Thursday, December 3, 2015

Obama Greenery Crimes Against Humans

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I want you to think about something as you read this using electricity in, where does the electricity come from that you are paying for, to run your smart phones and computers?

Most of you would not be able to name your utility, unless I asked you, who you pay your bills to for electricity. In that, you would not probably know what region you are in, or what grid you are connected to.

For this example, I am going to provide a Tale of Two Energies with a buffer in between, to explain how each of you is connected, and how some states are keeping you alive and others are thinking they can suck the juice from your wall outlet, and make you pay for their clean energy.

This begins with Texas and ends with Minnesota, in North Dakota in between.

Texas in this Age of Obama, has been moving not only in oil and gas production, but expanding it's regional energy grid, to include states such as North Dakota. Recently, North Dakota needed a 3 kilowatt addition due to added population and energy expansion growth in crude oil, and found that they could buy the additional electricity cheaper from Texas than build another billion dollar power plant.

Store that billion dollar power plant in your memories as it will return.

North Dakota and Texas are energy producing states, in oil, gas and lignite coal. In the 1970's. America decided to burn lignite coal in power plants, as it was worthless brown coal. The coal would be burned and the ash which was like a wood smoke was placed into the upper atmosphere to form rain or snow, and that solved it all.

With the advent of the scam of global warming, to create a scheme to enrich the wealthy more in trading non existent carbon credits on Wall Street, the Obama regime began shutting down coal plants, which were perfectly safe, not polluting anything, in favor of the green scheme, which you witnessed took billions in your government money, and then went "bankrupt" in a criminal ponzi scheme, Birther Hussein is guilty of.

This started shutting down coal plants across America, and bankrupted coal mines, which were then acquired by the Obama syndicate. That was not enough for the Obama regime though, as they next embarked in shutting down all electric coal plants in "clean coal", which would end up costing you 500 dollars a month in extra electric bills which no one can afford.

I am going to remind you that in 2008, John McCain promised if elected with Sarah Palin, that he would constructed dozens of new nuclear powered plants in America. Obama stated that he would too. As of the end of the regime, image Obama has not begun construction of one additional power plant in America, endangering every American, as electric prices have skyrocketed.

So Obama lied and the American energy grid died.

Enter into this, Minnesota, a state sucking on the Obama green kook aid fumes, in the notorious Mark Dayton with the liberals of Minnesota, ruling from the Twin Cities. Dayton is the governor who told white people to get out of Minnesota, as he was bringing in terrorists to their demise, as he could enslave the 3rd worlders and sell them things to expensive billionaire Minnesota companies.

Minnesota has a regime and officials who believe all the Obama propaganda lies about being "green". They are in the process of shutting down coal and nuclear plants in Minnesota. Minnesota's idea of power generation was then to go into North Dakota and demand a solar power grid to be constructed there, so Minnesotans could suck the life out of North Dakota.
North Dakota looked at the plan and ordered, "Get the hell out of our state with your goofy damn plan!"

North Dakota chose instead to expand to the Texas power grid to provide the best in rising costs by the Obama regime. They are fighting with other states the Obama "clean coal" dictate, which will destroy America.
Minnesota on the other hand is dismantling their energy grid, and expecting to suck off of other states.

That is the point in this, in Minnesota Obamanism is completely out of touch as most people are. They bought into green energy, and it does not exist. Solar is expensive and only works when the sun shines. It must be stored, in expensive battery systems, which no one has built. Wind is a farce as those wind turbines are constantly breaking, and everyone is getting out of it, including Spain which was trying to suck money out of America on that scam.

So Minnesota exists, like many states in this fantasy land. They think that they can shut down their grid, and expect others to pick up the energy production. As you are fading off, each of you has a Minnesota or two in your backyards. If your state voted for Obama, or a neighboring state did, that means you have this Obama lunacy operating in your region. That means, those states are shutting down energy production, and not only expecting your state to pick up the production at higher costs.........but when this is a regional power grid, states like North Dakota have companies running lines across the borders. Meaning a company like MinnDak or Ottertail, based in Minnesota is jacking up rates on their Minnesota hostages, will then due to increased non energy production, try to jack up your rates by raising your costs through your public utilities commission too.
That has to be repeated in, major producers like New York, Illinois, California, all cross state lines, and when they do, they try to jack up your power rates by regional pricing, meaning your little conservative states, are being energy slaves to the big states......all due to Obama greenery insanity.

I have been monitoring Minnesota, and the absolute arrogance and ignorance of those liberals is as deep as California or New York. When informed the reality of, "Hey you shut down your coal and nuclear power generation, you have nothing to generate electricity from that is dependable, and the outside states still generating power, are not going to make up the difference nor pay for your fictional utopia."
That reality just has them blinking in confusion, as they have not thought this out that far. They honestly believe that they can go green, and it will not bankrupt people and destroy the energy grid.
On real data, if this Obama green which is taking place, is completed, there are going to be hours in a DAY WHEN YOU WILL NOT HAVE ELECTRICITY, and in those hours you do have it, you will not be able to afford it.

This Obama regime, and the Dayton regime of Minnesota, the Cuomo regime of New York, the Brown regime of California, and all the other little regimes you have surrounding you, are guilty of the greatest crimes against humanity in world history. They are criminally negligent and have set up insane policies which expect the world to run on thin air.

I was listening awhile back to the Jeff Rense program, and one of his braintard experts was complaining about the Minnesota nuclear power plant. It all sounds great  and sells yourself to braintard listeners who do not think things through, but these experts never explain while using electricity, just how in the hell they are going to be on the air, and everyone else alive, without that nuclear power generating electricity.

Some do not want nuclear. So that is gone.
Obama does not want coal. So that is gone.
Some like liberal Connecticut want natural gas powered electricity, so that is expensive and depleting a necessary resource making it expensive.

Here is the reality to add to this. Solar is undependable. Wind breaks down......and that is it. There is nothing else which is dependable as hydro only has so much water, and with the Obama regime wilding rivers to flood out GOP states, that is in a precarious position too.

So there is no power, and every one demands electricity. Electric rates have been driven up to three times the cost of George W. Bush. The Obama legacy rate is going to be 10 times that rate and climbing, with your sitting in the dark for hours of the day, and not having a hot shower when you want it. You are going to be living in Pynongyang literally in the next few years, when this all kicks into mandates.

That is why North Dakota is fighting this Obama greenery in the courts. It simply will bankrupt each of you, and I doubt God is going to help you from being a slave to morons like Minnesota Mark Dayton, being Obama in penis head form, destroying all of your power grids.

If all of you who hate nuclear power, would shut off your electric, that would solve a great deal for a decade, but it will not put off what is coming, because America needs traditional coal, not clean coal, because coal fired plants do not have to be that clean to not harm the environment.

If any of you were unfortunate enough to have been to Obama's paradise of China, you know already the damn lie which Peking and the Obama regime has put out about their being responsible, because their air pollution is worse than Ohio in the steel production days. It is pollution of massive amounts of toxic gases making it look like a nuclear waste zone.
China DOES NOT WORRY ABOUT CARBON EMISSIONS, because they are barely at the point now of dealing with nitrogen emissions for acid rain. I will repeat that. China looks like after the apocolyspe and it is not going to change, because all of this is about the Obama regime destroying your ability to be a political competitor to the cartel puppets which they install to 1600 Penn Avenue.

What America needs, are several major production grids numbering five in the northwest, southwest, central, northeastern and southeastern.  These must be coal based and in addition, there must be in underground nuclear power plants, a functioning system, on non fault lines or water aquifers a dependable source of energy, which is EMP secure.
What America needs is not Obama green fiction, but instead a crash program of producing power lines that do not require twice as much energy, to just get that energy to your homes in line resistance.

This though is the criminal actions of the Obama regime, and their liberal conduits who have been destroying the American energy grid, and then expecting other states to become enslaved to them. These traitors all belong before the People's Courts to be tried and hung for their crimes against humanity. This is one of the top agendas which America has to deal with, as it was on the table in 2008 with John McCain, and was promised to be solved then, but instead the Obama regime dismantled the power grid instead.

This is only going to get worse. America has to solve electrical production, as much a invasion, as much as jobs and as much as security. There is not one which is more important than the other. They are all important equally and any one could destroy America as quickly as a nuclear attack, another Obama Super Depression, or hundred million more foreign invaders.

You have got to push this with all of your other issues and candidates, and pin them down with absolute questions and not let them off with, "Yes I am for clean energy"....there is no such damn thing!!!!!!!! God's clean energy is a nuclear sun or carbon stored in concentrated forms like coal and oil.

"It takes pollution to produce energy. That is the lesson of the sun".

- Lame Cherry