Thursday, December 31, 2015

Cycles of Sorrow

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Karen was inspired by a defining correspondence of what the world has entered, and while I  have not inquired, I believe 2016 nothing but a well worn slot which will move fast in distractions toward the coming end of humanity as civilization in the near future.
Yes I believe in the Great Tribulation. I believe in a time when all of you rich people are going to bitch slapped that all of your money is not going to protect you from death and destruction, and your education is going to be one in which you should have taken the poor under your wing, not in crumbs from your table in treating them like dogs, but in actually having provided for them a chance at life in which they could piss it away like you, or perhaps become one of God's Radiant Lights to Glorify the Father.

Lame Cherry and Tiger Lily,
I have taken too long to offer my condolences on the recent evil events
on your homestead. I've never been a person who knows what to say in
these types of situations, and I'm sorry seems so trite compared to the
magnitude of evil you are experiencing.  It does pierce my heart when I
hear that those who cannot defend themselves--like a beloved pet--are
attacked by something they can see and most of us cannot.

I still continue to pray daily that this subsides.  Everyday is a new
tsunami of evil deeds. Perhaps it's because we can instantaneously get
"news we can use" from all over the globe by hitting a few keystrokes.
Perhaps the evil is picking up in intensity.

I am sorry for all of your loss. It doesn't heal the broken heart, but
do know I care.

May God Hold you in these turbulent times,

We have had a bit of  hiccup as I can not lift 1200 pound bales, and the neighbor who donates his time to feeding the cattle with his tractor, stopped in and told Mom that his Mom died at 2 AM the other morning. He said it sure was hard to watch a person die.
I have known his Mom since I was 3 as I have known him, and their entire family. One just does not ask someone grieving, "Oh by the way, the cattle need feeding so pop on over".
So enter another neighbor who stopped in and fed the cattle for this week. Good neighbors are almost impossible to find now. I trust these two with our lives.

I wonder about things dying. I checked the obituaries again in our region, and there are numbers of people dropping like flies sprayed with Raid. I see the kind animals and the vulnerable ones are being culled. Something is being worked out and God is not letting me on the joke as I am too slow, like all of you. I see the signs though and it looks to me like God is preparing the field again as He does in kindness removing creatures who would not survive what is coming, or would be too much of burden on resources.

I was contemplating our neighbor's Mom, just two days ago on a walk with TL, and thinking she would not make it through a meltdown, as she was on heavy meds. I know now it was my picking up she was destined to leave this world, as she waved at us on Christmas, or I saw the top of her head and a hand in the car window as they drove by, as he had shrunk up a bit.

Every time I start sweeping the matrix in thinking about what is coming, I get uneasy. I am feeling all those emotions in a future time.

I know none of you are going to change. The good will be held in Christ as good, and the uncaring creature's spots will not change like the leopard, and you are sweeping away to the death and hell you have constructed. It all feels like it is speeding up even more. It is that axis of earth I believe coming out of the non amplification zone, to the frequency of God's wrath and satan's destruction.
There is such a wound in God, a wound in others, the wound in me which you are going to be made to pay for that it is the sound of shattered glass, hanging in the air, it can not be undone and it will not be over in an instant but it will last far too long.
You will deny this, but you will find it your reality and then you will no longer have any doubts.

I have been unsettled in doing this blog for the past weeks. Harm and disruptions sent against me have limited the generation in I am once again casting about uninterested on the billion grains of sand on the shore. I would warn though to pay attention to tomorrow's blog as your horizon point life and understanding your future is dependent upon what will be revealed in that matter anti matter exclusive. The Cherry Stone by God's Grace generated something which you are going to see as so simple again, but it will explain everything which you have been seeing this past year.
So read it slow, as unless I am really moved, it will be the sole posting tomorrow as you have got to understand it, and in the next month you will begin to start reading what was revealed here again as others discover and steal the information like too many of you lost souls do.

I am thinking about catching a pike through the ice in Quebec as a salve to all of this. There is something lovely about northerns in their light green flesh, fried golden, and meeting fried onions and potatoes, with cole slaw.

Spaghetti tonight, but not my last meal.

The first part of January, I post three short stories about the Claymore, Japanese Anime, as they left the series off not completed and I did not like how it was written. Always nice about a keyboard in you can paint a reality on e screen to make everything wonderful.

See watch this:


See, I am now rich in making up for the failings of the rich. Just need to type it, but it does not quite work that way with dead neighbors or pets.

Karen did just fine like all the good children in the way they say things. Thank you and God bless you in Christ's Name Amen and Amen