Friday, December 11, 2015

American Mutton

Days at wheel, months of planning for Paris attack fugitive
Days at wheel, months of planning for Paris attack fugitive

PARIS (AP) — At the height of Europe's vacation season, a young man with French and Belgian IDs caught a ferry from southern Italy to Greece. He and a companion returned to Italy four days...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

What the Lame Cherry is endeavoring to embark upon in teaching you something again to flush your toilet minds polluted by the cartel propaganda are some hard facts, because in terrorist attacks, there are three parties involved, the victims, the terrorists and the feudal few who profit off the victims in power and the terrorists who are the bloody hands of those in the ivory towers.

It is necessary to point things out, as Obama Terrorism is now being so cluttered it reminds one of the John Kennedy Assassination for all the conspiracy being sown into it, to keep the focus off of those who are managing it.
I sincerely hope that the terrorists who would read this, might start rethinking their being used as Judas Goats along with all those in Islam, and how the Obama voters who are the ones being offered up for slaughter, might comprehend, that they are disarmed with reason and are being trained in their complexes to be penned up for slaughter.

I start this lecture with a photo of the terrorist "assault" weapons, which are two rifles and two pistols. The first thing I desire to ask all of you is, "What is wrong with this picture?"

As no one has posted on this, I doubt that anyone has pieced this together. It will be here though in the Lame Cherry exclusives in matter anti matter.

First let us step back and set the foundation, that the Obama regime has been training the terrorists who were the teachers of the San Bernadino terrorists. We have been told that from Paris to San Bernandino, the terrorists spent months planning these operations. I ask you now as in the above photo, were these terror events successful?
Before you answer, do not be one dimensional, but in multiple dimensions, in were these terror attacks successful for the victims? Were these terror attacks successful for the terrorists? Were the terror attacks successful for those in the ivory  towers?

Look at this like a chess board, like a battlefield, that is moving on different levels. So remember in this that the Obama regime has been training terrorists with Turkey and Jordan, has been arming them, and has been funding them with oil money and dope money, and has been protecting them.

What kind of weapons did terrorists choose in 1970? What did the PLO use? What did the Muhajadeen use in the 1980's? The answer like in all 3rd world operations was AK 47's and SKS rifles. The above rifles are American AR 15 and the terrorists now are using volumes of M 16's in 223 which is exactly what the American military is using.
San Bernadino terrorists use what their masters use in M 16's. The terrorists in Paris used AK 47's as that is what they were familiar with.

This should start you thinking on the situation of weapons, but do not become bogged down in that, as I have something more for you to answer in, "Is the main objective of terrorists to have a high body count?"
The answer is "Yes", so if you know this, what would you say if there are Full Metal Jacket Bullets in military rounds, and then there are Soft Point Bullets to create large bullet holes and quick death.
Why would terrorist leaders teach their followers then to use FMJ bullets which only wound victims?

Why would terrorists mount scopes on their rifles which hinder an attack, because the shooter can not see through them as they magnify too much and leave the shooter looking at some big blob?

Do you comprehend in this something puzzling in the terror leaders, who are trained by Obama intelligence, are being taught to use things which hinder the purpose of their operations, in making low body counts, and if one notices in all that planning, that inside minders are reporting on these terrorists after the fact, and tying up the loose ends in getting them killed.

Is this beginning to dawn on each of you, that Sheik bin Laden high body counts get George W. Bush nationals responses of war, while San Bernadino low body counts get image Obama denials and just more draconian laws aimed at Americans, rather than terrorists.

Yes this is obvious, but no one is explaining the inner workings of this. San Bernadino was wrong tactically. In the Dirty Dozen movie sense, that plan was to gain success. In San Bernadino, the entire operation was scopes to hinder the operation, FMJ bullets of 223 which make small holes are not 30 caliber bullets of Russian 7.62 x 39 large holes, and when using Soft Point bullets, they bring large body counts.

The terrorists are being used to inflict low body counts, and these Muslim morons have no idea what tools they are. They get gadget pipe bombs designed not to go off. There are phone calls to hospitals were victims appear, but nothing of a Dirty Dozen diversion to inflict more havoc.

The American Mutton though should not feel smug in how smart they are being murdered in Obama acceptable numbers, because if you happened to notice, which none of you did, that Syed Farook was a Governor Jerry Brown insider. You do recall right that this Jerry Brown cripple complex practiced terror lock downs often right?
You do recall reading about all these good little sheep, putting them into locked cages, instead of fighting back right? You do recall that the media is telling every terrorist on the planet the exact protocols which are engaged in, and now the terrorists know the security measures which are supposedly keeping people safe.......the real agenda is the low body count numbers so the nation does not force Obama to bomb more than deliver oil tankers to Syria.

You have witnessed in Paris and San Bernadino, how terrorists are taught to have low body counts, and how the terrorists are taught to be executed before live coverage to close every loose end.

In a Lee Marvin Dirty Dozen operation, this is what would have been planned and is run through in a rough draft, to simply point out to every Western person being set up for slaughter, just how all of this is being managed for an exact response from you, from the controllers in the ivory towers.

In any operation of military bearing, there is the main objection and the diversions. When one has an armed police force, it is vital to keep them occupied or thin their ranks from responding, so that the perpetrators can carry out there Franco Goes In Where The Others Have Been, in the Dirty Dozen.
The police have to be kept busy at source, in the things they care about in other police. That accomplished, the main objective is then engaged.
The last thing anyone in an operation desires to be is noticed, so there are disguises. As the sheep are trained to obey the police, the perpetrators dress as police to confuse, approach and delay the sheep.
Most architecture is built now squares within squares and long hallways. If one knows the design, and one knows the regime is telling the sheep to lock themselves into pens, then a door ram to open locked doors, and the Russian Molotov method is utilized to begin the Roman process of herding the sheep.
I have told you before, that from Roman times, all those city planners built your town squares and wide boulevards to herd rioting mobs into enclosures to be dispatched.

Shooting people alerts them. Fires scare them and herd them, as the smoke clouds vision, makes them cough and keeps them busy not looking at you.

The architects have built everything to herd all of you sheep in case you riot, so the use of the square herding groups two ways, to a center hall, where a body counter is stationed, screaming at the sheep to lay down in their managable little 5 to 12 person groups, and the sheep obey on command, and voila the operation has body counts from two directions.

Set this on a six minute timer from the start of the first rounds, and a mandatory withdrawal in cop uniforms, as it requires the police 10 minutes to respond...and much more time when they are protecting their donuts, and one has conducted a real operation for effect, instead of these ivory tower operations which are designed to scare citizens to accepting more draconian gulag laws, and operations where the terrorists are all dead, and their master working for the ivory towers, get all the power, money, sex and whatever.

Add a second or third get away vehicle, change of clothes and the people just vanish, unless of course betrayed by a regime minder, telling the terror morons they are going to be evacuated to Mexico and welcomed to Pakistan as heroes.

All of this is psychologically designed, so you miss all of this, and the terrorists are reacting as the victims are reacting, as the political hammer falls on both to achieve exactly what was always intended, when the terrorists were trained to not create body counts, and the terrorists trusting their masters never comprehend they are being played.

If common sense permeated the human mind, none of these events would be taking place, as the entire populace would recognize the sham and not be turned into that constant remanufacture of the American Indian Wars, in profiteers armed the terrorists, the terrorists murdered acceptable numbers of settlers, who then demanded the military rectify the situation the moralists had created in their pet Indians, which then again caused more profit in creating another military action, as the Indian trade was only a means of creating terrorists.

It has never proven a logical process that terrorists gain intelligent process to focus upon their more lethal enemy in their leadership and their leadership's cartel patrons, offering them up for death. Then again the Mutton never learn to arm themselves, and bleat in fear at the armed terrorists murdering them or the armed police state executing them.

Once one realizes how terrorists should be operating and they are not, then the illogical is apparent, and the question is simply the answer, of defining who is logically destroying both sides of humanity for their purpose.

I have decided this all bores me as it has none of the fascination of watching ants.

Nuff said.

San Bernardino Shooters Practiced for Attack a Year in ...

NBC News has learned that San Bernardino shooters Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik spent at least a year ... rifles used in the San Bernardino shooting.

Trip wires being tripped across Europe and America, and none in the Police State detected it or a group in the compartments was responsible or managing the terrorists and they were ordered to manage it for those in the ivory towers.