Friday, December 11, 2015

Kenny Trentadue

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The world of Kenneth Michael Trentadue is one which is tied into the San Bernadino Massacre as 9 11, and as the world of Ruby Ridge, Waco and the Murrah Bombing in Oklahoma City.

For those not aware of who Kenny Trentadue's situation or have forgotten Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols in the Oklahoma City Bombing, this is going to an educational synopsis for Kenny Trentadue was murdered by the federal government who mistook him for one of the people the shadowlands had been grooming to make an example to keep you all intimidated.

The basis for this story is the reality that Terry Nichols turned over after his capture, bomb making materials which he had been provided, and the fingerprints on those materials were government agents.

Once you understand that there was a sub operational group, operating just outside the government by the Bush group, who were intent on wiping out the right wing patriot movement, and the Clinton group, who were being thwarted by the old Bill Casey media and right wing, led by Rush Limbaugh, that an entire listing appeared as "terrorists" in the militias, Christians who believed in the Second Coming, Constitutionalists and Patriots.

It was in this, that three major operations were initiated. Waco, aimed at the Branch Davidians. Ruby Ridge, aimed at White Supremacists and Oklahoma City which was aimed at the militias. It was the last operation which caught an unfortunate American in web of intrigue.

The main players in this were Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols as the Mockingbird spun this.  These two were named as terrorists who created a witches brew bomb, (fertilizer and fuel oil), and blew up the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.
The problem in this was that there were numbers of "John Does" being cited by law enforcement in being involved in this, and answering to Iraqi national descriptions, as the Bush41 administration had settled a large group of Iraqi's into America. Yes Obama is not the first Oval Office occupant who started Muslim dumps into America.

There were problems with the official story from Day One. The Ryder truck which blew up, was not capable of creating the type of demolition which took place. The reality is, that inside the Murrah Building there was a Day Care, and also for reasons known only to the Clinton group, there were TOW missiles in storage there too, and one of them detonated in the initial explosion.

This returns to Kenny Trentadue, who was a criminal, that robbed banks with fake guns. He happened to have a dragon tattoo, a like build, a similar look like John Doe 2. There was a great deal of resources by law enforcement invested in looking for these John Does.
Trentadue was captured entering America from Mexico. He was sent to the federal facility at San Diego and transported back to Oklahoma where is his brother Jesse was an attorney.

The two brothers spoke, Trentadue was in good spirits, but he never returned a phone call he was scheduled to. Instead the prison phoned stating that Kenny Trentadue was dead, and had committed suicide.

None of that made any sense to the Trentadue family, especially when the prison officials tried to cremate the body immediately, instead of returning it to the family. When the body was returned to the family, it showed a body which had been beaten. In other words, another American had died in custody again from murder, and the regime was attempting to pass it off as a suicide.

All of this centers around the Timothy McVeigh group, which had Terry Nichols in the Philippines with Muslim terrorists, and Tim McVeigh with his GPS probe from the government in his butt as he used to tell people, at Elohim City in Missouri, a sort of "christian identity" movement of Talmudic lesser humans in mud people, and a great deal of attraction to White Supremacists who visited this religious sect like McVeigh.

There was at this time the Aryan Republican Army operating in America, a sort of Jesse James gang, who were busy robbing banks with president masks on, and trying to set off a revolution. Most of them were shot by the feds, and those who ran websites were railroaded into prison for what people were posting on their sites.
In the end, this all connected up to an Aryan leader named Richard Guthrie who was part of this government initiated operation. It was a great deal like Hutatree, in the BATFE having a minder stoking the situation for a political crackdown against the Tea Party. The problem with this OKC situation was exactly like 9 11. The sub operational groups were keeping terrorists around for petting and those terrorists proved more skilled than their ivy league controllers, in giving them the slip, and going off and blowing something up to the great consternation and criminal indictment of those engaged in this, if the facts came out.

I decided to do an inquiry into this matter of the murder of Kenny Trentadue, and I can only report what the trends were to shed a greater understanding of that fatal event.

What inquiry indicates is that on the night that Kenneth Trentadue was murdered, that the FBI faction who "had him" even with fingerprints, thought they had Richard Guthrie, and were intent on extracting information from him, as this was highly personal in it was an attack on federal employees.
The regime sent in their guards to soften up Guthrie in beating him rather severely in the late afternoon.
Trentadue was then transferred by an FBI team in an SUV to the Federal Transfer Center or a like facility in the proximity of where Trentadue was being held.
At this location, phase 2 of the interrogation was to take place, as there was a holding room with one FBI minder, and 5 transferees from Detroit etc... who were black Mooselums. The main idea in this method was that after being roughed up in the original beating, "Guthrie" being faced with being beaten by blacks who had been informed he was an Aryan, would be singing like a bird.
The problem in all this was, that as the officials watched and minder took part, Trentadue was taken down and one of the Mooselums did a knee drop onto his chest, stopping his heart and murdering him instantly.
There was an attempt to revive Trentadue which failed.

This situation was a bit of a problem for the FBI, as they had taken custody out of a prison to question a prisoner which they had beaten previously, and then in one of their interrogation methods to make an Aryan talk, the guy they thought was an Aryan was murdered by the criminals they put him into a holding room with.

The answer was to transport Trentadue back to his cell. This entire situation began around 6 pm and was over by 9 pm. Once Trentadue was back in his cell, sheets were ripped and he was hung in a cover up.

This all would have simply been dropped if Trentadue was Guthrie, as Guthrie was later captured and he committed suicide in his cell too, and the one prison inmate who came forward in knowing an embellished part of the murder, ended up committing suicide too.

Kenny Trentadue is just one of the unfortunate Americans as the 3000 on 9 11 to the latest San Bernadino 14. People who were just sheep in the pasture, thinking they were smart enough to not get murdered by their own regime, but ending up as mutton by the regime, competing factions, or simply being silenced like Andrew Breitbart.

I conducted an inquiry into the matrix to find any information which might appear. I know sometimes what I find does not exactly match what is perceived in being known. I conduct fast checks and settle things to have them make sense.
I had heard of Kenneth Trentadue and never quite understood why this man was dead, except in something went wrong. It made perfect sense that he was mistaken for someone the regime wanted dead or in prison in an original intimidation operation which was created by the American regime for political purposes, and it sort of just got out of hand like 9 11, when the thugs took the training and went off on a mission, leaving their trainers behind.........which left a great of criminal conduct on the regime's part if they were ever prosecuted.

I think of tax protester Gordon Kahl, an old North Dakota farmer who the state police tried to assassinate, and Kahl out gunned them, went on the run, and in original reports died in a Missouri bunker when betrayed, and had numbers of wounds as in a wounded subdued man, having bones broken, and then having his body incinerated after payback was administered.

After Hutatree's false flag, the BATFE blundered in Obama bravado in announcing to having minders inserted into hundreds of groups in America. The problem is there has been a growing trend of individuals to groups, being turned into political events by drugs or by inducements.

Inquiry points to that Timothy McVeigh was executed for show, but was not dead. At current information, he is still in regime employ, and on the US Virgin Islands. None of that is of interest to me, but what is of interest is there are far too many of these operations taking place, too much Mockingbird trying to call everything false flag in order to hide what it taking place, and in the end too many Americans are being damaged as is America, as this theater is all of our Greek tragedy.