Friday, December 18, 2015

Ear Infection Remedies

As another Lame Cherry exclusive  in matter anti matter.

I hope that this information comes to Stephanie and if she sees fit to try it, I hope it helps.

I have been a firm believer in Hydrogen Peroxide. TL and I used it two years ago when we both had that Obama flu over Christmas. The protocol was like 12 drops in each ear, but I sort of just use the cap with a small amount.
It is best if warmed to room temperature, and you simply lay your head down, and let the HP enter the inner ear for a minute, tip your head over onto a tissue and have it run out.

Hydrogen Peroxide Protocol.

I gargle with this in a 1 to 3 ratio with warm water too. I can usually feel it working in my inner ear canals which are attached to the throat.

I do this twice a day.

There is something else too, which will help on the trip to Grandmother's House.

Mom purchased for me about 5 years ago a mad bomber hat. She thought I would gag over the thing, roll around on the floor in protest and make it a home for mice. I instead delighted in it, even though the reactions I get are grinning stares, compliments and inquiries where I got the rabbit fur hat.
It can be man made or whatever, even one of those cute Russian big fur hats........thing is these things do more for sinus and ear problems with me than anything. This year has been bad for me, as I have days I am dizzy in bed. I believe in hats for the north country, and the warmth of it makes a difference.
I also have a pillow I plop on the top of my head when I sleep. It makes me look beautiful as all pillow heads do.

We will be praying for you of course, both of you, and for a safe Christmas holiday. Your nativity is is a land of beauty and TL has been playing French Christmas carols

Thank you both for being who you are. I have never deserved such people. I wonder at this moment in how the Virgin Mary must have felt when the Shepherds and Wisemen in appearing as the stars on earth that night.
I wonder about how Jesus must have felt when thousands followed Him and quoted Him, but there were only mentioned the women who ministered to His needs. I wonder as everyone fled that as He looked down from the cross there was just John and those few women.
I have been blessed with a few people who have stuck with this blog giving what they could, and I still feel guilty about it. I do not know how Jesus dealt with that, because it was not like the Wisemen bearing gifts for a baby.

All I can do is pray the Holy Ghost of the Father moves His Spirit through me, to each of you, in empowering you, making you shine brighter in the Light of Christ, to become all you were born to be, to Glorify the Father, and any Goodness which you have shown us, small or great, known or unknown, comes back to you manifold in increase in this time and in the Heaven which is eternal. Almighty Father grant this to Your children, You have gathered here for Your purpose. In Your Name Amen and Amen.

Go in His Peace. It is so.