Friday, December 11, 2015


Let us think about this:

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has been hacked by the Obama hacker Anonymous.

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has been threatened by the Obama hacker Anonymous.

Hacked and threatened, that violates a number of Patriot Act and Criminal Statutes which if the Obama regime was interested in protecting Americans instead of terrorizing them........Anonymous would be in prison.

Odd is it not that Anonymous is more brilliant than the entire NSA.......never gets caught, but always spins things liberals espouse in hate speech.

Nothing odd about it, especially in the message, which is written in ANONTARD.

"This policy is going to have a huge impact. This is what ISIS wants. The more Muslims feel sad, the more ISIS feels they can recruit them...You have been warned, Mr. Donald Trump."

Key on the faggot line "more Muslims feel sad" and key on the verbiage of "Mr. Donald Trump."

Key on the font, alignment, anontard "nazification" and the debate point choice.

What would be most interesting in this, if ANONTARD actually hacked someone who has Vulcans for friends, who knows who this ............

Subject female.
Age 40 to 50
Daytime cover Department of Education
Hacks at residence
Number 9
Hair short
Two divided by love

Then the Vulcans would appear as one of them has been talking too much, and.....let me look at the protocols of what Vulcans do to traitors.........

Oh yes, here it is.........

Latex gloves
Electric stimulus to soil underwear
Remove underwear
Insert orchestra music
Stuff soiled panties in mouth to muffle screams.

The rest is classified apparently, but it reads something about worst nightmare.

Maybe Donald Trump has Vulcan admirers or will have not too distant, but ANONTARD and those clever chimps do not.

Let's sing a song as the world is a changing place.

I once heard of a woman, a real misogynist, had this psychopathy for compressed air in ears, and then demanding answers to her questions which could not be heard........

agtG 258