Saturday, December 19, 2015

Thee Apostate Lutheran Church Missouri Synod of St. Louis

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It sickens me to revulsion to witness what has been satanically installed into the leadership of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Below are the witness against this group of apostates as thier messaged appears in the "Christmas Issue" of December 2015.
This is the same group who featured an Obama look alike for electioneering purposes in that election theft, and have previously been engaged in pedophilia pictures.

What stunned me in this was not so much the stealth racism of first promoting Obama as the spiritual head of the LCMS on a cover, nor the issue of the Mexican imported pets which the Lutherans are making a fortune off of in importing the Obama invaders, but now the issue of baby Jesus is this pink glowing white orb held by the dark Mary, feeds into all of this Obama racial turmoil.
In the opening though was the real issue, as the story about Mary, was a photo of "prayerful hands", but when I looked at it in the magazine, it looked like a female vaginal opening. I showed this to two other people, and they both stated, that this reminded them of women's female body parts.

This type of thing just does not happen. This is highly sophisticated Mockingbird propaganda, and all of the "graphic artists" at the Witness are females, this was a deliberate subliminal message, as the entire Lutheran Witness if designed that way in each month, a new bit of brainwashing takes place.

To put this plainly, do you think Martin Luther would ever allow a facsimile of a woman's twat to be associated with anything this devout Christians was Inspired by the Holy Ghost?
All of this is wholly satan.
The article with the Mary vulva on display was authored by Rev. Chad Smith,

This is the Christmas issue, literally for Christ's sake and the opening salvo is a subtle slam of White baby Jesus coming out of a darkie female.....and then that heralded Virgin Mary, is sooty and the stereotype of all that is evil.

The Virgin Mary though does not get off as sooty for long, neither does Jesus in being alive, because the Vatican appears in the Witness with the stone icons of Mary with a halo and Jesus just accomplishing tit sucking. Mary is the focus and that is Marianism and the antithesis of the German Lutherans who shattered all ties with the Vatican.
Isaiah Armbrecht,, scolds in Vatican pictures that we have the same task as Angels in pointing others to where Christ is found.
I guess again in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, that Christ's mandate of "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature: Mark 15:15, the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, and not finding Jesus in Bethlehem.

In what is the worst of turning Christmas Life into Crucified death, this LCMS features two photos of Jesus being murdered as apparently the LCMS worship of a death cult in necromancy can not allow as God ordained in season of Passover, First Fruits, Thanksgiving and Re-dedication. No the St. Louis apostates have to feature death at Christmas as their fixation of the Holy Day Spirit.

So let us review at this point what we have being promoted, racial tension, women's vaginas, necromancy and Marianism. It does degrade worse though. As the Lutheran Witness of St. Louis is nothing but the moneychangers in the Temple. There are numerous ads hawking donations, investments and one is from Thrivet which is associated with ABORTICIDE.

All of this degrades then into a most bizarre non Christian Doctrine, in a latino preacher appears with this message:

"Gaudete (One of the Sundays in Advent before Christmas) Teaches us to repent from finding Joy in Health, Wealth and Success".

I honestly do not know where this anti Christian anti Luther screed came from, because one can read in Martin Luther's own works in how delighted he was in having his own farm, it being successful and having enough money to live comfortably.

This though is what the feature quote from latino Rev. Roberto Rojas jr. of Winter Garden, Florida, email,, is teaching and the apostates of St. Louis are promoting, in you should not be joyous for God healing you. The people who praised God for Jesus restoring them were sinners according to this non Christian doctrine.

Rojas and the LCMS also call "Jesus the rule breaker". Again Jesus fulfilled the Law of God.

Then we come to the teaching of caring about others, with the photo of the little Christian in the cold dead world, being unwelcome to doing good, as the cold wind whips you away.
There is nothing welcoming in this photo about doing good. It instead portrays an image to never do any good......on Christmas.

 Luther's Hymns appear by Jon D. Vieker, who is senior assistant to the big apostate in President Matthew C. Harrison. The problem is the LCMS threw away the original Lutheran Hymnal and  created an apostate one void of most of the Inspired worship of the past Saints, so you need to own the new apostate version, the Lutheran Service Book, and not the Lutheran Hymnal.
Do not worry though as besides the aborticide investment opportunities and donations to turn out more apostates teaching this anti Christian dogma, there are more ads to buy religious material and you can even design your own worship cloth. The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has nothing on the Vatican in selling indulgences, as they are wed to the importing of Muslim terrorists through the Obama regime and put a price on everything that is of the flesh in this world.
No email for Jon D. Vieker, as he is too important to be involved with the bleating sheep at LCMS.

Emily Cockran,, who teaches philosophy at Wittenberg Academy, wrote more of the dead Jesus thing in Christmas, as of course we can not celebrate Jesus birth, but these LCMS apostates know better than God, in God never mixed High Days, but these apostates did not get enough natal blood on the manger, but have to throw in a few gallons of cross blood too in this lust for death.

 Rev. Christopher Esget,,  types in GOING HOME, an apparently celebratory Christmas message in all the death worship of Easter, as his featured sermon, which was so important that it was republished from last year, scolds people for having things God gives, and celebrating Christmas, instead of focusing on not having anything like Jesus did.
We should apparently feel guilty we have homes and focus on your deviant hearts.

I will close this out with President Matthew C. Harrison's,, Prisoners of Advent Hope, which again is NOT what the Bible teaches, as St. Paul Inspired by the Holy Ghost writes he was a prisoner of the Lord Jesus Christ.
This would be the chief apostate who oversees the publication of the Lutheran Witness, signs off on every apostate message, selling the Word of God, and reviews all of the Mary Vulva photos featured by the apostate staff at St. Louis in:


America is a place where the cartel elite, decided to use the yellow press of William Randoph Hearst to control the masses after infusions of Nazi's into America via Operation Paperclip. The pro John Ford movie messages of patriotism and Christianity, turned into hating America and pornography, to degrade the population.
EVERY major group in America in the leadership from NRA, NARAL, Methodists, NEA, Lutherans, John Birch Society were all targeted, as was the Tea Party in the past years, for overthrown and control. It is why the Mockingbird and the fledgling programs became the Counter Culture of the 1960's which culiminated in messiah Obama stealing two Presidential elections, and not one clergy of a major religion spoke out.

I know from experience that publications do not just happen. There are hundreds if not thousands of photos which are created for any publication, as much as hours are spent editing digital recordings to form a message. The group which is operating at the largest Lutheran sect in America is well trained at the propaganda, as it was not an accident that a story about the Virgin Mary had plastered over it, a hand symbol which is a facsimile of a woman's genitals.
There was not one St. Luke, Nativity Scene in the publication, but were instead racial triggers, pornography, dead Jesus and frozen out Christians.
In knowing Mockingbird, I recognize the faction behind this in Obama's Jesuits and they are in complete control of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.
The LCMS waged war in the late 1960's against apostates when the Mockingbird attempted to overthrow the religion of Martin Luther. That time, the Saints won and the sinners were booted out of the Church. As one can observe from the Obama messiah photos featured only here, the pedophilia, the Mexican pets, and now the slaughtering of Christmas, including Vatican imagery, and a Virgin Mary vulva, that the sinners are now in control of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

As you might have noticed, there is not one Lutheran pastor standing up against this. They are all in lock step and the parishioners are so vacuous they are dead to sin, in not noticing the manipulation and filth coming out of St. Louis.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. I am certain that satan did not want any of this published, as I have had nothing but delays and trouble from cattle mysteriously getting out and numerous jobs appearing in conflicts when all should have been at peace.

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod has abandoned God, Jesus the Christ, the Holy Ghost, and the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther, for satan and the apostate world of propaganda and manipulation.

All of the above should be excommunicated from that religion as St. Louis is Satanic Lucifer after the fall.