Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dark Fury

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I honestly do have concerns, winces and hesitations sometimes in the things I am moved to type in offending people who I am not addressing, but then I receive a letter from Karen, and it sort of settles the issue of people know very well who God is addressing and the rest learn from it.

Karen asked me something that did make me think, because it touches on what she mentioned in yes there is good and bad here, a doe goat is dying as I type this, and the chickens were mean to this wild little white rooster and he froze his feet........I am hopeful as he is now roosting in the porch that he will survive, the doe is just a matter of the hour that the cold slides in, and she like all living things, is enveloped in it's warmth and calmly ends her time in this world.
It is upsetting and causes major upsets in the humans here in more emotional scars, but then there was the Christmas we spent saving a cow in cutting a rotten calf out of her. Not the plans of life, but satan comes intruding in.

Last question on the post "The body plasma".  Am I one of those
people who could become an electric storm, or is it just within
everyone? If yes, how to guard myself from keeping the negative from
sucking it up and using it for nefarious purposes?  I don't want to be
the reason people around me or whom I communicate with are having
horrible issues.

Fortunately, I have only run across anomalies in humans in extremely rare instances which generate these dark power waves. I think sometimes as of late, that I am a bit more of a target like other sensitives in satan attempting destruction for all the havoc and death that erupts here.

For example I just packaged some Russian summer squash seeds today.  I believe this has taken me 5 years to grow this seed. See when I met TL, I had just grown out this seed and some very rare corn seed, and some Bantam improved sweet corn.
I had a pattern where I put things in my old pickup as it was convenient to dry things in there. That year when I opened the door to my horror, mice had devoured the corn and I had just a few seeds of this squash.

It literally took from satanic attacks in 5 years to get this seed to a point where it is enough for me to play with. I know who the source of this was in this vermin infestation, as it is the same group that I mentioned that rebuked dark energy shadow we saw in the trees which I wrote about and you will read about in January. It is just a point that  in some people I have never come across such incessant evil keying off of people, and the worst part is, the things here and we the people here, have been ripped wide open in this.

I am going to explain something in this about the electric storm, as Karen is not close to this as she was concerned. People all generate this aura current and it affects everyone else. That is what I meant in the metro in you could feel the primal scream there. To me it felt like jagged sandpaper constantly being dragged across the heart. Millions of people feeling that and it is all America now. At least out here, it is a buffer, but these things have been around even if I have kept trying to keep this dark energy from here.

From what TL has said of this one individual, she carries a grudge, and a contractor had violated her home, which was a big thing, and from this, this individual started visualizing evil. This went on for years, and the constant development  of that energy flow which was negative, manifested itself in numbers of ways......some what would be termed energy beings to satan keying off the will of this person.

This group is a sort of symbiotic network and they feed off of each in misery and delight and things generate out of them........think of it like your car engine, you put in regular fuel, but then put in higher octane which spikes it, then if you add a turbo it really goes into overdrive.
If you ever watched that old series, Wise Guy with Ken Wahl. There was a brother sister duo there played by Kevin Spacey and Joan Severance. I remember a line in which they termed them bad alone, and together they were horrific.

Good can manifest in greater positive energy with God, and evil can manifest in worse types of energy if others join into it.  Think of it like witchcraft and covens. There is a reason they combine their energies and a reason they tap into natural energies.

That is the problem in this that most of these spiritual morons are out casting curses and spells, and never as a practioner would in they leave these energies open ended, meaning they put no limits or end dates on them, and this dark energy is out there inflicting on people. I came across one energy blog which was gaining intelligence and actually had learned to feed off of human energy in becoming a life form.

It is why God warns people to stay away from all of this. It is why St. Paul says to arm yourself with the Word of God, as when you have God generating in you, the Bible fueling you and the Holy Ghost nourishing you, you have the positive or Good energy growing in you, as Paul says there is no Law against that.

I mentioned early in the Obama era, that there simply could not be that amount of evil energy sustained, and you have witnessed how that curve has collapsed and is not just these violent spikes. It is the same with these unique individuals who project this dark energy.
There are three energies. God which is Creative. His nature which is neutral. The satanic which is consumptive. God is free and there is no harm in utilizing Him. Nature has an opposite and equal reaction, meaning it produces what you will good or bad, and it comes back at you in that same measure. Even if you tamp it down, there is God waiting to balance things and if not God, satan will inflict as you are not protected by God. Lastly, satan is a consumptive force which offers great power, but is a force which always require bigger payments than you can make, so it by design consumes all eventually who use it.

I thank Karen for reminding me, as I had been pondering and forgot to follow through on what I would term a demon zapper. Spiritual or spiritual energy can not be destroyed, but it can be tormented in the spiritual. Light overcomes darkness, and I am deducing that focusing thought as a beam of light, detonating forever in a dark energy source, would be either a way to neutralize it, drive it off in torment, and I would assume that if inflicted on a greater dark energy source as satan, make it like a wounded lion which would become quite savage in destroying. Jesus simply ordered, Get thee hence satan, and that drove it off for a time, which would be astute to deal with it.
The other in theory might be dealt with in Christ this way. I recall writing in part of this before, but of course satan deflects enough to keep minds from being focused to carry out complete programs.
Again though this is nothing to dabble in, as this is warfare and you start taking pickets from satan, and satan retaliates in crucifying Jesus and the Apostles. I think  of those pretenders who claim to be Spiritual Warriors. If these arrogant attention seekers actually were in the war, they would be so wounded by satan, that they would not be seeking to pick a fight.

The simple answer then in working this out, is be of God the Father, have Christ in you and the Holy Ghost working through you, reading the Bible to fuel yourself and discipline yourself. Your prayers are positive, even in turning people over for God's reckoning, and this positive energy grows you in communion with God.

Emotion plays a very important role in this, as James states 'fervent prayer of the righteous' accomplishing much. The problem for humans is, that the Mercy, Caring and Love which are far greater emotions in power, such as the love and protection for your child or pets, accomplishes more than hatred, revenge or jealousy, even if those emotions drive like a javelin. Tap into your hurts, matched with the trust in God's Will protecting and avenging you, and in Goodness you will please God, as He does see the entire picture and in that Truth and Reality, you will be in contact in Spirit a communion in which you are above all of this world.

As I type this, I made severe mistakes today in being in grief over these animals, and other concerns, and I must do better, but in not making excuses, I have been not feeling the best in things I have eaten and exhausted from things. I keep thinking if I do a better job here that things will do better, but it is God doing the things and then things become better.

I would not be concerned about being electric storms, because if you are concerned that is proof you have the Holy Ghost in you in keeping you on the Way. For those who think they could employ the above, do not do it, as it will destroy you and all that is around you. I can feel the darkness out there moving in this black hole, and when it reaches critical mass.....meaning the negative energy produced can not keep the the power projected out, and it will all implode.

Just go to God or remain with God. If you need to learn more, God will make things known to you. I just happen to be the sheep that notices the wolves a bit more, because they keep dropping ticks in my pasture I have to deal with, or learn how to deal with in God's purpose for me.

Nuff said.