Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Yellin Point Two Five O

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Now that XMass is here for a new group of gougers, who are now .............oh yes you probably need an explanation about the Fed raising interest rates after raping you financially for years, starting with HW. Bush as President.

OK, so free money without interest benefits nation rapists, but here is the trick in this........

I told you about all that cash being handed to Amazon and other corporations spiking their stocks to make profits in debt was cheaper than earning money.......Amazon spent it on space and drones.........

Remember I told you about how this plan is to gain National Socialist control of conglomerates, as all these megaloans end up with financier board members monitoring things.........things like calling meetings one day as board members and taking Jeff Bezos company from him on the cheap..........

OK now here are the numbers in this.......

1 billion dollars.

1 billion dollars at a Fed .25% interest rate hike is really at least a 1% hike.....compound interest and all, and suddenly that free money of 1 billion per year, is now running .......10 million more in operating costs per year.

Might not seem allot but, but let us Yellin this to 4 more rate increases and that is wow............wait for it.........yes over 5% interest more in payments on that billion. Something like 50 million dollars more that Bezos has to come up with. I doubt there will be any more free shipping, as this little gouging rate spreads like VD in the Obama family.

This gets better my you remember that Obama 17 trillion which you are now letting that traitor Paul Ryan grease with more pork spending for a year to keep things going until Donald Trump takes over.......and that is kind of, sort of, some kind of real cash there, you are going to be owing your friendly Federal Reserve who loans you your own money in Quantitative Easing........I will not do the math on this, as the figure is more alphabetical than numerical. It spells out Y O U R   S O U L.

Yes this is pre emptive. It is pre emptive in foreign cartel aristocracy and financiers owning the US banking system, and how else can you take over the world, but enslaving a self indulgent moronic mob who has piles of weapons, and is told they are free, and they believe it.

I think we need to have something pretty to look at. I am going to find something pretty and I have just the thing.

Not a thing, but a puppy.

Nuff go play and if you have hundreds of thousands or millions in stocks....make a donation as the financial future was just predicted here. Yellin knows damn certain that there is a global recession in this Obama Super Depression coming next year. You do not raise interest rates unless you know it is time to steal the conglomerates you just conned billions and trillions of dollars to be loaned to.