Thursday, December 31, 2015

Let us be Swiss

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As now the entire GOP field under Donald Trump's massive lead is relegated to attempting to be Mr. Trump's Vice President, there is the reality in this, that only Marco Rubio has been left untouched by the Trump tongue.
Ted Cruz was termed a maniac, rightfully so by Mr. Trump, and that settles the issue that no one in the GOP is going to be VP, unless it is Mr. Amnesty Marco.

Jeff Sessions stocks went down when he started crooning about Ted Cruz, in trying to be Mr. Cruz's VP, when he already had the inside track to be Trump's VP, or one of the top cabinet spots.

What is most important in this is the Swiss military advocating this:

Swiss Army Chief Warns Citizens To Arm Themselves

Yes the Obama regime seeks to disarm Americans, and the Swiss advocate arming their people to deal with invaders.

Whether Mr. Trump begins this as a talking point or not, it is going to be vital that each of you begin speaking about either this is a peaceful Bastille Day in a Donald Trump victory as President or 40 million load guns for Donald Trump will take this country back from the traitors.

Throwing off the bonds which enslave a people is any people's right.

You do not have to be outlandish in your demands as Citizens, but you definitively can demand not only your right to guns, but it is about time that you have the right again to order guns from Russia, Turkey, Spain or China through the mail, without any forms or registration, as the people before 1968 used to enjoy such freedoms and it never killed anyone.
Americans can not be penalized by a cartel series of assassinations blamed on lone nut patsies in three name boogermen.

That is what this race is about now, express the reality that you are not going to accept this election being stolen from you. You will only accept Donald Trump as President, and then you are going to start enjoying guns the way women buy Precious Moments.

Let us be Swiss until we elect an American who will be a President Trump reestablishing our Constitutional Rights, as the armed Citizen protects all what Mr. Trump is reacquiring for Americans.