might have hampered production, but we were blessed with some very good ears which impressed me. After having satan destroy my work for years, to actually see that corn sitting here in buckets.....not getting hot, as the moisture is being checked in it not causing fermentation like a mulch pile, is something of a reward. I just need God to give me one more good year, a big donation to get some land of our own, and I will finally have enough corn to make this seed available again.

I dream of day in seeing a field of this corn, in all the natural selection I have, and re acclimating it to a harsh climate and not Iowa Eden which is where most seeds are grown to Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, that from  that little seed packet, I will have paid the debt in returning this trust back to people who want to be free from Monsanto GMO enslavement.

I can tell by my test subjects of Daisy and Baby Belle, that they do indeed know the taste of one corn from another. They like this corn a great deal and that was one of my greatest fears in the mice and rats finding it....which some did, and the coons did, as this is real food that tastes good and not GMO algae flavored poison.

I put in a great deal of work for this corn, and it will be more work, as I do not have access yet to a tractor to even weed a row or make planting easier. I think of the mosquitoes which bit me in caring for this corn and all of my sweat. I am wed to this corn in the same way American Farmers were wed to their crops. The delight in finding large ears, hand selecting, drying that corn, then shelling it, and making certain the seed is viable, and by God keeping crop failure away, it all works out next year in a plan to change the American world.

I am not stopping in this, in I have another variety I am going to acquire, along with an early season and a long season I need to trim off the maturity dates as even with starting the seed it was 130 day corn and that is too long. It is a typical long season, in it does not fill to the end here, as we always have drought in late summer, but in each seed, there is a genetic message of survival, and next year this long season corn with large ears, is going direct seed, and then we will see the ghost of Oscar Will at work in seeing what it will do on it's own in shortening it's maturity dates.
I am thinking of fudging in cross pollination my corn with the Nothstine to get better production, as that is what hybrids once were and they were what America was built on. I will plant and see what the Lord does as God is a better breeder than I am or any human ever was.

So I have the most precious commodity on the planet, a corn which will reproduce on it's own, unlike Monsanto mule corn. No one on earth is growing it, and this thrills me. It is a day the universe changed and it is frustrating in Americans did not maintain these old varieties in enough production that it could be reintroduced easily in any of the food crops. It took years to build these varieties in their creation and it is going to take years to get them to a place of seed crops again.

Do not misunderstand me in Iowa corns like Wapsi in they are adequate, but the problem is the old corn belt is not the entire American landscape. Most areas are fringe and need something which will take southern droughts late in the season and cold soils in the spring. My little gem is working on re learning what it once was. This corn surprised me in being 9 feet tall this year. It is a big girl and I did not expect such fodder, even though it did this once before. Most corns were in the 5 to 6 feet height, but this one has some attributes going on, along with trying to produce some double ears.

I prepare for a day when American agriculture of corporations implodes without all that GPS, GMO and one trick pony crops that need fertilizers and seed companies to produce, and the fragile links are all broken. Then I will have the salvation, but I will not be a greedy SOB in ruining all of you. I will not even be Joseph requiring you to sell yourselves to Egypt to feed yourselves. My pleasure will be seeing fields of these crops growing in knowing I knew the one ear I selected which started it all, and my sheep for brains will just be counting dollars again, ignorant of all that I suffered and labored for.

I am close to no longer being precarious on the edge of losing all I have worked for.

There is an ear of corn sitting in my window that is drying, along with a few long season ears. That corn will be the main crop for next year in the patch within the patch to evaluate and build an entire corn nation upon. If that is blessed, like this year,  then it will be joined by more than the 30 ears of this year, to several hundred.
See my corn is going to grow in your primitive conditions. That is what this is all about......what it has always been about, as you need food that is fool proof and not Monsanto proofed to kill you.