Saturday, December 12, 2015

Million Dollar Patch

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

My dad had purchased these heavy galvanized tanks, from my brother in laws dad, who had used them for hog waterers......and they are ancient, and the past few years they have rusted out.
Of course last winter when we got back to the brier patch one sprung a gusher of a leak, and it puddled all winter causing problems.

I had assumed that Mom had found a way to fix them, in just getting roofing tar and laying down some wire screen. The person said it fixed their tanks forever.
So  I did this with TL, and we waited........waited.........waited......waited and the tar did not dry. Our earth tank went dry as it was a drought here, so I had to start which it blew the black tar out and the gusher was back.

I next tried some aluminum caulking which worked on an old duck boat my Uncle had.......let that dry, cattle got thirsty........tried it and blew it out again after another week.

I was getting fed up with satan attacks and I did not have the time or resources to weld these tanks with new bottom plates, so the Holy Ghost was thinking on this as I was groaning about it all, and He popped the idea into my head, "You know you used concrete the last time to plug the holes, and you got that cement crack filler, you used to fix the huge cracks in your Mom's porch last winter, so use that."

Sounded very reasonable, like roofing tar and like aluminum caulk sounded reasonable.

So I mixed up 5 cups to 1 cup water, and with a puddy knife, started frosting the goo into place as it sets up in 20 minutes. I was messing around with a test tank first, and it really seemed to be as it was turning into concrete, I sprinted around where the other tank was, got my foot wet with muddy, poo, pee water as my boots have a hole in them.....and reworked the lumps to spread it, and thought, maybe this would work in a thin layer and left it.

Next morning I could get a shading on my finger as it was not completely dry, but the cows needed water around 10, so I figured to give it a go.

The tank has not leaked since.

I put this here, as people have concrete cracks or things of metal that crack or rust out, and this cement patching material does work. It is the rock duct tape of the handy man do it yourselfer. I costs around 15 bucks with tax, and is cheap insurance to have around to patch up things, as cracks in concrete just get worse in moisture contraction and expansion, and now that I know metal tanks can be patched this way, I am going to keep an eye out for some throw aways from farmers, and put a glaze on them for a cheap tank that will probably last another decade.

I am aware of farrow cement buildings, boats and tanks. I just simply do not have the resources currently to build them, but there are options out there beyond the plastic or metal world which will work cheaply, as everything is so expensive now, except donations to the Lame Cherry.

That is about it for the million dollar knowledge to repair things easily. Sometimes you do not need a welder, expensive caulking or petrochemicals.....just good old earth elements reacting with water glue things up quite nicely.

Nuff said.