Thursday, December 17, 2015

Birtha Ted Cruz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry has been contemplating Ted Cruz for some time, and has been noting realities that for a political figure, Senator Cruz, just does not have any posing for pictures, except with Benjamin Netanyahu. This is a profound monitoring and cleansing of a political profile where alliances are necessary, but except for a snapshot with Henry Kissinger, Ted Cruz is the narcissist in his own image, with inclusions of the wife and the kids.

I was searching for what Ted cruz is, because the liberals have been up to their old fall lines in Ted Cruz is a McCarthy or Ted Cruz was charing the professors at Harvard were all communists.
Liberals focus on the things which spin their world, but not what spins the web in the real world. The Liberal misses Ted Cruz posing with shotguns and pheasants, but misses the fact that Ted Cruz and his posers are dangerous with guns in pointing them at other's heads, as much as being terrified when a pheasant flushes in front of them. Liberals miss what Ted Cruz is and with that the Lame Cherry is about to reveal in matter anti matter.

Ted Cruz is a product, much like the name givers of Barack Hussein Obama. Where Barack Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham were power hungry Marxists, the Cruz egg and sperm producers were avowed religious politicos of the right wing.

Ted Cruz was born and raised a Canadian by his once American Mum. He bears his Spanish name from his Cuban dad, who is a man of zeal I appreciate. The elder Cruz is a zealot for Christian fundamentalism, and in this we find the drive in this couples offspring, in what Ted Cruz really is.

I repeat Ted Cruz is a Canadian, and not eligible to be President of these United States, no more than Barack Hussein Obama Chin was. Birther Obama and Birtha Cruz are both legal subjects of the Queen in one has a  Kenyan name on the birth abstract roots and one has a Canadian birth certificate  by his Cuban father.

Ted Cruz is driven a great deal as Obama was in being a foreigner wanting to measure up to Americans. Both were planted into Harvard, the Ivy league to make them into something more American than Americans.
Obama the Marxist, handed all the perks of Affirmative Action, has an equal in Ted Cruz the ideologue, seeking by debate to silence all opponents.

Ted Cruz drive came from feeling inadequate. In Canada, he was ashamed of his Canadian mediocrity, and in Texas he was aghast at being another dark skin, in a sea of Mexican peons. Thus arose Harvard degrees, with no degrees of removal.
Ted Cruz bragged he would graduate the head of his class.......he failed. He was a typical arrogant child in gaining parts in theater, as that is what he honed is being an actor, and then got so drunk on dangerous everclear that he had to leave the stage the next night in being so ill.

What you have to see in Ted Cruz, is your lowest points of shame in your life. The times when you in order to get ahead, pretended to like someone, or in order to just be a part of something, you pretended you were not what you were. You though in shame ceased this as it was so distasteful. Ted Cruz instead made it a smarmy career.

There is a definitive pattern in Ted Cruz which is troubling. He sets his sites on the highest mark, fails at it, and then lies to get it.

Mr. Cruz upon graduation went into debt to purchase a Saab for his mother. Not an American car, but a foreign car, as that is where his values are at.
His job he lusted for was being clerk for Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquest. When Cruz was asked by the Justice if he played tennis, his reply that he did, but not very well.  The fact was, Ted Cruz knew of the Justices love for tennis, and learned to play it....the problem was, Ted Cruz did not play tennis badly, he played tennis horridly.

That did not stand in the way of  Ted Cruz's rise to what he wanted, a validation of empowering himself, the foreign little Spaniard birthed in Canada, who wanted like Obama to be American to be something, as that is what the master race was.

This pattern continued into the politics of his zeal. In Texas, there was one family who would gain an immediate rise to power, and that name was the New England transplants, the George H. W. Bush clan.
Ted Cruz ingratiated himself to the Bush family, who have a penchant for keeping Mexicans around as pets. They hired a Mexican woman to raise the children, when Barbara was incapable for years. From this, two Latins appeared due to the Bush pet keeping. One was a political aspirant in Florida who Jeb Bush glommed onto in Marco Rubio of Cuban ancestry and one was  Ted Cruz in Texas, of Canadian Cuban, who the George W. Bush family glommed onto.
Both of these latins were the upscale Cubans, and not those Mexicans that Jeb was slumming around with in marriage. They were the inroads to the great Bush dream of the minority pets for the Bush patrician GOP Rockefellers in Latins, in the way blacks were the pets of the Clinton democratic party.

It is of note that when the Bush's were no longer necessary, Ted Cruz through them to the side of the road like a used up Mexican whore. Marco Rubio engaged in the same practice in these upstart Latins were fun to love, but they were fickle lovers in always finding a new more powerful movement to bed with.

Ted Cruz after appearing in Washington now had a storied past of the fiction of Ted Cruz. The lying clerk of Chief Justice William Rehnquist, the deceptive latin of the Bush dynasty in Texas, and the husband of Heidi, the Rockefeller CFR propagandist who was chosen to write the White Paper on the ending of the United States of America, for a North American Union with Canada and Mexico.
This is dismissed as much as Cruz's foreign birth, but it sheds light into the mind of Ted Cruz, for it is one of opportunity in attaching yourself to whoever is the power elite at the moment to gain the position of what you desire.

Heidi Cruz was advancing what Ted Cruz could not, and that was inroads to the Rockefellers to scheme and scam that organization, in the event they were needed and the Bush group floundered. That link though was severed immediately when Ted Cruz became US Senator from Texas, because Ted Cruz was already aligned with a new power, as he was going to bring into line a group which Karl Rove desired to control, and that was the Tea Party.

Ted Cruz and Heidi Cruz severed ties with the Rockefellers. That severing appears pronounced and as deep of betrayal when it was discovered, as the Bush family is furious of the betrayal of Ted Cruz. What Ted Cruz sold his soul this time to though was this Wall Street faction, backed with Texas billionaire funding........yes a faction of billionaires not under the control of the Bush family, and by this Ted Cruz in his usual smarmy ass kissing fashion, created a New Cruz Order, which fit his agenda to become president of some Obama country.
Cruz betrayed the Bush's and the Rockefellers, and set his passions to the glory for 30 pieces of Wall Street silver, where he would become the leader of the Tea Party.........all the while making maniac thrusts which were plotted, planned and designed to fail, to keep the American right wing at bay and off balance, so the Wall Street interests hidden in the Big Koch factions would continue to plunder and exploit Americans.

The Ted Cruz government shutdown was failure. His Green Eggs and Ham filibuster was a failure. The only thing that Ted Cruz ever succeeded at besides betraying Americans was handing out toys to Mexican invaders with Glenn Beck and voting for Obamatrade.

Before all of you is the witness that Donald Trump is Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, while Ted Cruz is Francis Underwood in House of Cards.

We have before us the reality of Ted Cruz, blurting out in an interview, that he is waiting around for Donald Trump to die or be destroyed by his Wall Street interests. Review this descendancy of Ted Cruz in putting it upon your lives. Could you build a life manipulating people above you, using them to get ahead, and then betraying them, with the full focus of all you want depends upon powerful people destroying an American named Donald Trump either by violating the "Thou Shalt not bear False Witness" or the "Thou Shalt not Murder" Commandments from God?
Ponder the depravity of that, and you begin to see what illuminated my thoughts in searching for a way to explain what Ted Cruz is, while I was reading the histories of Empires which founded the world. Ted Cruz is that coniving, smarmy, brash and aggressive cup bearer or military officer, who lurks around, after pretending he is loyal, after he has had removed the previous people by various means, who has the king assassinated.

As I write this, the Holy Ghost brings to mind the verses in Daniel the Prophet, speaking of a wicked ruler, who by flatteries and deceptions gained power. His name was Antiochos Epiphanes, and he was a profane man who became the prototype for the anti Christ.
I am not saying Ted Cruz is the anti Christ, but I am stating he is a most distasteful man with a most pernicious pattern of treating people like disposable napkins after dripping a greasy taco onto his ravenous lips.

Ted Cruz for a short time, would prove something to gut the image of Obama from America, but the problem is as the Obama legacy lay rotting, it would be replaced with a Wall Street repression equal to the Obama exploitation. Ted Cruz is this abhorrent with constraints. What do you think Stalin beats in his breast, with all that power which unleashed Obama on the world?
America can not be resurrected in being destroyed by Obama, Ted Cruz shattering the Obama image, to remake it in his Canadian Cuban psychopathy, for more of the money elite. That is the story of Ted Cruz in what he is and the warning of what America would be under his regime. This is the same Ted Cruz upon announcing his illegitimate presidential run, who held children captive at Liberty University, and the leadership there would fine those children if they did not fill the seat and attend.

That is not American, that is not Canadian. It is more the 3rd world of Obama in a Havana Fidel Castro.

This is the Lame Cherry forensic psychological profile of Ted Cruz in matter anti matter. There was resistance in this, as Ted Cruz and those he is with, desire to hide what he really is, but like all things Lame Cherry, the Truth generates on the Prophetic Keyboard and the Reality appears in black and white.

Nuff said.