Saturday, December 19, 2015

Secretary of Shooting Liberals

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Perhaps my advocacy of Kurt Russell for the new cabinet post in the President Donald Trump Administration of Secretary of Shooting Liberals might be a bit of too much of a dream, but I do believe such a cabinet post would be healthy for America, as shooting liberals would make them polite, and save these rich miscreant Muslims and Latins from thinking coming to America was a way to harvest Mutton in Jerry Brown No Gun Zones.

Kurt Russell Defends Gun Comments...

'Very Strong Reason' for Second Amendment...

In a bit of a closer thing to my heart,  I advocate and would really appreciate if Donald Trump would appoint Kurt Russell as Sec. of Second Amendment Promotion, in a mould based upon President Ronald Reagan, promoting the distribution of firearms to Americans.

Most people do not know there is a Civilian Marksmanship Program which provides low cost firearms to shooters, but there are insider hoops of gun clubs and things to jump through. What I would advocate is Kurt Russell being appointed by Donald Trump, to make certain that Americans who could not afford firearms, be provided them along with ammunition.
There is welfare and there should be gunfare for all Americans. Poverty should not be an infringement on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Kurt Russell is one of the true Patriots of America and his work has entertained Americans for almost his entire life from the Disney movies which were great to his current ventures.

I sincerely hope that if Donald Trump or his staff does read this blog, that they would consider this as part of their agenda for Americans, because America should be a nation of quality and affordable arms and ammunition as policy was once in America by the Government, and America should be providing firearms to Americans as Americas was from it's Colonial start.

If Kurt Russell does not want to be more than a figurehead, that is fine by me. There are numbers of fine Americans who would bring this right to the American People. When Obama can hand out phones to the poor to spy on them, Donald Trump should hand out firearms to Americans, to protect them from that regime.

Sincerely, Nuff said.