Tuesday, December 15, 2015

GOP Undercard Debate: Do not let Muslims get married.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If people care to read the transcript of the undercard GOP debate.......no it was not a debate, it was a fantasy of presidential figments of inconclusive imaginations, which are proof that George Pitaki, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee and Lindsey Graham, do not belong in charge of anything, except a re visitation of "love thy Muslim", piles of dead US Soldiers and the George W. Bush fan club.

To put in simply, Lindsey Graham came up with a policy to combat terrorists which Obama let into America on Graham's amnesty and oversight in the Senate, that they can not get married. What this has to do with stopping terror in America is somehow lost, because would it not be better to instead inject these shemales with testosterone so they want ever cock on the block and every one of these maleshe husbands a suitcase of Cialis, so they are doing nothing but fucking...not butt fucking, but engaging in sex, and thereby with 5 at night and 3 in the morning, they will be so exhausted none of them will have energy to turn on Skype or show up at work blasting the American Mutton of the Obama flock.

I will make this short........basically in this, "I  know more than Trump and Cruz" podium spew, sort of went on the lines of, Muslims are friendly if we are friendly, and all we have to do is have them fight the wars with more US boots dying on the ground, and the lovely one, if we just convince Muslims to appreciate being nice, they will be nice........
General Ordiary or whatever Ray Ray's name is, said we are now after Obama looking at 20 years of fighting ISIS.........I might make a point in this that Jimmy carter back in 1980 was giving Muslims their own nations, Ronald Reagan sent them cakes, George Bush hit them, Bill Clinton killed their janitors and camels, George HW obliterated them, Birther Obama breast fed them to life with dope contracts.........and if my subtraction is correct 1980 minus 2015 is 35 years of what Lindsey Graham and these other pustules are advocating........so the GOP position is like Obama, just do more of what America has been doing which now has something unprecedented except for the Obama and Clinton years, in numbers of Muslims murdering Americans.....

But let us not forget Lindsey Graham's AKA John McCain's policy in let's fight ISIS which Obama and they created over there, as having piles of Muslims in America is not the problem, as some of them serve in the military and make good couscous take out for the rich.

The Lame Cherry is not in favor of pouring billions or trillions of more dollars into the war machine and the fag Pentagon to get Americans murdered, nor for breeding Muslims in America. There is one solution in this which I stated long ago, and that is robotic sentries killing every Muslim in war zones who does not stay home, and that includes brain RFID tagging every Muslim in America to ship them overseas to their native lands, with the reality that if they return they are dead.

Furthermore, Sam Cohen was correct. These bankrupting wars are not good for America. It must be the Lame Cherry Doctrine that when any terror event occurs in America by Muslims or any other swill, their families are held guilty, and their little enclaves in Muslim lands will be neutralized by Neutron warheads. This will force these Muslim enablers to police their own terrorists, and it will please Muslims, as Neutron bombs kill terrorists, and leave houses in tact, so these surviving Muslims will get all the goodies these terrorists and their enclave benefactors are in ownership of.

Next step is those propagandists who have been purchasing, herding and brainwashing terrorists, out of the West are going to face immediate termination, whether they are billion dollar donors to some political party or are traveling around as a United States Senator.

Let us be frank in this as no one is. Muslims are being employed to genocide the West along with the Jesuit Latin invaders, to hide the cartel genocide of the Western Peoples. This is not about the satanic religion of Islam. This is about impoverishing, neutralizing and confining Islam, while using Nuremberg kangaroo courts to hang the financiers and the aristocrats using Lindsey Graham and Hillary Clinton to propagate this genocide for control over western nations.
Let us understand this, that the Muslim or Latin is not going to survive once their purpose of genocide is finished, more quickly than gnats sprayed with Raid.

Nuff said.