Friday, December 11, 2015

Spiders in the Nest

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I desired to post a bit of information, as I did not want to appear rude, as this information affects all of you too.

I have not been able to completely access the email account which you write to me. This has been the past two days and it is a fascinating thing, and requires explaining how the NSA is working.

Viruses work on java script, and as of late this is being directed for surveillance by Adobe Flash Player. See I updated this rascal and within weeks, it was demanding an update again, and as I do not waste high speed access on big updates, it is a matter that Microsoft to Facebook run their keyloggers and other programs off of Flash, as that is the java script or motion protocol.

So things freeze on me in a completely updated browser. This then takes like 5 minutes for this to shut down with Control Alt Delete, as what locks me down is really persistent, like a few weeks ago my tower refused to shut down in Windows as something had a hold of it and would not let go.

In most cases, they get tired of the trouble in Microsoft and things start working and all I get are pop ups saying the java script is not running due to an old version of Adobe.

I do not want to seem rude in not answering things here, but it is going to take some time for this to work out, as I think it took a half hour to load Microsoft and then everything locked up. That is the head  game they wish to play, and I will not play it or be upset about it. They learn that and then get into problems with not getting information from me, so it slows down and their head games become their headaches.

Each of you is having this same situation in your high speed is opening programs and uploading your information, as in what you are typing. Do not believe the NSA bullshit about there are too many of you to keep track of, because there are artificial intelligences the size of skyscrapers sorting all of this, sorting your patterns and they know you better than you do. When things are "missed" it is deliberate like in San Bernadino. Just too many Jerry Brown and image Obama minders mixed in with the terrorists. There are delays from the lower levels as they all lust to be covered in glory in stopping a grand terror event for greater budgets, but the higher ups like the operations that makes fools of even image Obama.

You have noticed after San Bernadino in what was exposed here that image has disappeared, and they are doing all they can to bury this terror story right?
They do not want it becoming public understood that two regime minders, a California and a DC were involved in this, and like Al Gore and Jamie Gorelicks 9 11 fiasco, the big shots get nervous when stories start linking them to keeping terrorists around to pet and Americans get turned into mutton.

This all would be much easier for the elite if they just let me natter in the brier patch in peace.

OK so it is on to other things of delight like German pudding.