Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Inside Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As things require to be clarified again, the Lame Cherry will do so, to explain to those perplexed why the GOP elite and billionaire fag insiders are so Cassius to Donald Trump.

I have mentioned parts of this, but let us start in what Karl Rove, the politard numbers cruncher has been about in trying to get a billionaire competitor of Donald Trump to donate to Ben Carson.

Ben Carson is a leftist wacko like Jeb Bush. He has absolutely no staying power, and that is why Karl Rove wants this Nigger in the Bush front lines. It is basically send Carson out to degrade Donald Trump enough, so that Jeb Bush can hang around .......

No, I am not going to do this. Do not feel like it. Do not feel like being entertaining.

So here is the deal so wee minds can get it in short.

The rich and powerful are against Donald Trump, because there are insider deals, which are unscrupulous at least and criminal at most.

Donald Trump is poised to have thee greatest legal battle maul to be arrayed for Americans, and not as in the Obama regime in protecting all the crooks and cronies.

President Trump can unleash a thousands legal divisions which bury conglomerates and billionaries to paupers. Pull one cord in this rug covering the den of thieves and they all begin to rat on all the other bastards. That is why the elite are terrified of Donald Trump. It is more than losing their feudal monopolies to rob all of you.

This is the apparatus which Bobby Kennedy was shot in the back by his security detail from unleashing on the group which blew his brothers head off in Dallas.

This is the importance of 40 million guns for Donald Trump, in order to send the message to the cartel and the elite, that if anything harms Mr.  Trump, that the 40 million guns are going to react.
Once this understanding is completed, then these elite can begin making nice, as in beginning as was the case in 1950's Adolf Hitler Nazi America to benefit those 3 million armed World War II Veterans, and not lining their conglomerate vaults for this past generation.

My brain needs to rest.