Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Obama Handicap

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry would like to denounce the callous and crude comments published by the British UK Daily Mail concerning image Obama, the wife and the two adoptive daughters, Hoochie Movie and Coochie Coo, over image Obama not visiting the Muslim wounded in action which the Obama regime unleashed upon the unarmed resident's of Jerry Brown's San Bernadino.

It is bigoted and racist for the British Press to attack image Obama in only visiting with healthy White people,with a few minorities peppered in, due to the fact that Birther Obama began his career with an absolute phobia over retarded people.
You do remember this right? Barack Hussein Obama Chin appeared on American television and made a joke in his discomfort over Special Olympics kids, as the ultimate degrading remark about the lowest form of humanity?

President Obama makes a Special Olympics joke - staffer ...

President Obama makes a Special Olympics joke ... "It was like Special Olympics or something," Obama ... "He thinks that the Special Olympics are a ...

Yes, it was proven then that Mr. Obama as Boy Soetoro in his adoptive Indonesia, was deemed a mentally retarded and physically handicapped children. You do remember the Indonesian children used to throw rocks at Boy Soetoro, and Obama would dance for them in he was not bright enough to know that being called a "Nigger" was anything but what he hoped to grow up to be, being already a Chinoid mongrel in his Filipino anchor whore mother and his Horn of Africa dockworker father.

So image Obama has had imprinted upon it, from the source, a true medical phobia, in not wanting to ever be near handicapped or retarded people, as it deep down fears, it will be exposed in how retarded it really is.
What would the British Press have image Obama do? Expose itself to a group, and out pops a loving mentally handicapped child,  reaching to give the image and the Mrs. a hug, and image Obama goes shreiking from the room, and the Secret Service in the confusion opens up and kills more Americans than the Obama Muslims did at San Bernadino..........all over the Obama "retardophobia"?

We must all be more understanding in this. The Obama's on a multi million dollar vacation, to a multi million dollar retreat, took a few moments out......after weeks of delay, to fly by and allow some survivors, gun shocked and Brown Obama shocked, a few moments of the Obama's precious vacation schedule. Should not that be enough for the mere Mutton of the Land?

I mean what could the Obama's have done? Offered to jet all these families with them to Hawaii for a Christmas or I mean Holiday Vacation, and then flown them back, as a kindness in their multi million dollar vacation and multi million dollar retreat? This is just too much to even think of, as this was a photo op, a pit stop, a pop plop, and then it is off to grabbing guns from Americans, to create more San Bernadino theater.

The Lame Cherry calls upon the censorship of the Daily Mail in the British Press, for it's expecting more from the image Obama, the Mrs. and the children, than is human. It censors the Daily Mail of the British Press for championing Birther Obama to install him into the White House, and then not taking into consideration that the main programming of Obama is nuts, IR, a psychosis of deep emotional neurosis in having a terror of mentally retarded and handicapped people.

Please let us all just remember this is historical 44 Obama. This is about the legacy. This is not about saving the Mutton of the Land. This is about slaughtering the American Mutton of the Land.