Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Donald Trump Operation XMass

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

No one with any intelligence believes the "capital hill blue" rolling propaganda that "Washington is abuzz with" in Donald Trump is quitting the race as of Christmas and that he is going to throw full support for Ted Cruz.

I did an inquiry to discover who was behind the dirty trix operation, and it is the same source of the Lindsey Graham phone destruction video. This is that "Senate Re Elect Committee" group of old whores in John McCain and John Cornyn. You remember when they destroyed all the Tea Party candidates in only giving help to that disaster Carly Fiorina right, as they hate Conservatives?

Yeah this is that group within the spin cycle group. Jeb Bush signed off on this as much as Lindsey Graham. Chris Christie did not know of this operation, but he is one of the insiders in this maze of rats.

Just dissect this so it makes sense.

Who said they were going to be running operations not out of the GOP leadership, but out of other channels to get Trump?
Who wants to spread the rumors that Donald Trump is getting out of the race in who would it benefit?
Who would benefit in a Trump Cruz throw down, as that is what Cruz was ghoulishly waiting around for?

Check off the motive and the operation, and it all points back the the Jebcavers. This is that old fossil John McCain fucking around again. He thought he could nuke Trump early, and Trump pounded his fraud ass, and now John is back from photo taking with terrorists, to unleash as bizarre of lack of intelligence operation, as Jeb Bush stating Obama set the standards too high to be able to fight ISIS.

So that is what is behind this, as no one believes it, but as it has been all a mystery in all of the children wondering over how strange this is.........but what to do you expect from mixing John McCains jungle brain with Lindsey Grahams "Fairy Rambo", all tied up on Jeb Bush marrying a Mexican because he used to jack off to his Mexican momma maid.

Now you can go play.

Oh it is really a low thing for these blasphemous GOP trolls to use Christmas as the date and focus on Mr. Trump's honoring Christmas.......these Grinch really do hate Christmas, Donald Trump and all things you.

Is time to primary John McCain and pack his ass back to Vietnam prison where this traitor belongs among his own.

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