Friday, December 11, 2015

The Red Meat American

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Gay Old Perverts sodomizing the Republican Party and turning the word Conservative to mean something that votes for everything Obama, have been in the process of revealing their counter cultured plot of how to steal the Republican Convention from a victorious Donald Trump.

I have listened to these prattling flushed turds gurgle down the drain hole, and the simplistic version is these morons are going to try to do a Mississippi strategy in getting democrats to cross over to defeat Donald  Trump in muddy waters, so whatever crapola they want to rise to the surface floats.

I desire each of you who think Ted Cruz is your man to understand in this gay parade, exactly as in 2012 for Romney in a new turd floating until Romney finally was selected out, is what Ted Cruz is. Cruz is their last ditch effort as Carson, Fiorina, Kasich, and whatever has failed. They mean with Cruz to divide Donald Trump's support in the base, so they can create their last phase of the Brokered Convention.

In this, they are banking on democrats are going to fuck up the Trump primaries, as they did in Mississippi to get Thad Cochran back into office after the Conservative won.
I desire to address this, because what Democrats are out there willing to be stooges to destroy Donald Trump? If you missed the polls, the enclaves in California which went for Obama........are all for Donald Trump's Muslim refugee ban. In other words, there is a 25% of democrats who will willingly vote for Donald Trump in a general......and numbers of democrats who think like Donald Trump........and for those who do not like Donald Trump, the spin polling (propaganda) says that Hillary will beat Donald why in hell would any of these 3 groups of Democrats be off voting to install some Jebcaver, when Donald Trump is the candidate they either want, agree with or think Hillary can defeat.

First phase in the GOP strategy is flat ass wrong. Can they e vote flip votes and call them "democrat meddlers"? Yes they can, but once this is understood, their strategy is fucked and so are they.

So we reach a convention with Donald Trump leading, with a few Kasich bastions available to the elite to tamper with a Brokered Convention. The point being the people voting for Cruz, Carson and Rubio..............are thinking they are Conservative. That makes Donald Trump's majority, wed with Carson, Cruz and Rubio........a super majority.

Do not think that prop man Ted Cruz has national support.tends at 12% this date. That does not win generals or defeat Donald Trump or show up as Vice Presidents in brokered conventions.

I just performed an inquiry and Donald Trump is running 78% in a national. Those kinds of numbers win GOP nominations and win a historic 3rd party. Whether I have been hammering whoever in the contenders as frauds, add those frauds from Carson and Cruz, and you get a landslide.

All of these power brokers have not factored in one thing, and that if Donald Trump survives assassination, he will be President and he is going to unleash on these traitors. They have a police state power which they think is protecting them now. That vanishes with Donald Trump and it does not stop bullets nor burning torches in a revolution without Donald Trump.

The warning is for those faggots of the elite, is the cartel wants a revolt in America, exactly like San Bernadino, and all of these guilded traitors are going to be offered up. They are the Mutton for the beast and not as elite as they have been told they are.

Donald Trump is their best protection and these arrogant fucktards have not had that drilled up their ass enough to figure it out.

Enough of this fun as I have war planning to construct.