Thursday, December 31, 2015

God Bless Aissa Wayne for Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We just finished watching John Wayne in McClintok, which is perhaps the best movie Mr. Wayne ever produced and starred in. In this movie about American values, John Wayne castigates Indian Agents, Bureaucrats and Politicians, one the Governor name Cuthbert he calls a cull.

In this Age of Obama, in the grand disappoints of all, in from the criminals and traitors in the regime of all branches of this dictatorship, and to have the son of Ronald Reagan, joining George Soros in attacking Donald Trump and to have Michael Reagan refer to, we the People as "Yahoos", it brings about a lament of "Are there any children of the people we once admired who are worth a damn or are they all culls?"

That is why when Aissa Wayne, daughter of the legendary John Wayne, publicly sent a correspondence to Donald Trump, affirming that John Wayne would be a Donald Trump supporter and voter, it brightens the heart that the entire world has not gone to hell and is filled with culls that should have been drown at birth.

I remember the first time I saw Aissa Wayne in how shocked I was that she was such a beautiful woman. I knew of her brothers in Michael, Patrick and Ethan, and I was surprised that this Lady was a vision of her own right. Her note is the heartening strings of the moment I remember of the Army Nurse in Japanese captivity in World War II, in seeing a tank with a Star appear at the prison gate, and exclaiming, "It's a tank. It's an American tank!!!"

God bless Aissa Wayne for her bravery and being there for America, the way the Great John Wayne was always there for America, like Ronald Reagan, but sadly nothing can be said in the same praise for the Bush, Reagan, Clinton or whatever sex change deviants now crowd the America of Washington, Jackson, Lincoln and Roosevelt.

I dislike the regime which rules Iowa, and exploits travelers through there for police extortion, but my faith abounds in new hope in the words of Aissa Wayne whose father is a native of Iowa, and when it counted in America, she took a stand for America.

God bless John Wayne, for the daughter he gave to America. God bless Aissa Wayne

I pray to God that in Aissa Wayne knowing greatness in Donald Trump that Mr. Trump is the John Wayne America to take America back.